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Covering your kitchen windows can give your space a facelift. But choosing the right kitchen window coverings may be a little difficult, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for exactly. The kitchen is a unique space and you may need different window coverings depending on where in the kitchen your windows are located and how they’re used.

Over the Sink

2 inch designer faux wood blinds are moisture resistant and will spice up any kitchen!

If your kitchen window is over the sink, you need to take extra care in picking the right window covering. Real wood blinds are out. You don’t want water splashing on them and causing warping and damage in general. Instead, opt for faux wood blinds or solar shades. Faux wood blinds are moisture-resistant and can be wiped down without causing damage. Solar shades are another great option because these can also be wiped down and water won’t damage them. Select solar shades are antimicrobial, resisting the growth of mold and germs, so you can be sure you have a clean kitchen on the most granular level.

Only Natural Light Source

Keep the natural light coming through your kitchen window while dressing it up with 2 inch linen light filtering sheer shades.

If you only have one kitchen window, it’s important to keep your natural light source as open as possible. So you’ll need to find something lightweight that accents the natural light you do get from that window. If you’re not worried about people seeing into the kitchen, sheer shades are a beautiful option. They accentuate your window without covering up the best parts. You could also use any light filtering shade, but this might block more natural light than you want.

Faces the Street

Kitchen Window Coverings Option - Select Double Cell Light Filtering Shades

Does your kitchen face the street or is toward the front of your home? If so, you’ll want kitchen window treatments that gives you privacy. But privacy doesn’t mean you can’t see out or that you can’t have natural light streaming in. Solar shades are a great option. If you choose the right solar shade, you will still have your privacy, but you can actually see outside. People outside your home, however, can’t easily look into your window. Your second option is a top down/bottom up shade. You can keep the bottom part of the window covered while leaving the top open, so you can have that sunlight. Your third option is a light filtering shade, which allows light to come through but no one, including you, can see through it.
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