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Faux wood blinds are beautiful, affordable and durable, making them a great option for every window in any room in your home. For window coverings that will stand the test of time -- and the test of adventurous, curious children and pets -- our sturdy faux woods are a natural choice. Need more convincing? Read on to learn how to choose faux woods for your home.

Why Choose Faux Woods


Faux wood window treatments give you the look and warmth of real wood blinds without the added expense. You'll find lots of options in a variety of affordable price ranges to help you stay within your budget without sacrificing style.


Faux wood window coverings are incredibly durable. Today's faux woods are made of either a composite wood material or PVC/vinyl. Higher-end fauxs are manufactured with a particleboard-like wood pulp center wrapped with a printed laminate for a more realistic wood-grain look. While actually heavier than their real-wood counterparts, faux woods are more resilient and flexible, and can withstand extreme variations in temperature without warping, fading, or cracking.

Moisture-Resistant, Easy Care

In addition to their durability, faux woods are moisture and humidity-resistant, so they're ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. They also resist scratches and are easy to clean. For tips on how, keep reading!

Finding the right faux fit

Faux wood treatments work well on any size window, but the size of the slats -- the working horizontal pieces you tilt, raise and lower -- can make a big difference in how they look. The most popular and common size is a 2" slat. Two-inch faux woods work best on most medium and large windows, and can even be used on narrower ones when installed as an outside mount. To keep things proportional and ensure your faux wood treatments fit snugly in smaller windows, consider a smaller slat size, or for extra large windows, a larger size. We have some more tips about choosing the right slat size in this post on our blog.

Options and Add-Ons for Faux Wood Window Blinds

Options and Add-Ons for Faux Woods

Customizing faux wood window coverings is fun and easy! Start with color. There are a variety of paints and stains to choose from. In addition to traditional dark wood-like colors, as well as oak and maple, designers are digging fresh faux woods in bright or muted whites, along with trendy grays for cleaner, more contemporary looks. After picking the perfect color, select the features and options you want or need for your home, like:

1 Cordless Options

Do you have small children or pets? A cordless lift system is the safest way to go to eliminate the danger of dangling cords. Cordless faux woods offer a more seamless, uncluttered look and effortless operation with the touch of your hand.

2 Valances

Want an even more elegant and sophisticated look? Top off your faux treatments with a smooth contoured or crown valance. When hanging multiple blinds on a window, consider ordering a shared valance to neatly tie everything together and create the appearance of a single, cohesive window treatment.

3 Cutouts

Door handles, tile, or molding getting in the way of your blinds? Order convenient custom cutouts to ensure a custom fit and look around anything you don't want your faux woods to cover.

4 Cloth Tapes

Cloth tapes add a decidedly decorative flair to faux wood coverings. They're also a functional addition, blocking route holes to give you more light and privacy control. Choose a contrasting trim for a high-end designer look, or one that complements the wood stain for a polished, seamless finish.

Child Safety

Options and Add-Ons for Faux Wood Window Blinds

By the end of 2018, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) has mandated that all “stock” window covering products must be cordless or have inaccessible cords. (Corded blinds will still be available in custom products.) SelectBlinds.com is proud to have been ahead of the curve and in compliance with this vital child safety initiative for the last few years.

In 2016, we were the first and only online retailer to offer cordless lift systems on every one of our products, including faux woods. And while we always recommend going cordless to eliminate window covering cord risk altogether, if you do choose corded faux woods, you'll receive a set of free cord cleats to securely hold any dangling cords and help ensure your child’s safety.

Free Cord Cleats come with every corded order from SelectBlinds.com For other household and window safety tips, click here.
Free Cord Cleats come with every corded order from SelectBlinds.com


Cleaning Your Faux Wood Window Treatments

Faux woods are durable and easy to clean and care for. Here's how:
1 Use your vacuum's brush attachment to gently remove dust from slats. 
2 To remove any visible dirt and grime, gently wipe each slat with a clean, damp cloth. If needed, add just a tiny amount of soap or detergent. Dry with a clean, dry cloth. 
3 Avoid abrasive sponges that can damage faux wood and allow water to get inside the slats. 

Shop Your Style

Faux woods are very versatile and complement nearly any design style. Here are just a few so you can see how they'll fit yours.

Compliment any design style with these types of window treatments
Boho is back (did it ever leave?), bigger and better than ever. Bohemian style, or ‘boho-chic’, is characterized by a unique and cheerful ‘mish-mash’ of items, accessories and colors that, at first glance, seem not to go together at all, but surprisingly do. The space is busy, both in number of items, as well as in shapes and forms. Faux woods fit right in with the fabrics and accessories in flamboyant tones, textures, prints and patterns that create the special ambiance reflected in the free-spirited boho lifestyle.
Traditional to Transitional
Moving from a traditional look to more modern? Defined as "lavish sophistication displayed with modest simplicity," transitional design style is a delightful fusion of the two, featuring solid, larger-size traditional furniture with curved lines and a focus on comfort. Accents and ornamentation are kept to a minimum and purposefully placed, to embrace the minimalist trends of the contemporary style. Faux wood treatments in warm or neutral colors play well in a transitional monochromatic, minimalist environment. They're a great way to fill the gap between styles while adding cozy depth and balance.
Modern Farmhouse
The farmhouse frenzy is still upon us, but with a more modern, industrial look and feel. (Think plumbers pipe shelving and lots of distressed or reclaimed wood.) When designing this space, build on the style's essential elements of practicality (emphasis on storage) and comfort. That's why faux woods work so well with it. Their durability, easy care and wood-like warmth make them the practical choice for your modern farmhouse.
A close kin to the farmhouse style is the ever popular country. Cozy is key here when it comes to evoking the warm embrace of a timeless cottage. Rustic wood, pottery and a host of organic materials populate these spaces, along with warm muted colors and patterned fabrics to create warmth, fluidity and balance. Faux woods framed by curtains or paired with drape panels create the soft, layered look that's such a popular element in any cottage country design.
The coastal style takes its cues from the ever-changing color and temperament of the sea, with spaces awash in azure, teal, turquoise and other hues of blues, greens, whites and tans. But don't be afraid to mix it up with splashes of bright yellows, oranges and pinks. With a nod to nautical themes and accents, this highly adaptable style works whether you're steps from the beach or in a high-rise loft. In a variety of colors, faux woods can add a natural, weathered look to complement coastal windows, or let the ocean breezes blow through white wood-like slats for a classic coastal look.

Ready to buy? Browse through our selection of fabulous faux woods to find the perfect window coverings to match your unique style!

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