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You don’t have to live near the coast to want the coastal look in your home. The coastal style can mean incorporating blues, greens, browns, and whites into your home, mimicking the colors of the beach. Not all those colors are necessary to achieve the coastal look, and you’ll even see some using corals and other colors found in sea creatures. Interpret the coastal look however it makes sense for you, and don’t be afraid to experiment to find the perfect combination.
For some people, the coastal style means using the right materials to give a beachy, earthy feel to their home. The perfect way to add that feel is through your window coverings. You might be surprised at the difference the right coastal window treatments make.

Bamboo and Woven Shades

Want an earthy look and feel? These woven wood shades provide just that.

Bamboo and woven shades provide fantastic texture, creating visual interest and that earthy look and feel. If you want a window covering that will remind you of being outside, then these are it. They can be a little bit rustic and a little bit modern, so they’re a perfect fit for nearly any style or decorating preference.

Sheer Shades

Let the natural light in with these 2 and a half inch sheer light filtering shades!

One of the best parts of the beach is that it’s light and breezy, so why not have your window coverings reflect that? Sheer shades are light, dainty, and pretty. They will also let in a lot of natural light so your home’s interior will have a sun-kissed glow all day long. They’re elegant, yet playful. What’s more perfect for coastal style than that?

Faux Wood Blinds

Want a more budget friendly alternative to real wood blinds? Check out these 2 inch express faux wood blinds.

If you like the idea of wood blinds, but you live by the water or in extreme heat or cold, faux wood blinds are your best bet. They won’t warp with humidity or moisture, and they look just as great as real wood blinds. They are also less expensive, so they will fit into your budget effortlessly.
A coastal style is relaxed and comfortable. Who wouldn’t want a home like that? No matter if you live 1 or 300 miles from the coast, the coastal style is more of a lifestyle and mindset than a specific location. Need more coastal decorating inspiration? Find out how to create a beach-themed master bedroom and an ocean-inspired baby nursery.
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