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Custom Blinds and Shades

Buying blinds online is easy! Shop below and save on custom-made window coverings to fit your lifestyle. We take out all the guesswork when buying custom-fit blinds online, so you can find just the right shade or blind and customize it with confidence!

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So Easyyyy, From Start to Finish

First time? Buying blinds online? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you create a space you’re proud of.

  1. Shop Custom Blinds and Shades Online

    Choose Your Style

    We have a huge selection of window coverings. Big pick energy.

  2. Shop Custom Blinds and Shades Online

    Measure Your Windows

    Measure the length and width of your windows, so your blinds fit just right.

  3. Shop Custom Blinds and Shades Online

    Customize Your Order

    Customize your order however you desire. We can do it any way you want.

  4. Shop Custom Blinds and Shades Online

    Do It Yourself

    Your blinds will come at the right time, and the best part is - you can do it yourself.

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Shop Custom Blinds and Shades Online

Eliminate hazardous, dangling cords

Why Choose Cordless Window Coverings?

Cordless blinds and shades are the safest window coverings for homes with small children and pets. That's why for National Window Covering Safety Month, we are offering a free cordless lift upgrade on applicable products!

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The Blinds Spot

Get interior design advice and inspiration on all things blinds (and shades).

The Blinds Spot

Choosing LEVOLOR Can Improve Your Air Quality

The Blinds Spot

Corded vs Cordless

What's the difference in these window coverings?

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