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Motorized window coverings are fun and modern. And controlling your window coverings with a remote doesn’t mean you don’t have style options. For some, motorized window coverings might be fun technology to add to their home. For others, motorized blinds or motorized shades help improve quality of life. 

Benefits of Motorized Window Coverings

There are many reasons to choose motorized window coverings. Here are just a few of them:
Improves Quality of Life
For the elderly and those with disabilities or limitations, motorized window coverings make life easier. Instead of relying on others to open and close their blinds throughout the day, motorized window coverings give independence back to those who need it the most.
Path to Home Automation
Like the idea of the smart home? Home automation is no longer science fiction. It’s now a reality, and it all starts with motorized window coverings. Imagine setting it up so your window shades open at a certain time in the morning and then close when it gets dark outside in the evening. Home automation means you don’t have to worry about little tasks and you can focus on more important things.
Great for High, Out-of-Reach Windows
Do you have windows that you can’t reach? It doesn’t mean you have to leave them uncovered or give up control on opening and closing them. That’s where motorization comes into the picture. Imagine being able to tilt, open, or close those high windows without climbing on a chair or a ladder. With motorized window coverings, you regain control.

Motorized Options

Controlling your window coverings with a remote doesn’t mean you don’t have style options. Style isn’t one size fits all. So you can have both motorization and customization. Some of your options include:

Cell Shades

Motorization is available on these Premier Double Cell Light Filtering Shades

Raise and lower these cellular shades without ever leaving the couch. You can use the remote from anywhere in your home, and it’s so easy your entire family can use it. Cell shades are a great option because they can help lower your energy costs by adding honeycombed insulation to your windows, keeping your home more comfortable throughout the four seasons.

Sheer Shades

2 inch Light Filtering Sheer Motorized Shades

Sheer shades are light, airy, and beautiful. And with the ease of remote-operated motorization, you’re going to love them even more. Sheer shades are versatile, complementing nearly every style. So you can be sure your windows will look great, no matter if you change your home’s décor.

Roller Shades

@Home Collection Blackout Roller Shades with Motorization as an option

Whether you like the basic roller shade or you’re looking for designer options, you can find motorized roller shades here at And with so many patterns and colors to choose from, you’re going to wish you had more windows to cover.
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