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Sheer shades, our version of the popular Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shade, are the perfect blend of traditional horizontal blinds and modern, elegant shades. They have fabric horizontal vanes with a sheer overlay, and they operate the same as any horizontal blinds. However, when the vanes are tilted open, you’ll still have a beautiful light-filtering sheer fabric over the top. But sheer shades offer more benefits than modern elegance and practicality. Take a look for yourself:

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Designer Collections

Get a designer look without the high-end designer price with our curated collection of custom Sheer Shades!


Complete Light Control

Light filtering sheer shades gently diffuse the natural light coming through your windows. So, you’ll still have that beautiful light, but it will give your space a warm, soft glow, no matter the time of day. If you want to block more light, then room darkening sheer shades are a great option. Keep in mind that room darkening doesn’t mean blackout, so some light will come in during the day, but it will block the majority of outside light at night. Room darkening sheer shades are recommended for bedrooms, baby nurseries, media rooms, and home theaters.

Multiple Lift Options

Sheer Shade Motorization

When it comes to customizing your sheer shades, it’s easy and you have a lot of options. Take the lift system as an example. All sheer shades come standard with a continuous cord loop for easy operation. But you can always upgrade to remote-controlled motorization or a motorized wand.

With the remote-controlled motorization, you can raise, lower, and tilt the sheer shades from up to 65 feet away. Remote operation is recommended for hard-to-reach windows or those with mobility restrictions. You can even control up to five shades with a single remote, so you can lift an entire group of shades with a click of the remote.

With a motorized wand, you can easily adjust the sheer shades without having to pull any cords or chains. The motorized wand lets you open and close the vanes and raise and lower the shade as a whole. Using the wand control will give your windows a streamlined, modern, clean look.

Vane Sizes for Every Need

Vane sizes

The Select Blinds sheer shades come in three vane sizes – 2”, 2 ½”, and 3”. With these options, you’ll be able to find the look and vane size you need for your home design.

The 2” sheer shades are the most popular option, and they’re perfect for smaller windows with more narrow windowsills. A smaller vane means that you’ll have more of an obstructed view when the vanes are open, as there will be less space between each vane.

The 2 ½” sheer shades are ideal for medium-sized windows, and they provide a bit larger unobstructed outside view. You can also use the 2 ½” sheer shades for smaller windows if you want to make more of a visual impact or statement.

The 3” sheer shades are recommended for large windows or for windows with deep windowsills or window frames if you’re considering an inside mount. If you want the most unobstructed view when the vanes are open, the 3” sheer shades will give that to you.

Complements Different Styles

One of the many great things about sheer shades is that they’re versatile, design-wise. They are the perfect combination of traditional horizontal blinds and modern shades, so they complement nearly any style, including:

Traditional Style

Traditional Style – Because of the traditional functionality of sheer shades, they are a natural addition to any traditional design. If you love the look of light curtains, sheer shades are the perfect alternative. Because they’re made of fabric, you’ll still get the curtain feel with modern features and convenience.

Coastal Style

Coastal Style – When you think of a coastal style, what comes to mind? Sheer shades are breezy, light, and beautiful. They will also give your home a soft glow, even at midday with the vanes open. The fabric overlay will do all the light filtering work for you.

Elegant Headrail Comes Standard

Need another reason to love sheer shades? The elegant deluxe headrail comes standard with every sheer shade. Its soft, curved design beautifully conceals the control mechanism and reduces the top gap that sometimes lets in unwanted light. The headrail comes with a matching fabric insert for a polished, cohesive look.

Easy to Care For and Clean

Just because sheer shades look delicate doesn’t mean they’re not durable or sturdy. This makes caring for and cleaning them a breeze. However, keep them away from harsh natural elements, like salt air, which can cause the fabric to break down quicker than normal.

To clean, you have four easy options:

1 Use a feather duster. Just brush it lightly over the fabric, and that's all it takes.
2 Use your vacuum's brush attachment on a low suction setting.
3 Gently use a damp sponge and mild soap to get rid of spots or stains.
4 These shades can be ultrasonically cleaned by professionals.

With all the benefits of sheer shades, you're going to wish you had even more windows to cover.

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