Frequently Asked Questions

Does Select Blinds have a physical location?

We do not have a physical location to purchase products at this time.

What is the status of my order?

Click here to track the status of your order anytime.

Once an order has been built, a tracking number will be provided within 1-2 business days. It usually takes 7-12 business days for most custom orders to arrive at your doorstep after you’ve placed your order.

Why does my tracking number still show my order is pending?

A pending status normally means that the product is being held up in the shipping process. If you cannot find a specific reason for a shipping delay when you track your package through our website, contact our Customer Service team, as we might have further details for you. Please allow 1-3 business days for shipping carrier scans to update after production.

Are your custom products really “made in 5-7 days”?

Our product production time does not include shipping time. Once you’ve placed your order, most products take 5-7 days to custom build. It usually then takes another 2-5 business days before your order arrives. Plan for a total of 7-12 business days for most custom orders to arrive at your doorstep after you’ve placed your order.

Is it possible to change my order after I have completed it?

Most products allow for a 24-hour review period to ensure your order is correct and to make any last minute changes before we send it to our production facility. Sometimes it may be necessary to incur a fee for changes, but we make every effort to make any changes without any additional charge to you.

Do you charge sales tax?

We charge sales tax on products shipped to U.S. states that require us to do so and remit taxes to the state on your behalf. If taxes are charged, they will be applied to your order when you check out.

I want to get today’s discount but I’m not ready to purchase. Can a sale price be extended?

You can still get today's sales deal if you want to order samples first. In fact, we strongly recommend that you order free samples prior to placing an order. We don't want you to feel rushed into purchasing something just to get that day's promotion, so we will honor our best offer (including major holiday sales) for an additional 30 days. When you’re ready to order, simply build a shopping cart and contact our helpful customer service team to apply the promotion.

Does Select Blinds ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

We do not currently ship to Alaska or Hawaii. To ship to either of these U.S. states, you would need to have us ship to a freight forwarder and arrange for the transfer.

Do I really need to order samples?

It is not required for you to order samples, but it is the best way for you to verify the actual colors and textures, and to get a feel for how they’ll look in your home space. Plus, it’s FREE.

Can I order more than 15 samples?

You can order up to 15 FREE samples per day that will be shipped for FREE to your door. If you’d like to order more free samples, simply do so on a subsequent day.

How large are samples?

The samples are swatches of the material with which our products are made. Samples are generally about 6 inches by 4 inches (fabric), or 6 inches by 2 inches (wood and faux wood).

Do you offer discounts for interior designers, contractors, and realtors?

We have a team dedicated to helping those in the home remodel industry, no matter how large or small your order might be. You'll be assigned a personalized professional representative that can be your primary contact to assist you with product information, expedited samples, and exclusive promotions for recurring orders. Read more and sign up here.

Do you sell parts?

No. Our components may not be compatible with other manufacturers. If you have an existing order with us, you may be covered under warranty or can order replacement parts if something has broken. Simply contact our helpful customer service team and we will be happy to provide you with options.

What kind of warranty do my blinds come with?

All of our products come with a free 3-year limited warranty, with options for warranty upgrades. Please review our warranty policy.

How does the Buy One, Get One-Half Off sale get applied to my order?

Shopping carts with 2 or more items will have the 50% discount applied to the lowest priced, even-numbered item(s) on your order (i.e., for every 2 items purchased, the lower-priced item gets half off; for 4 items, the 2 lesser-priced items are half off, etc.). Customers can mix-and-match products, but the half-off discount will first be applied to the lowest priced item(s) in your overall cart.

How do I file a warranty claim?

In the rare instance that your item arrived damaged or has broken within the warranty period, simply click here to quickly start your claim.

Does Select Blinds offer refunds and/or exchanges?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds or exchanges due to the fact that our products are custom-made to order. Feel free to review our return policy for all that we do offer to help make things right.

What are my options if I don’t like what I ordered?

Please review our policy on returns and exchanges.

What happens if I mismeasure my windows?

We have what we call a F.I.T. Guarantee that outlines what we can do to help you with reordering one of your mismeasured shades.

How do I measure my windows?

Each category has its own specific measuring instructions. Get started here.

How do I install my new blinds or shades?

View our installation instructions.

Should I deduct anything from my measurement for an inside mount?

Each category has its own specific measuring instructions. Get started here.

If you are still unsure about your measurements after you have watched this video, contact our customer service team and we would be happy to help you complete your order.

How do I measure for more than one blind for one large window?

Follow this guide to learn how to measure for multiple windows.

Should I round up or down 1/8" on my window measurements?

If your window measurements fall between eighths of an inch, round down to the nearest 1/8" for width and round up to the nearest 1/8" for height. For example: Width: 30-1/16" would round down to 30". Height: 30-1/16" would round up to 30-1/8". Watch our how to measure video

What is the difference between “minimum inside mount depth” and “minimum flush mount depth”?

You will find this information in our Specifications tab (toward the bottom of each product page). Minimum inside mount depth is the amount of depth required to securely mount the shade/blind inside the window frame. The minimum flush mount depth is the required mount depth needed for the shade/blind to fit fully inside of the window frame, without protruding outward at all. For windows that have a shallow depth, you will be able to install the product (as long as the minimum depth required is met), but part of the item may be protruding from the opening.

Do you come out to measure or install at my home?

We are a completely online DIY company and do not offer in-home services such as measuring or installation. We provide FREE samples to help you find the right product, color and material for your home. Installing our blinds is easy and we provide all the necessary hardware with your order. Installation for each blind typically takes about 3-5 minutes, and we have written and video instructions to help make things simpler.

How do I measure for door blinds?

Click here to learn how to measure doors for window treatments, and then check out our recommendations for coverings that are best for doors.

How do I measure for corner windows?

Learn how to measure for corner windows here.

How do I measure for bay windows?

Learn how to measure for bay windows here.

How do you take the No-tools headrail off of a Roman shade?

Download our quick reference guide here.

Detach the headrail by way of removing the bracket front of the headrail. Loosen the wing nut on the underside of the headrail or unsecure the bracket from the backside.

Remove the product from the headrail by pulling down the lever from below or pushing down on the mechanism above to retract the tension boot.

Can a valance be ordered for a window covering after an order is received?

It depends on the product you’ve ordered. Some blinds and shades have the valance integrated into the product and cannot be altered after production. Please contact our customer service team with your specific order number and we will be able to provide a specific answer.

Can a roller shade cassette be ordered after an order is received?

No. Roller shades ordered with the cassette option are constructed to be housed in the cassette. If you order rollers without a cassette, a cassette cannot be ordered later.

Can you order a shared cassette option with more than one roller shade?

No. More than one roller shade cannot function with a shared cassette.

Are your blinds of the same quality as major name brands?

Absolutely! Our custom window coverings are of equal or better quality than the 'off-the-shelf' mass producers. We even offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

What is the difference between different Roman shades?

The colors and patterns will change across the different lines of shades and materials (polyester, cotton, etc.). Other Roman shades have motorization and WiFi hub options available, and different features to better suit your decorating needs.

What's the difference between exterior solar and interior solar shades?

The exterior shades are installed outside of your home, e.g. for a patio area. They come with special outside hardware that is designed to withstand the elements. Inside solar shades come with regular mounting hardware to mount inside your home.

What is the difference between inside and outside mount?

An inside mounted window covering attaches inside the window frame so it will be flush with the wall. An outside mounted blind or shade attaches outside the window opening and extends beyond the wall or door.

What are faux wood blinds made of?

Faux woods are made of either a composite wood material or PVC/vinyl.

Which shades are considered the most energy-efficient?

Cellular shades and solar shades are considered the most energy-efficient. Cellular shades rank the most effective in terms of energy efficiency.

Do we have “R” values on our products?

We do not maintain specifications for the R-values for our products.

What are cellular (or honeycomb) shades made of?

Cellular (honeycomb) shades are made from soft spun polyester lace.

On my cellular shade order confirmation, what do SC and DC mean?

SC stands for single-cell and DC stands for double-cell. Cellular shades offer a choice between single-cell construction and double-cell construction, and the “honeycomb” cells offer energy-efficient insulation to block out heat in the summer, and to absorb and keep heat in during the winter. Cellular shades with double-cell construction offer an extra layer of insulation, offering more energy-efficiency.

Do you offer cellular shades with 1” or less depth required to mount?

Yes. You can select the “1” or less depth” under the “Specialty” section in the navigation on the left side of the website.

Which cellular shades can be side-mounted?

Side mounted shades are available but you will have to place your order with our Customer Service Team. The only cellular shades that can be side mounted are the Select and Premier collections. For the Select collection, side mount brackets are available for shades under 36" wide ordered in Corded, Corded Top Down Bottom Up, or motorized wand. Side mount brackets are also available for shades under 48" wide ordered in Cordless Lift & Lock, Cordless Lift & Lock Top Down Bottom Up, or Continuous Cord Loop. For the Premier collection, side mounting brackets are available for shades less than 48" wide only (You can find a specific product’s specifications on the “Specifications” tab toward the bottom of the product’s product page detail). Please call us at (888) 257-1840 and our Customer Service Team will help you with your order.

Can we do side mounting on the woven wood?

No. Woven woods are top mount only.

Is mounting hardware included with my product?

Yes, all of the mounting hardware will be included in your shipment.

Are colors on product samples accurate?

Due to lighting and the resolution of monitors on different laptop or smartphone screens, colors can vary, so ordering samples before you buy is the surest way to check and guarantee you're getting the color you want. In particular, because of minimal variances in wood's natural color, grain, etc., there is no way to assure the exact color of our stained wood products. Dye lots frequently change, so there may be slight differences in the same color when you receive your actual product. If you're ordering multiple treatments for the same room, we strongly recommend that you order all of them at the same time to ensure they are from the same dye lot so they match one another.

How does cordless lift work?

To use cordless lift, you lift up the shade from the bottom and raise it up. Cordless Lift & Lock™ lift system has a button on the bottom rail that you press to raise or lower the shade, and then release to lock the shade in placeFor Roller Shades, you use the tension to pull them down, set their new position, and then to release them and raise them up.

“What color will the headrail be on products that state “color-coordinating” headrails?

Color-coordinated means we have picked the closest matching rails to the fabric choice you’ve selected. It is very difficult to have the exact same color on two different types of materials, so there will be a slight difference in some cases. To get a general idea of color coordination, you can review the main product image, which will change the color you see as different fabric colors are selected.

Are blinds or curtains better?

It all depends on where you are wanting to put your window coverings and what you are trying to achieve with them (e.g., more light control? more privacy? etc.). We provide FREE samples of all our products to help you find the right product, color, material, openness, etc. for your home.

What are the best blinds for large windows?

Roman shades, roller shades, cellular shades, faux wood blinds, panel tracks, vertical blinds, and drapes or curtains all lend themselves well for covering larger windows. Click here to learn more.

What shades can be installed in a bathroom?

We recommend faux wood or vinyl roller shades for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and for the window over your kitchen sink. Click here for more on moisture-resistant blinds and shades.

How are the motorized shades operated?

Our motorized shades are operated with either an attached USB rechargeable wand, or with a remote control device powered by rechargeable batteries.

Do I need a remote for my motorized shades?

Motorized shades can be operated with an attached wand handle, or with a remote control. If you are ordering a motorized shade without a wand, you will need a remote control to operate your shade.

Can I use motorized blinds with an app/Alexa/Google Play, etc.?

Some of our motorized products can be upgraded to connect to WiFi hubs or controllers (sold separately) that enable you to automate the operation of your motorized treatments with an app on your smartphone or through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. To order this "smart blind" capability with applicable coverings, select the remote control "Motorization" lift system, and then add the available WiFi controller shown under "Select Accessories." (Note: Motorized wand controls are not compatible with WiFi upgrades.)

Is only one Wifi smart hub needed per order?

One smart hub will be needed per floor/story of your home or for roughly every 2,000 square feet.

Can you install a Wifi hub when you order a product with a motorized wand?

No. A Wifi hub can only be used for products that are ordered with a remote lift system. Note that not all products offer a Wifi hub option.

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