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While curtains have traditionally ruled window treatment for your growing kids’ rooms, there is now a new kid in town; and the verdict is “Wow!” Take a look at the new trend in shades and how you can enjoy plenty ambient light, cut down your air conditioning and heating bills, and be the star in your kids’ eyes every time they enter their rooms.

Imagine this. You walk into your child’s room. As you open the door, a brilliant rainbow of color --- red, orange, blue, green --- backlit by the morning sunshine, greets your eyes. No, this isn’t an ornate stained-glass window. This is the Carriann Signature Cordless Honeycomb blinds that your not-so-little one just adores.

Kids room window treatments

Carriann Kids Light Filtering Roller Shades

Carriann Johnson, one of Colorado’s top interior designers and host of 2 shows on HGTV, put her attention on kids. She recognized that above all, young boys and girls are anything but boring. So why should their window treatments be limited to plain horizontal stripes or tired grandma curtains? Nothing against grandma, but the fact is that kids are in a vibrant and exciting stage of life.

The great thing about blinds is that when they allow ambient light into the room, it is like having a spotlight behind them. So, whatever you have on your blinds gets highlighted with nature’s natural backlighting system --- glorious, wonderful sunshine.

Honeycomb blinds, also called “cellular blinds”, are the newest evolution in blinds technology. The blinds are made up of a fabric that is made up of thousands of cells. Air is trapped inside this honeycomb of cells, giving you the insulation you want to cut down your electricity bill.

When you introduce the cordless option, there are no strings to pull. You simply grab the bottom of the blinds and position them however you want. Simple for kids of all ages.

Combined, this turns your blinds into a versatile window treatment that offers incredible opportunities for creativity and design. Instead of a functional war against heat, cold, and light, your window treatment can complement and enhance you design sense.

Carriann Kids 1/2" Single Cell Blackout Shades

Enter Carriann Johnson. Her “Carriann Kids Collection” offers vibrant, playful, energetic, and fun designs specifically for children. The single-cell fabric allows plenty of ambient light into the room to ensure that there is brightness and energy. Depending on your needs, there are also several options available: cordless, cordless top down bottom up and continuous cord loop. Motorization is also available for those hard-to-reach windows. You can choose fun colors such as “green goo” or “vanilla scoop”. Or you can have patterns including “playful hands”, “rough circles”, or the rainbow that we imagined earlier.

It is high time that we had real options for kids. Great thanks to Carriann for taking the lead. We look forward to more great work from this gifted artist.

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