How to Buy Window Coverings for Skylights Menu is here to help you cover your skylightsAs a unique design element in their own right, skylights often don’t demand any covering. But the right window treatment can not only enhance their aesthetic appeal, it can provide privacy, light control and make these specialty windows more energy efficient.

Sometimes called "roof windows,” skylights are a great option for opening up darker, small, or interior rooms by bringing in more natural light where there are no windows. There are three main types of skylights: ventilating (skylights that can be opened and closed), fixed and tubular. They come in a range of different shapes, including flat, arched, domed and pyramid. Depending on the location of the skylight and time of the year, though, in addition to letting light in, they can also let in unwanted heat and cold. 

One of the most popular specialty window coverings we offer here at Select Blinds are custom-made skylight shades. When selecting coverings for skylight windows, consider:

  • Where and how the skylights are installed (north, east, south, or west-facing? On a flat or slanted roof?) 
  • Type of skylight 
  • Function (are they used for ventilation? Can they be opened to go in and out of?)
  • Size, especially the depth or how shallow the casing is. This plays a key role in determining the best type and style for covering skylights from the inside.
  • Operation. Select Blinds offers both motorized remote control options and manually operated extension poles for easy operation of hard-to-reach skylight windows.
  • Coverings that work with other window treatments in the room

Enjoy the benefits of skylights year round!To enjoy the benefits of skylights year-round in style and comfort, consider using insulated skylight blinds, such as energy-efficient light filtering or blackout cellulars, which can easily be custom cut to cover specialty-shaped windows. They’ll also help you cut energy costs, and can be matched with other window coverings in the room to create a cohesive, streamlined design.

Skylights and other odd-shaped, specialty windows can present unique design challenges, but we’re here to help! If you have any questions about measuring or selecting just the right product for your skylights, our Customer Care Team is waiting to lend a hand every step of the way.

To order window treatments to cover your skylights, call 888-257-1840, email [email protected], or chat now.

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