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The best thing about ordering blinds online? So many choices. The worst thing about buying new blinds online? Too many choices.
Wood, Faux Wood, Cellular/Honeycomb, Bamboo/Woven Woods, Romans, Minis, Sheers, Rollers, Verticals, Shutters, Solars, etc.

Where to begin? How to decide? Ordering free blinds samples is the solution!

Just like sampling a new flavor of ice cream or craft beer, being able to “try before you buy” is the only way to make sure the products you’re looking for match your personal taste and style. Especially when making an investment in custom window coverings (which is a little more involved than licking a tasting spoon). So here are some tips on how to order and use sample swatches from our site to ensure you get just the right product in just the right color, right here on! 

  • Sample to ensure the correct color. Smartphone, tablet and PC monitors can give you an idea of the look and feel of a product, but nothing compares with actually seeing and touching the real thing. Even as great as the graphics are here on, with the wide variances in lighting and color monitors when viewing colors online, it's almost impossible to tell exactly what the actual color and materials of a product will look and feel like. That’s why sampling is an important first step in ordering your custom window treatments (and a necessary step to be sure you’re covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee).

    If you’re shopping for a specific color, note that many products use the same name – e.g., “White” – but again that color can vary greatly by product. That’s why we offer up to 15 free samples at a time so you can compare products in the same color side-by-side.
  • Order samples and products from the same dye lot. When considering colors, it’s also important to be aware that sample colors may vary slightly from an actual product as our samples may come from different dye lots. To ensure you have the correct dye lot, samples should be ordered within 90 days of when you’re planning to purchase your treatments. (Please note that when sampling dye lots of any of our wood products, due to variances in the natural color, grain, etc., there is no way to assure the exact color of stained wood window treatments.) If you plan on ordering multiple blinds, we strongly recommend ordering them all at the same time to ensure they come from the same dye lot so they all match one another. 
  • Consider style and function. In addition to how they look, consider how you need the products you ultimately choose to perform. For example, for bathrooms or kitchens, are you ordering samples of window treatments that are moisture or water-resistant? If you have east and west-facing windows that get a lot of direct sun, is what you’re sampling energy efficient? Does it give you the light control you need to protect your privacy, furniture, flooring and finishes? 

    When selecting samples from different categories and product types, review the product description to make sure they don’t just look great, but that they’ll meet your needs in a specific space. We have several Buying Guides and Shop By Need or Shop By Room pages on our site to help you decide on the perfect blend of stylish functionality.

Once you’ve received your samples, it’s time to play!

Look for design inspiration. Tape your samples to windows and against walls. Lay them on flooring, furniture and other accent pieces in your room to see how all your different design elements play off one another. Leave the samples around so you can walk by and “live” with them for a few days.

If you’re working on a complete room make-over, use your samples in an inspiration/idea board like the one above. Mix and match them with other fabric swatches and paint samples you’re considering. Need some inspiration? Check out our blog, The Blinds Spot, for ideas on creating your own unique interior design.

Look at them in a different light. Hold your samples up against natural daylight, lamp light and dark windows to check light control and privacy at different times of the day. This is particularly important when considering light filtering, room darkening, or blackout window treatment options, or if you’ll want or need to add a privacy liner to roman, bamboo and woven wood coverings.

Get a second opinion. Ask friends or family members what they think. (You don’t have to take their advice, but sometimes a second pair of eyes helps.?) When you’ve made your decision, share the love and pass the samples along to someone else who may be thinking about new window treatments. Or get crafty and recycle them. Depending on the style of sample, use them as cool coasters, or for arts and crafts projects with the kids. 

And the rose goes to… After living with your samples for a while, you’ll start to see what’s working and what isn’t. Put aside the ones that aren’t making the cut and your final choice should become clearer.

How to Order Samples

Ordering samples is super simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a category based on the style you want. 
  3. Choose a product(s).
  4. Pick from a ton of different color options. Select the color(s) you want, click on Free Sample and boom! You’ll see it automatically added to your samples cart. 
  5. Click on Finalize Order and complete your information. Then just hit Send Samples, and they’ll be on their way in 1 business day or less!

It’s that easy! In a hurry? We’ll expedite your samples to you in 2 business days for only $10.00. When you receive them and are ready to order, be sure to use the personalized custom discount code created just for you to lock in the same amazing deal we offered the day you ordered your samples!

Happy Sampling!

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