Alysa G. and Landy H. are Happy Customers!

Alysa G. chose Express Light Filtering Cordless Cellular Shades.

“We are very happy with our order. Everything was as we expected and we are delighted, as we were on another order we have done with you. We have recommended you, with only the best and highest quality. Will only use you for all our windows.”



Landy H. chose the @Home Collection Designer Screen Shades.

“I received them this week and installed today. They are discrete and give privacy as well.”

happy customer landy 1

happy customer landy 2

Carol H. and Mike B. are Happy Customers!

Carol H. chose Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades.




Mike B. chose Sonoma Light Filtering No-Holes Pleated Shades.

“I am delighted to say that I am very happy with my new Sonoma Light Filtering Pleated Shades. I replaced my ugly mini blinds (see photo of old blinds) with my new shades (see photo new blinds). I can lower them from top down to provide greater privacy, because every time my neighbor is out on his deck, he can look directly into my living room. Now I have marvelous looking shades that let in much, much more light than ever before, and better privacy. The shades are simply terrific! The room is aglow with wonderful light compared to the old mini blinds that I inherited from the prior owner of my town house.”





Troy M. and Hayley S. are Happy Customers!

Troy M. chose the 2″ Express Faux Wood Blinds.

“…I’m writing today to inform you all how pleased my wife and I are at the quality, functionality and beauty of our blinds ordered from your website! We loved them so much that we’re offering again in the near future to install additional blinds for other windows in our home. Family and friends cannot believe how well they turned out and as a first time blinds installer I found the product very easy and quick to install!”







Hayley S. chose 2″ Designer Faux Wood Blinds.

“Lovely and easy to install! My husband installed 10 sets of 2″ faux wood blinds in oyster by himself while I was at church one evening. Came home to this beautiful dining room!”



Kimberlyn T. and Sherrie G. are Happy Customers!

Kimberlyn T. chose the 3 1/2″ Premium Smooth Vertical Blinds.

“I am EXTREMELY pleased with my vertical blinds. They look fantastic in my bay window, plus the cats no longer destroy my blinds by trying to get to the window.”



Sherrie G. chose the @Home Collection 3/4″ Single Cell Light Filtering Shades and the Select Double Cell Blackout Shades for her client’s home.

“I love my designer program with Select, and getting to talk with Ethan and Al! Both have helped me so much with my projects! They are so knowledgable, friendly, and helpful…don’t know how I would order all that I do without that support! Below find a remodel project before and after. The top down bottom ups are in the whole room, including the eat-in. I also designed the draperies from Select, with great help from both Ethan and Al! They are gorgeous! Everyone comments! The last pic is the same client’s bedroom, which has blackout top down bottom up plus blackout draperies. Again, beautiful! Thank you, Select Blinds! Love, love working with this team!”

happy customer sherrie g 1

happy customer sherrie g 2

happy customer sherrie g 3

happy customer sherrie g 4

happy customer sherrie g 5

Bonnie M. and Meryl A. are Happy Customers!

Bonnie M. chose the 1″ Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds.


Meryl A. chose the Express Light Filtering Cordless Cellular Shades.

“I love my new blinds, the Express Light Filtering Cordless Cellular Shades. The basil color was just what I wanted and really made my living room pop! Even the clown on the couch thought they enhanced the room. It took me a long time to find for just what I was looking, but these fit the bill perfectly.”