Essence Fabric By the Yard

Essence Fabric By the Yard

Craft elegant accent pieces like pillows and custom drapery using creatively patterned and colored fabric that perfectly complements your Select Roman Shades. More

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1 Selected Color: Midnight Sky

Midnight Sky
Essentials Collection | Priced at $53.99
Lifestyle Collection | Priced at $71.99
Architect Collection | Priced at $88.99
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Why You'll Love Them

Arts & Craft
Arts & Craft
Bring out your inner designer with coordinating fabrics for throw pillows or upholstery
Feeling Luxurious
Feeling Luxurious
Durable cottons, cotton/polyester blends and soft silks that will impress any guest
  • Designers Choice
  • Great For Layering
Select Fabric By The Yard

How They'll Help You

Elevate every room with custom accents using Essence Fabric By the Yard. From sturdy cottons to luxurious silks, we offer yardage that perfectly matches Select Blinds drapery in 54” width and 36" length. Transform your space with accent pillows, wall coverings, and slipcovers crafted from these fabulous fabrics, suitable for any budget. Showcase your DIY prowess and unique style by coordinating your window coverings with matching furniture details. Select Fabric By The Yard empowers your interior design creativity.

Pair with Sleek Roman Shades, Essence Roman Shades, or Serene Roman Shades for a seamless look. Receive 1 yard of uncut fabric for every 54" x 36" window treatment ordered, allowing you to embark on a truly distinctive home decor journey. Stand out with a one-of-a-kind design that will make friends, family, and neighbors envious!

Coordinating Products
Sleek Roman Shades
Essence Roman Shades
Serene Roman Shades

Select Fabric By The Yard
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  • For each 54" x 36" you order, you will receive 1 yard of fabric
  • Fabric will come uncut. For example, ordering quantity 4 of 54" x 36" will give you 4 yards of continous fabric.

Fabric Yardage

  • Order a Quantity 1 of 54" x 36" for 1 yard of continuous fabric
  • Order a Quantity 2 of 54" x 36" for 2 yards of continuous fabric
  • Order a Quantity 3 of 54" x 36" for 3 yards of continuous fabric
  • Order a Quantity 4 of 54" x 36" for 4 yards of continuous fabric
  • Order a Quantity 5 of 54" x 36" for 5 yards of continuous fabric
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