From the CEO – Our 3-Part Promise


Hi, I’m Al Silverberg, the CEO of Select Blinds. I’m actually one of the owners, too. Rick Steele, the founder of the company, and I are partners in the business, and we want to share some of the things that we view as important. We can really boil it down to three main thoughts, our 3-part promise.

1 – The Experience


This is everything about your visit to our site. Shopping for window coverings isn’t an everyday occurrence, but even so, we believe that buying window blinds from Select Blinds should be easy, helpful, and enjoyable. We make it easy by providing information in the right places. For example: information on how to measure for your blinds or shades and how to install them can all be found where you’d expect them to be. If you’re on a product page, there is a tab for measure and install that provides generic information for blinds, and then there is the specific instructions for the exact product that you are considering for your home.

From any page, you can access this information from the drop down menu at the top, called “How To”.


We are helpful by doing more than just publishing this information. We provide videos as well, but sometimes you just want to confirm that what you are doing is the right thing. We can help you. Using our contact manager will send us your question via email, so we can then respond to you directly. We also have live chat available, and we have our own Phoenix-based customer care team, available to you during extended hours. After all, we know that this is something that most people prefer to do from their home and not their place of work. Enjoyable is a relative term. We know that this is not necessarily the most fun thing you can spend your valuable time on, but we do our best to think about our site in the same manner in which you do. We respect your time, and hope that it comes across in our way of doing business.

2 – The Assortment


Each window is unique. Not in the makeup of the glass and frame, but in the role it plays in your home. And being unique requires that the window covering is the perfect fit for its unique role. That’s why we have more than one-hundred products. Our assortment is broad enough to cover any requirement. There are sites with more and sites with fewer options, but not a single other site offers more of the right assortment. By January of 2017, we will be offering only products that are cord-free. This is for aesthetic and safety reasons. Aesthetically, who wants cords dangling on the window sill or pooling on the floor? Nobody! And safety, because there are no cords for small children or pets to get tangled up in.

3 – The Price

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Fair. That’s right, fair. Our products are of the highest quality, configured with upgrades and offered with options, and at better pricing than most. You might find cheaper, but you won’t find a better value.

Once again, I’m the CEO. Don’t just take my word for it. Do your research. You’ll find that nearly a quarter of a million customers have independently reviewed our experience, assortment, and price. And they back me up. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Trent P. and Rhonda are Happy Customers!

Today we’re featuring two of our happy, satisfied customers – Trent P. and Rhonda. They both chose Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades. What do you think of their new window coverings?

Trent P.



happy customer rhonda 1

happy customer rhonda 2


Have you ordered custom window coverings from If so, we’d love to see photos of your new window coverings in your home. To learn more about our Happy Customer Program, please visit this page:

Leanne G. is a Happy Customer

“Thank you for your excellent customer service and superior product! We had a very stressful, last minute move, and my patience was at its upper limit, but we desperately needed custom blinds for our new beautiful bay windows. I found Select Blinds and one other vendor and ordered samples from both. My samples from Select Blinds arrived the next day, accompanied by additional information about the cellular light filtering/light blocking blinds I was interested in. I brought them home and we decided on the ivory/beige colorway very quickly.

“Before placing the order, I watched the helpful measuring tutorial, and remeasured our 5 bay windows. The measurements did change slightly so I’m very glad I didn’t skip this step! I ordered our custom blinds on May 5th, they shipped on May 11th, and we received them on May 15th (4 days earlier than the estimated arrival date).

“We watched the installation video and had all 5 [window coverings] up in about 35 minutes. They fit perfectly, look great, and the entire experience exceeded expectations. I love that these blinds are cordless and offer many options in one shade – full blackout, full light filtering, half blackout, half light filtering. We could not be more pleased.

“The samples I ordered from a competitor did not arrive until after we had already received our blinds, and they were ‘packaged’ in a handwritten crumpled envelope. It’s also worth noting these samples turned out to be identical to our blinds but priced nearly 40% more. Thank you, Select Blinds, for providing a high quality custom product at an affordable price point.”

Leanne G. ordered the Light Filtering/Blackout Cordless Shades.