Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

Keep the home vibe cool, calm and quiet with energy efficient cellulars. With kid friendly cordless lifts, they’re the safest choice for homes with wee ones.
Soft, easy care cellular shade fabric beautifully filters light.
Custom colors & cell sizes to fit all windows.
Honeycomb Shades Customer Review
This is my second purchase from Select Blinds. I've been spreading the word to friends and family as well. You simply can't find this quality product at these low prices anywhere but here.
"You simply can't find this quality product at these low prices anywhere but here."
– Paul
Honeycomb & Cellular Shades Category Video
  • Select Light Filtering Cellulars
  • Select Light Filtering Cellulars
  • Ocean Floor SC
  • White SC
  • December White SC
  • December White DC
  • White DC
  • Ocean Floor DC
  • Pumice DC
  • Fennel SC
  • Pumice SC
  • Gravel Rock SC
  • Escape Gray SC
  • Gravel Rock DC
  • Lace SC
  • Taragon DC
  • Escape Gray DC
  • Fennel DC
  • Ivory Lace DC
  • Crisp Sand SC
  • Egyptian DC
  • Crisp Sand DC
  • Sienna DC
  • Ivory Lace SC
  • Sienna SC
  • Moon Glow DC
  • Moon Glow SC
  • Egyptian SC
  • Peanut Brittle SC
  • Chocolate Pie SC
  • Cinnamon SC
  • Taragon SC
  • Chocolate Pie DC
  • Chocolate DC
  • Lace DC
  • Cinnamon DC
  • Chocolate SC
  • Peanut Brittle DC
Select Light Filtering Cellulars 4.8 (1,199 Reviews)
Motorization Available
  • Lifestyle Light Filtering Cellulars
  • Lifestyle Light Filtering Cellulars
  • Light Grey
  • White
  • Off White
  • Neutral
  • Beige
  • Blueberry
  • Almost Black
  • Smoke
  • Rattan
  • Dark Parchment
  • Nautical Gray
  • Dark Brown
  • Sage
  • Modern Brown
Lifestyle Light Filtering Cellulars 4.7 (269 Reviews)
Motorization Available
  • Premier Light Filtering Cellulars
  • Premier Light Filtering Cellulars
  • Weathered Wood SC
  • Bleached White SC
  • Bleached White DC
  • Paperback SC
  • Paperback DC
  • Acorn DC
  • Thunderstorm SC
  • Night Blue DC
  • Dewy Morning DC
  • Pale Winter SC
  • Gentle Gray DC
  • Thunderstorm DC
  • Chai White SC
  • Powder Blue DC
  • Dewy Morning SC
  • Slate Blue DC
  • Sesame Seed DC
  • Acorn SC
  • Storm DC
  • Lily of the Valley SC
  • Barley DC
  • Gentle Gray SC
  • Pale Winter DC
  • Sesame Seed SC
  • Night Blue SC
  • Frost DC
  • Safari DC
  • Lava Rock DC
  • Slate Blue SC
  • Chai White DC
  • Star Glow SC
  • Seashells SC
  • White Vanilla DC
  • Storm SC
  • Tea Stained DC
  • White Vanilla SC
  • Silvery Moon DC
  • Barley SC
  • Lava Rock SC
  • Frost SC
  • Lily of the Valley DC
  • Rose Russet SC
  • Sky SC
  • Weathered Wood DC
  • Tea Stained SC
  • Safari SC
  • Silvery Moon SC
  • Rose Russet DC
  • Star Glow DC
  • Butter Pecan SC
  • Seashells DC
  • Butter Pecan DC
  • Pumpkin Spice DC
  • Powder Blue SC
  • Flan DC
  • Flan SC
  • Pumpkin Spice SC
  • Ice SC
  • Sky DC
  • Ice DC
Premier Light Filtering Cellulars 4.8 (912 Reviews)
Motorization Available
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  • Modern Light Filtering/Blackout TriShades
  • Modern Light Filtering/Blackout TriShades
  • Luxe Modern Light Filtering Cellulars
  • Luxe Modern Light Filtering Cellulars
  • Twilight Gray
  • Bubble
  • Warm Taupe
  • Linen Ivory
  • Light French Gray
  • Wood Ash
  • Aesthetic Ivory
  • Camellia White
  • Shell Tan
  • French Beret
  • Foggy Day
  • Riverway
  • Natural Ivory
  • Bungalow Beige
  • Warm Silk
  • Pavilion Beige
  • Desert Dune
  • Warm Brown
  • Dry Sage
  • Washed Lace
  • Suave Liliac
  • Wispy Rose
  • Repose Gray
  • Essential Gray
  • Tavern Taupe
  • Modern Honey
  • Manor Sage
  • Greige Tone
  • Fog
Luxe Modern Light Filtering Cellulars 4.9 (91 Reviews)
Motorization Available


Double Cell Honeycomb Construction

Why all the buzz about honeycomb shades? Also known as cellulars, these highly versatile products remain the most popular customer choice for covering windows here at SelectBlinds.com. Taking their cue from Mother Nature, the unique, namesake honeycomb construction of these DIY and designer-favorite window treatments is as functional as it is beautiful. Available in single-cell or double-cell, light-filtering and blackout fabrics, cellulars insulate your home from heat and cold and help you save money on power bills while softly diffusing or completely blocking out light.

Perfect for the trending minimalist look, honeycombs are a style standout on their own, or paired with drapery and other products to create unlimited designer-inspired looks throughout your home. Choose from soft-spun lace fabrics in a wide array of colors and patterns to add a touch of subtle texture and energy-efficient class to any space.

The Buzz about Honeycomb Construction

So what’s the difference between single and double cells, and which type of cellular blinds should you choose? Single- or double-cell construction has to do with the energy efficiency of the shade. Drafty windows are the biggest culprit when it comes to air leaks in most homes. While both single- and double-cell honeycomb blinds block harmful UV rays and provide insulation against heat and cold, double cells trap more air than a layer of single cells, making them more energy – and cost – efficient.

Select Blinds Lift-and-Lock System

Cordless Lift Style to Match Your Lifestyle

Sweeten your honeycomb/cellular products with a cordless lift system. Cordless window treatments are the safest choice for homes with young children and pets because there are no cords to get tangled up in. And they just look better. (Who wants to see cords pooled on the window sill or hanging to the floor?) At SelectBlinds.com, every cellular shade comes available with a free cordless lift system upgrade, or you can upgrade to a top down/bottom up, continuous cord loop, or motorized wand or remote-controlled system. Watch this quick video to decide which lift system best meets your needs.

Customized Cellular Options

Besides your choice of lift systems, cellular window fashions can be customized to fit any décor, with hundreds of colors and even patterns to choose from in light filtering or blackout fabrics. They make a great foundation for a custom layered look, too, when framed with curtains or drapes.

Size is an option, too. Both single- and double-cell honeycomb window treatments come in a variety of pleat sizes – 3/8” being the most popular – up to 2”-plus wide. That’s why they’re a great choice when covering windows of different dimensions in the same room or area, because you can easily create a sleek, unified look throughout the space. Cellulars with smaller pleats look more proportional in smaller windows (too many rows of small cells can look too busy in an oversized window). Larger pleats are actually lighter per square foot than smaller sizes, so they won’t sag, making them perfect for large sliding doors and wider windows.

Bored with traditional blinds and ready to create some design buzz of your own? Here’s how to measure for honeycomb shades to get started.

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