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Window blinds and window shades from Select Blinds have several safety options available. This has been the case from the very first blind produced with the Select Blinds brand. Safety primarily refers to the cord used to raise or lower a window blind or shade. A lift cord or lift cord loop can become a deadly device to a playful child, or to a curious pet. In a matter of seconds, the cord can become tangled around the neck, and cause serious injury or death.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced that six companies are recalling millions of blinds due to the potential hazard of strangulation. Select Blinds window blinds and shades are not impacted by this recall. There are several ways to address this safety concern with SelectBlinds products:

  • Cordless window shades – A cordless shade has no lift cord, making this the one way to eliminate all risks of lift cord hazards. SelectBlinds offers this as an option on its most popular cell shades. These include the 3/8" double cell light filtering shades, and the 3/8" double cell room darkening shades. Couple the safety factor of these honeycomb shades with the energy efficiency of a double cell constructed window shade, and you have an absolute winning combination. Plus they look great! SelectBlinds also offers the cordless feature as standard on a 1/2" cell shade, and a 3/4" cell shade.
  • Continuous cord loop – A continuous cord loop that is properly installed, with the bottom of the loop attached to the wall, or to the window or door frame, is much safer than a standard lift cord. The standard lift cord, when the blind or shade is raised, will in most cases result in increasing the length of the cord in direct relationship with the length the shade or blind is raised. SelectBlinds recommends that you install the included cord cleat to wrap the length of cord, thus eliminating the hazard risk. The continuous cord loop system maintains the same cord length, eliminating the chance of a non wrapped cord from becoming a dangerous hazard. The bottom of the continuous cord loop should, in all cases, be secured to the window frame or wall. The VuThru cell shades come standard with this safety feature in both the light filtering insulating blind and room darkening insulating blind. The VuThru insulating blinds are a unique window shade, in that they are a great looking energy efficient honeycomb shade, yet they can be opened in a similar manner as a horizontal window blind.
  • Cord cleats – a cord cleat can be used, and should be used with any window blind or window shade that has a lift cord. Not only do you eliminate the hazard of a loose cord laying on the window sill or floor, you give your window a much neater and cleaner look by not having that cord lying loosely around.

Select Blinds cares about the safety of its customers, and provides one or more of these safety solutions with every blind or shade sold, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those families who have suffered due to the danger of a lift cord.

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