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As an educator, you know that creating the ideal learning environment is important to your students’ success. However, there is one seemingly minor thing that could improve or damage that carefully crafted environment: windows. Windows can either encourage learning or distract from it. And if there’s one thing you don’t need, it’s more distraction. And it all comes down to the right window covering.
But window coverings aren’t just for classrooms. They can be used in cafeterias, gymnasiums, administrative offices, and even libraries. Rooms without window blinds cause glare and bring in unwanted heat. Covering the windows isn’t about blocking out the light. It’s about capturing the best natural light, which can keep your students alert, energized, and happy. 
Durability is important when choosing classroom window coverings. SelectBlinds is where durability meets affordability, so you can find what you need within your budget. And you don’t have to stick with unoriginal and boring. You can have affordability and style. But more important than style is safety, so whichever window coverings you choose for your classroom, go cordless to limit potential accidents and injuries. All the options below come with a cordless option, so you can have the best of both worlds.
Classroom Window Coverings Solution - At Home Collection 2 Inch Alloy Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

If you like the look of real wood blinds, but you need more durability, something to withstand active and curious children, consider faux wood blinds. They are humidity and moisture resistant, they’re easy to clean, and they won’t fade or warp. The best part of faux wood blinds is that you get the look of real wood but without the added expense. Faux wood blinds are a much cheaper option, and they’re just as beautiful and stylish. 
Carriann Kids Blackout Roller Shades are one solution for classroom window treatments.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are no longer all or nothing when it comes to light exposure. There is now a happy medium, a choice that allows you to draw the shades while still allowing light in. Light filtering roller shades can help reduce glare, so your students will not get distracted and can stay focused on the material they’re learning. However, if you’re looking for blackout roller shades for creating the best environment for multimedia viewing, you still have that option. Stylistically, roller shades offer fantastic variety, from prints, fabrics, patterns, and colors. This allows you to customize your classroom to make it the best learning environment possible for your students.
Half Inch Micro Aluminum Mini Blinds are the traditional option for classroom window coverings.

Aluminum Blinds

These are the most traditional blinds found in classrooms, but that doesn’t mean they have to be ordinary or dull. They’re a favorite choice because they are easy to clean, don’t require upkeep like some other blinds, and now come in variety of colors. The colors are actually baked onto the aluminum, so they won’t fade. Aluminum blinds may be affordable, but they’re not cheaply made. If you’re looking for a quality product without having to pay a fortune, aluminum blinds might be the perfect fit for your classroom.
Good Housekeeping Solar Roller Shades make great classroom window coverings.

Solar Shades

Want to save on energy costs for your school? Solar shades control interior temperatures by blocking the outside weather. This will keep your students comfortable and focused on the task at hand. Nothing is worse than trying to learn when it’s too hot or too cold. It can make it difficult to concentrate, for anyone. One of the wonderful things about solar shades is that there are options that allow you to block the extreme heat or cold, but you still get a view to the outside. Solar shades also reduce glare, making them perfect for the modern classroom.
Whichever style and specific functionality you’re looking for in classroom window treatments, SelectBlinds has them all. The right window blinds allow for the right amount of natural light. It will also keep electric costs down, letting your school use that extra money to better help the students. Think outside the box to find something fun, new, and exciting for your students, helping them become the best students they can by creating an environment that’s conducive for learning.
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