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Corner Windows

Cornered by how to measure those two windows in the corner? It's easy. You'll measure both like you would a regular window, with just a couple of quick adjustments to allow for your aesthetic or privacy preferences, and to make sure both blinds operate smoothly and don’t interfere with each other.

  1. Under the Product Info tab at the bottom of the product page for the blind or shade you're ordering, find the minimum flush mount depth in the Specifications chart. (You can also find it under the Measure & Install tab.) Be sure you use the correct depth measurement for the type of lift system (cordless, top down bottom up, motorized, etc.) you've selected.
    Depth Chart
  2. Measure the width across the inside top of each window all the way into the corner.
  3. Decide which window the “butt” blind will hang on, and which one you want the “full” or “through” blind to go on. The through blind will be mounted all the way into the corner where your windows meet, so it bypasses the butt blind. The end of the headrail of the butt blind will “butt” up to it, with a slight light gap between them. (Gap will vary by product.)
    Corner Window Options
    (a) For less of a light gap (and more light blockage and privacy), deduct the flush mount depth from the width of the butt blind and enter that measurement as your width.
    (b) If you don’t mind a little light gap, deduct the flush mount depth from the width of both windows. This is generally considered more aesthetically pleasing, but the gap will be more noticeable.
  4. Double-check all of your measurements, rounding the width of each window up or down to the nearest 1/8”. (Automatic deductions are taken on inside mounts at the factory to ensure a proper fit.)
  5. Measure the height of each window. (Watch this video to see how.)
  6. Enter the width and height of each window to your measurements. Be sure you’ve selected Inside Mount for mount type when ordering.

Any questions? We’re here to help! Just contact our Customer Care team if you need additional assistance.

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