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Two window blinds on the same headrail

(inside mount)

Sometimes windows are too large to install one individual window blind or shade and two blinds on one common headrail is just too much. In order to install two separate blinds in the same window sill follow these easy steps:

  1. Measure the window. Make sure you take measurements of the window in 3 locations, top, middle and bottom, just like we outline in our measuring instructions.
  2. Order 2 separate blinds by taking the width of the window you measured and dividing it by 2. Then add 1/4" to that number and enter that number for your width. This calculation is made because the factory will deduct 1/2" for an inside mount blind or shade.
    If your window measured 80" wide you would calculate for each of the blinds as follows:
    80" / 2 = 40"
    40" + 1/4" = 40 1/4"
  3. For 3 blinds in one window, repeat the same steps.
    If your window measured 90”wide you could calculate for each of the blinds as follows:     
    90/3 = 30”
    30” + ¼”= 30 ¼
  4. Specify inside mount when ordering the blinds and shades.
  5. Once you add the item to your cart, specify in the notes of both blinds that you want one common valance shared between the two blinds. The size of the valance should be 1/8" shorter than the window measurement.

    From our 80" example above you would enter the following note for both blinds:
    Common valance at 79 7/8"
    Make sure you hit the UPDATE button to save the notes you enter into the system. Instructions do not apply to honeycomb shades
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