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Choosing the right window coverings based on your style is important, but it’s important to also consider your privacy needs. But here at, you can have both style and privacy. Just look at all your options:

Top Down/Bottom Up

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades offer privacy.

The top down/bottom up feature allows you to customize the amount of light and privacy you have. You can lower the shades from the top and raise from the bottom. This lets you keep the top open for natural light while keeping the bottom closed for privacy. The top down/bottom up feature is available with honeycomb shades, and bamboo shades.

Solar Shades

Solar Screen 14 Percent Roller Shades can offer some privacy.

Solar shades offer different levels of openness. The smaller the number means a tighter shade weave. When the weave is tight, the harder it is to see through it. However, if you pick the right openness, you’ll be able to see outside, even with the shades closed. It will also make it difficult for anyone outside to see inside, helping you retain your privacy.

Bamboo Shades with Privacy Liners

Woven Wood Shades offer just the right amount of privacy.

Bamboo shades have natural texture, and that texture can make small gaps. By simply adding a privacy liner, you’ll have the natural look of the bamboo without worrying about your privacy. You can take one step further by adding a blackout shade, which is perfect for bedrooms and baby nurseries. Bamboo shades will give a modern touch to any space.

Cellular Shades

Privacy offered with the @Home Collection 3/4 Inch Single Cell Light Filtering Shade

No matter if you choose light filtering cellular shades or blackout cellular shades, you won’t have to worry about privacy. Even with the light filtering option, they are not translucent enough to threaten your privacy. So you can be sure to enjoy family time without worrying about your privacy. Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, are not only great window coverings for privacy they are also great for lowering energy costs and saving you money.
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