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There are two ways to open and close the slats of your horizontal blinds. You can use a stylish wand tilt, or standard two-string cord tilt. 

Wand tilts, like the one in the video above, are simple to use; just give it a twist clockwise to close the slats, or counterclockwise to open them. 

Cord tilts (shown in the photo below) look just like the lift cords on corded horizontal products. (That’s why if buying a corded product, it’s recommended you order the lift and tilt cords on opposite sides, so [1] they don’t get tangled up, or [2] you don’t get confused by which is which.) Cord tilts work like you’re milking a cow. Just pull one down to tilt the slats open, and the other string to close. One of the benefits of cord tilts is the slats can be closed a little tighter than with a wand, so less light seeps through.

If you’re experiencing problems with the wand or cord tilt jamming or getting stuck so you can’t open and close the slats easily, it may be time to replace the tilter mechanism. It’s located in the headrail of your window covering and can easily be replaced.  (To order a new blind tilter for a product, just contact our Customer Care Team.)

Here’s how to install a blind tilter.

tilter mechanism on horizontal blinds

  1. Remove your blinds from the window. (If outside mounts, remove the end caps, too.)
  2. Pop off the end stiffener from the end of the headrail, and slide out the tilt rod.
  3. Lift out the old tilt mechanism and seat the new tilt mechanism securely in the control route of the headrail.
  4. Slide the tilt rod back in through the new tilt mechanism, and snap the end stiffener back in place.
  5. Put the blinds back in the window. Test the wand or cord tilt to make sure the slats now open and close smoothly.

Speaking of tilters, did you know you can also change from one style to the other? Just follow these simple directions.

Upgrading to Cord Tilt

If you have a wand and want to convert it to a cord tilt instead, just watch the quick video below, or follow steps 1-3 above to remove the wand tilt mechanism, then:

  1. Take the cords at the bottom of the new cord tilt mechanism and push them through the tilter hole in the bottom of the headrail.
  2. Pull the tilt cords all the way through the hole so the tilt mechanism rests in the headrail.
  3. To attach the cord tassels, take the end of each cord and thread it through the tassel. Tie a knot at the end of each cord to keep the tassels secure.
  4. Follow steps 3-5 above, and you’re done!

Upgrading to Wand Tilt

To switch from a corded to wand tilt, there are just a couple extra steps, as shown in the video below and outlined here:

  1. After removing your blinds and before taking out the cord tilt mechanism, untie the knot at the end of each cord to remove the tassels. Pull the cords up through the tilt hole.
  2. Set the cord tilt aside. Take the new wand tilt mechanism and push the wand attachment at the bottom through the tilter hole.
  3. Slide the tilt rod back in through the new wand mechanism, pop the end stiffeners back on, and you’re ready to put your blinds back in the window and test your new wand tilter. Easy peasy!

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