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Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or you just have some noisy neighbors, the right window coverings can actually help reduce some of the noise. While no window covering can guarantee getting rid of all the outside noise, there are some that can help lessen it, getting you one step closer to a quieter, more peaceful home.
Here are a few of your options for noise reducing window coverings:

Cellular Shades

Premier Double Cell Light Filtering Noise Reducing Window Coverings
Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, are great for reducing noise because of their honeycomb construction. Just as they capture and trap the air coming through the windows, they can help keep some of the noise from coming into your home. For the biggest impact, opt for shades with double cells, as this gives another layer of protection. 

Roman Shades

Roman Window Coverings can help reduce noise.
Because roman shades are made out of fabric, they can reduce some outside noise. Add a privacy or blackout liner to give it even more layers to help reduce noise. Keep in mind that the thickest fabric will be the best for blocking out the most noise. 


Grommet Drapes are elegant Noise Reducing Window Treatments
Drapes work the same as roman shades, as they’re both made of fabric. And just like roman shades, the thicker the drapes, the more they will help to reduce some noise. If you want the most noise reduction you can get from window coverings, pair drapes with another type, like cell shades. The layering will be more effective than any window covering on its own, and it will look great, too.

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