Fabric Blinds

Looking for a softer take on the classic hard horizontal blind? Add a soft touch to any room with the flexible fabric slats in these fresh looking, custom cloth window treatments.
Durable, easy care cloth resists kinks & wrinkles.
Durable, easy care cloth resists kinks & wrinkles
Fabric Blinds Customer Review
I didn't know if I would like fabric blinds, since I had never seen any. I am happy to report they are beautiful! The light shines through prettily but still provides a lot of privacy.
" I am happy to report they are beautiful!"
– Bonnie W.
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Made in under 5 days
  • 2" Light Filtering Fabric Horizontal Blinds
  • 2" Light Filtering Fabric Horizontal Blinds
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Made in under 5 days
  • 2" Room Darkening Fabric Horizontal Blinds
  • 2" Room Darkening Fabric Horizontal Blinds
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  • Classic Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Classic Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Soft Ruby
  • Soft Cloud
  • Soft Ash
  • Soft Ecru
  • Soft Mushroom
  • Soft Cobalt
  • Soft Silver
  • Soft Bone
  • Soft Cream
  • Soft Grass
Classic Fabric Vertical Blinds 4.7 (549 Reviews)
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  • Designer Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Designer Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Salibello Charcoal
  • Salibello White
  • Vintage Coffee
  • Salibello Ivory
  • Salibello Light Gray
  • Salibello Gray
  • Stitched Taupe
  • Stitched Gray
  • Vintage Off White
  • Vintage Ivory
  • Woven Beige
  • Salibello Vanilla
  • Geometric Snow
  • Salibello Walnut
  • Geometric Pearl
  • Woven Charcoal
  • Geometric Ash
  • Stitched Ivory
Designer Fabric Vertical Blinds 4.8 (205 Reviews)
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Made in under 5 days
  • 2 1/2" Light Filtering Fabric Horizontal Blinds
  • 2 1/2" Light Filtering Fabric Horizontal Blinds


Nothing feels like the soft, rich texture of high-quality fabric. Or looks like it. Once reserved for drapery and verticals, now you can enjoy a new slant on horizontal window treatments with custom fabric blinds for windows.

Nothing Kinky Here

Twist or bend them and these sturdy but flexible beauties bounce right back into shape. Besides the luxurious look, fabric window blinds are a practical solution for small or large windows and doors. Made from a patented flame-retardant, wrinkle- and kink-resistant cloth fabric, they hold up well in high-use/high-traffic spaces. Easy to clean and care for, they’re made to repel static, moisture and dust while protecting your interiors from damaging ultra-violet rays. They’re energy-efficient, too, providing an extra layer of insulation on windows against unwanted heat, cold, even noise.


Keep the focus on the fabric with our cordless easy lift system. Besides creating a clean, modern look on your windows, cordless is your safest bet for homes with young children and pets. Our cloth blinds also come with regular corded or continuous cord loop lifts to fit your specific needs and preference.


Our custom-cut fabric blinds give you the light control of a regular slatted window treatment plus the soft, light filtering or room darkening effect of a shade. Here are some available options to customize these versatile products to perfectly fit your windows, style and décor.

Slat/Louver Sizes

Our horizontal fabric window coverings come in popular 2” or 2-1/2” slats to add a designer-quality look to any room, and for wider, softer site lines when your blinds are open.

Multiple color Choices

Choose from an array of fresh and fashionable solid colors and dazzling duo tones as a base treatment to layer on, as a subtle backdrop to balance your space, or as a stunning standalone focal point.

Add Decorative Details

From top to bottom, add your own decorative touch with color-coordinated valance inserts and child-safe cord tassels, cloth ladder tapes, or optional cloth accent tapes to cover routing holes.

Hanging on One Headrail

Need to cover an extra large window? Get a smooth, seamless finish by hanging two or three cloth blinds on a single headrail. This helps prevent sagging from the weight of a single, extra-wide blind. You can also raise and lower sections independently for easy access to and operation of doors and windows.

Ready to dress your windows in some fabulous fabrics? Learn how to measure for your custom cloth window coverings here!

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