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Tap into your inner child! From infants to tots to teens, Select Blinds has window decorations for kids rooms covered. Easy to customize and install, choose from our wide variety of designs to fit any style. Soft and soothing to bright and bold colored nursery décor window treatments help wee ones go from nap time to night-night with room darkening and light filtering shades in fashionable, fun solids and patterns. Give your teen’s room some cool texture and the privacy they crave with fabulous fabric, wood, faux wood, or bamboo and woven wood window coverings.  And to keep your mini-me’s safe, all of our kids’ room and nursery window treatments come standard with CPSC-approved cordless lift systems.

Blackout Cordless Shades will go in any nursery

Cordless Included

The most important feature of a window covering for a nursery or child’s room is the lift system. All the window coverings made just for children at Select Blinds have cordless included. That means you’ll get a cordless lift system for free, so you don’t have to worry about potential window covering cord risks.

Need more inspiration? We have some really cute kids nursery room ideas you can play around with here and here, along with how-to tutorials and DIY projects. And we’re adding even more exciting options to create a truly vibrant, playful and unique environment for your little and not-so-little ones to enjoy, so check back soon!


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