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The home theater is a place to gather with your family and friends and enjoy a great movie. And nothing’s worse than a huge glare on the screen. It makes enjoying the moment and the movie a little difficult. Instead of weaving back and forth to get the glare out of the way, even if for just a moment, update your window coverings and your problems will be solved. The trick, however, is finding the right window coverings for your home theater needs.

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Blackout Shades

With blackout shades, you can block the majority of light from your windows, giving your media room that real theater feel. You won’t have to worry about glare with blackout shades. Keep in mind that there may be light coming in from the sides, creating a halo effect.

Honeycomb Shades 

While there are blackout honeycomb shades, there are also light filtering ones. These will help diminish the glare. So, if you only have a slight glare, but you still want some natural light, honeycomb shades, also called cellular shades, are perfect. Honeycomb shades are eco-friendly and are great if you want to maintain your home theater’s internal temperature without paying more energy costs.


Do you want an Old Hollywood feel to your home theater? Then don’t forget about drapes. If you get thick and lined drapes, you can get rid of the glare and most of the light altogether. One of the great things about drapes is that there are so many styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. 

Creating your dream home theater is easy with the right type of home theater window coverings. You shouldn’t have to compromise style for function. With all these options, you can have it all.
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