1" Premier Aluminum Blinds

1" Premier Aluminum Blinds

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Replace your outdated vinyl minis with fresh, modern metallic-looking, all-aluminum custom mini blinds. Dust, dent and scratch resistant, they stand up well to everyday use. More

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for 24" x 36"
MSRP: $59.99
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4.8 (482 Reviews)

Your custom made blinds will shipShips in 26 ~ 28 business days.

1 Selected Color: Graystone

For a true color comparison, please order a free sample
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

2 Measure Your Windows

Mount Type ?
Mount Type
Inside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung on the inside of the window frame, or the ceiling. Not recommended for shallow windowsills. Outside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung outside of the window frame, making it ideal for shallow windowsills or for more complete light blockage by reducing the halo effect.
Enter Measurements Help Me Measure
Always reference product specifications below before measuring.
Measure width

Measure height

Room Name

You may enter a room name to help you specify where each blind goes. Each blind will be labeled accordingly when they arrive from shipping.

3 Customize Your Order

Lift Styles
Corded Lift
Cordless Lift & Lock™
This product is considered child safe when cordless or motorized lift options are selected. We strongly recommend one of these kid friendly lift options for homes with children or pets.
Headrail Option
Standard Headrail
2 Blinds on 1 Headrail
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
Min. Width: 48".
Spacer Blocks ?
Spacer Blocks
This is for an outside mount only! Spacer blocks add clearance for the blinds if window trim is in the way.
Hold Down Brackets ?
Hold Down Brackets
Brackets to hold down window covering to minimize movement
Hold down brackets secure the window covering to the wall or to a door, limiting the window covering's movement when the door is open, for example. These are for outside mounts only.
Extension Brackets ?
Extension Brackets
Use extension brackets if you have an outside mount and your window frame protrudes too far and is in the way. Extension brackets will give you extra depth so you can mount them properly. Extension Brackets are unavailable with Inside Mount.
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
Warranty Options Details
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Select Quantity
Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering..
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Product Information

Why You'll Love Them

Scratch- and dust-resistant
Unique Coverage
Unique Coverage
Ideal for doors and small windows
1 inch aluminum

How They'll Help You

Very affordable, stylish, and durable. These lightweight mini blinds are appealing and versatile. The quality 6-gauge heat-treated, spring tempered slats resist bending. As for style, they are just as inviting and appealing as you could imagine, especially for those windows that seem to be hard to find good coverings for. The 1" Premier Aluminum Blinds offer a broad selection of colors, so you can complement your home's style, no matter the color theme of your living space. The standard two-slat valance enriches and tops off the designer look. A simple, customizable solution for any home.

You'll love that these blinds are easy to clean, operate, and maintain. Enjoy your privacy while having full control of the light with your choice of lift systems. The decorator favored cordless lift system eliminates the need for lift cords. You'll have the ability to raise and lower your blinds by using the bottom rail. Then there's the pull-cord lift system to give you a more traditional look. Wide windows are also a breeze, with widths and heights over 100", you can find an affordable mini to cover your glass.

The 1" Premier Aluminum Blinds are perfect for any room, since they are dust and water resistant. You can be confident you're getting the best deal available, which includes free shipping. Also, rest assured with the industry's best warranty, so you can enjoy your great looking new aluminum window coverings forever!

1 inch aluminum
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Happy Customers

"These blinds were put in after my brand new kitchen reno was completed. I didn't want curtains, so I chose blinds after much searching for a good price and found this site. They are beautiful without being over stated, clean and elegant at the same time. My window looks like a professional installed them which would have cost so much more. Wonderful and affordable. Worth the time it to took be delivered. Will definitely order from them again when the need arises. Get lots of compliments on how perfect they look in my kitchen. Extremely satisfied!"
- Catherine G., New Castle, DE

"I have used and purchased mini blinds for years. Seemed as the years went by the quality became poor & the sizing was hard to get right. Until now. I love these blinds. Good quality, fair price and they fit perfect. The website is very clear on what you are getting and how they install, so I got exactly what I wanted. And they look fantastic. So pleased, I will be ordering more now that I found Select Blinds."
- Geo, New Mexico

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  • Headrails are color coordinated to the slats. Match may not be exact.
  • Inside mount blinds will be made 1/2" less than ordered width. Deductions taken at factory to ensure a proper fit. Do not take deductions into account when measuring.
  • Deductions may vary +/- 1/8.
  • Lift cords must be located on the outer side of 2 Blinds on 1 Headrail to allow for cord cleat installation.
  • Double slat valance comes standard & conceals the headrail to give more of a finished appearance.
  • Cordless lift bottom rails are color coordinated for most colors. Some colors may have an Off White bottom rail.
  • Cordless colors that will have Off White bottom rails: Beige, Canvas, Fawn, Forest, Pear, and Vanilla.
  • 6 gauge heat-treated, spring tempered slats to resist bending.
  • Clear plastic wand tilt is a standard feature. Not available in cord tilt.


Mini Blinds Angle
Mini Blinds Straight
  • 19" - 120" Corded Lift
  • 14" - 120" Cordless Lift & Lock™
  • 6" - 126" Corded Lift
  • 12" - 84" Cordless Lift & Lock™
  • 3/4" All Lift Styles
  • 1 3/8" All Lift Styles
  • 1" All Lift Styles
  • 1" x 1 " All Lift Styles
Product Reviews
482 Reviews 4.8 Average Write a Review
1" premier aluminum miniblinds

Great value! Great measuring and installation instructions. Love them!

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repeat customer

Thought I'd take a chance with this company after seeing a post on FB. And I am glad that I did. I placed an order late last year. And I received the blinds just before Christmas. I am very satisfied with the quality of these blinds. My installation was easy and they look amazing. I was so happy that I recently placed a second order. The second order was just as good as the first. However, I made an error in my measurements of the vertical blind. I contacted Select and they are now in the process of making the newer larger vertical for me, with a very slight increase in price. No worries, though, because I can see the quality in these blinds. Also, the packaging and the shipping is done very well. Nothing was ever damaged in the shipping process.

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Great Quality

DIY project that came out beautiful. Followed Select Blinds directives and everything worked out well. Highly recommend!

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2/3 Done

This is the blind for the second out if three large hallway windows. Perfect look and fit so far. Will be ordering # 3 very soon.

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