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Spring into New Styles With Stylish and Affordable Products from
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Phoenix, Ariz. (Feb. 1, 2006) – This spring, cleaning may take a backseat as do-it-yourselfers freshen their homes with color, brighter rooms and stylish furnishings. SelectBlinds.com and SelectFans.com, two of the Internet's leaders in window and ceiling treatments, provide products that combine style with function and expertise on how to choose the right products that make redecorating easier.

Brighten Up the Season
Keeping things simple and natural is the latest trend in window dressings. Choosing sophisticated wood, the more economical faux wood or bamboo blinds can spruce up the atmosphere of a room, especially with colors such as bright white, cherry or natural that add splashes of color to rooms. SelectBlinds.com's honeycomb line is available in a translucent material and the honeysuckle or sunbeam colors will complement the natural light blinds let through. For a summer look or sunroom, designs such as "South Pacific" and "Tropical Isle" are available in a variety of materials.

Stay Cool
As summer approaches, ceiling fans are a sensible, economical and environmentally friendly way to beat the heat. SelectFans.com offers a wide range of ceiling fans to match all room themes – contemporary, traditional, kids, tropical, outdoor and petite – with and without light fixtures – that enhance decoration with sophistication, rather than seeming out-of-place and overly industrial.

D-I-Y Fun
Products from the Select network of companies are shipped with all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions, making do-it-yourself spring projects easier. SelectBlinds.com and SelectFans.com also boast a user-friendly online interface for product viewing and ordering giving customers creative license in shaping the look of their homes. SelectBlinds offers free shipping, and both sites offer live chat, and live phone assistance.

Keeping Up Appearances
After successfully updating your room or house's looks, ongoing maintenance will make the next spring cleaning much easier. For blinds, faux wood is the easiest material to clean and all roller shades require is regular dusting. With fans, simpler designs with clean, contemporary streamlines can be cleaned with little problem – however, regular dusting will keep blades fresh and sparkling and help them last longer, no matter the style.

About RISTAL, Inc.
Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., RISTAL, Inc. owns the Web's leading destinations for ready-to-install and custom-made home fixtures, including SelectBlinds.com and SelectFans.com. SelectBlinds.com, the fastest growing Web site for selling blinds online, provides a tremendous variety of window blinds and shades, including its own in-house line called the Allure Collection. SelectFans.com offers a wide variety of ceiling fans from industry-leading manufacturers such as Hunter, Emerson, Westwinds, and Fanimation. RISTAL, Inc.'s Web sites offer competitive pricing, convenience, secure online shopping, live assistance, customer satisfaction guarantees and strong warranty programs on all its products.
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