The Right Time for Picking Blinds


Sometimes the room just looks old, and you know it. There is a need to redecorate, renovate, upgrade, or refresh that room.

Which room?

Any room. Every room.

The bedroom could be in need of a new blanket, bedspread, or crisp new sheets. Or it could be none of those items. It might be something that you just can’t quite put your finger on.

The family room could be the one that sets you off on taking action to redecorate. It is the family room, after all, and this is a room to be taken very seriously, especially if it is treated in the way that lets you call it the family room – without any caveats.

Or the kitchen might be the attention-required room. This is the most difficult room to pin down. There are so many things that can make a huge impact on the room and make it seem like you did a whole new kitchen makeover. New place settings, new paint, new wallpaper, upgraded appliances. And the number one way to significantly transform the look and feel of any room in your house is new window blinds.

There is more than one way to look at anything. Generally speaking, are you wondering what the best timing is for choosing new window treatments? There is a school of thought that says, go ahead and pick new window coverings and get them installed, and then decide if it is necessary to look at further updates. This can be said for the simple reason that fabrics, colors, materials, lift systems, and UV protection blinds have progressed tremendously in recent years.

Lift cords are on the road to extinction. Cordless lift from the bottom up and from the top down is now a reality. In fact, has transitioned to a cordless window covering site, period. There are safety reasons for eliminating the lift cords. They can act like a noose, and they manage to kill an average of one kid a month, and this is with the measures in place as dictated by the CPSC. And they are just plain unsightly.

Have you had guests over to your home, and you’ve managed to work this kind of comment into the conversation? “Hey, Bill. We just got new blinds. Man, you gotta see the way these lift cords pool on the floor in such a neat pattern.”

Of course not! But I can tell you that I have had people over to my house and have indeed said things like:

“Hey, Lee. You gotta see these new shades that we are bringing in for 2016. First of all, they’re cellular, and we are the online leader of selling cordless window shades. We shipped 83% of our cellular window coverings in a cordless lift in 2015. We have increased that in 2016.

“They look great, they are easy to install, and measuring is pretty cut and dry. Plus, they will help with the insulation factor of your house. And you’re buying from the most reviewed and recommended blind company on the web.”

So with all that said, you might find that after the relatively minor expense of the window treatment renovation, you need do nothing else.

Roman Shade Patterns that Will Make Your Drool

Cordless roman shades are the perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern usability. But what we love most of all are the available patterns. They are an easy way to add visual interest and subtle-to-dramatic style to every room in your home. Here are just a few of our favorite. Keep in mind that we have hundreds of pattern, color, and fabric options, so it just makes it that much easier to find the perfect fit.

pattern 1

pattern 2

pattern 3

pattern 4

pattern 5

pattern 6

pattern 7

pattern 8

pattern 9

Which one was your favorite?

Amy S. – First Project Cordless Winner

Congratulations to Amy S. from Tennessee! She’s our first nominee chosen for Project Cordless, and she will receive free cordless window coverings for her entire home!

Her story caught our attention and reminded us why we started this program in the first place. Here’s a small portion of her story:

A video posted by @bella_a2013 on


“I have debated sharing this because my mommy guilt is as high as it can be on this one and I am going through the “if onlys” and “what ifs” just fine without any help. But I feel like this is a cautionary tale that needs repeated. “When we moved into our house I immediately cut all the cords on the blinds short so my young children could not reach them. Yesterday, my husband and I decided it was time to replace our torn screens. We pulled our blinds all the way to the top, leaving the cords long. FAIL. My four-year-old son was jumping on and off the ottoman that is in front of the window.

“When we moved into our house I immediately cut all the cords on the blinds short so my young children could not reach them. Yesterday, my husband and I decided it was time to replace our torn screens. We pulled our blinds all the way to the top, leaving the cords long. FAIL. My four-year-old son was jumping on and off the ottoman that is in front of the window.

amy 1

“During that time the cord got wrapped around his neck and when he jumped off it strangled him. I was there in the room; I saw it happen and couldn’t get to him in time. He’s fine, but it could’ve been worse.”

amy 2

What’s even scarier is that her blinds had breakaway tassels, which are marketed as a child-safe option. They get so tangled that they didn’t work when she needed it the most. Thankfully, Amy was in the room and helped her child, but what if she wasn’t? The only true safe option is cordless.

If you’d like to nominate someone for Project Cordless, please visit this page:

Inspiring Decorator – Jade Bennett – Finders Keepers Blog



Jade Bennett from the Finders Keepers blog is all about style. Her style is definitely eclectic, but it has a whimsical side to it, too. However she defines her style, one thing’s for sure – it makes you feel good. Simple as that. Here’s a little bit more about her and her design inspiration.


1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?


I was inspired to be an interior designer at a very young age, by my mother. I grew up in a home that was always changing and always beautiful. I remember coming home from school and my mom would have rearranged my room while I was gone – new pillows and my bed in a new place. I loved it! She was so creative and would let me help her change things around the house. We would shop together and decorate together. I knew I wanted to go to school and be an interior designer when I grew up.

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?



This one is so hard for me because I LOVE all the styles! If I could live in a clean mid-century modern house, I would, but I believe the home you live in usually calls for its own kind of style. My home and style at the moment would best be described as English cottage. I love an eclectic mix of things that create a warm and super cozy space. With three littles running around and often leaving messes as they go, this style maintains its beauty regardless of the chaos around it.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?


Seeing as how my current house is a rental space, my project list was minimal. We did, however, add some wainscoting in the kitchen behind one of our farm tables and I loved it! We are currently buying a little fixer-upper where I have BIG plans for projects and moving walls around!

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?


I just love gallery walls! They are the perfect way to add warmth and dimension to any space. Plus, they are a great way to display all the little pieces of art or mirrors I have collected from my travels. I love them in modern spaces or really eclectic spaces alike. See mine here.


Inspiring Decorator – Kelley Nan – The KelleyNan Blog


What we love most about the Kelley Nan blog – do we really have to pick just one!? – is her southern style. But we also love her tablescapes. They’re gorgeous, and we love her creativity. Here’s a little more about Kelley’s journey.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved making my spaces “pretty.” I was never an artist or musician, so rearranging my room and changing up my color schemes was my form of artistic expression. Even when I was working in college, I would take my earnings and put them toward new bedding and accessories on a regular basis. I have always been resourceful and put what I already had to use.

When we built our home in early 2015, I finally had the blank canvas I had always wanted. As I worked on rooms, I started documenting our progress via Instagram. I had no idea that strangers would be interested in my home and hearing what I had to say…but they were. I decided to take my little blog journal and transform it into a place where I style, host, and design, in hopes that I could inspire others to tap into their creativity, regardless of budget and personal style, and to make their homes a place they truly love. After a year, my Instagram account has grown to over 90,000 and my blog is gaining traction. I wouldn’t trade the connections I have made on this journey for anything.

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?


I grew up in the south and my grandmother was a true lady; her class shone through how she decorated and maintained her home, and it was a huge influence on what I always aspired to have. I appreciate and admire many styles, but the one I am most drawn to is a bit transitional. I like a lot of classic tradition with a little modern flare. I mix a lot of different styles in our home, but I think bringing together an eclectic mix makes for a more collected look.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?


This is a tough one. Because we haven’t been in our home that long, we still have rooms that haven’t been finished. We still have rooms we haven’t touched! So, I kind of look at our home as one big ongoing project. I am always working on it and making plans, moving from room to room. Some of my favorite projects are the themed tablescapes I create. You can find some of those HERE. I also just finished my white guest retreat, so I am still loving the clean, bright transition. You can see that reveal HERE.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?


Like many decor enthusiasts, I am all about white kitchens, aged brass, and tufted everything. As I mentioned before, because I always try to build on what I already have, I try to keep my larger pieces more neutral and classic, and keep the trends to accessories and art. My neutral base has lended itself well through my ever-changing style (and mind). Right now in my home, I am loving mixed metals. I have a gallery wall of silver and gold sunburst mirrors – will that stay forever? No. But this is one easy-to-update trend that feels fresh and fun. You can check out the gallery wall in my formal living room HERE.

Paula B. is a Happy Customer!

Paula B. chose the Classic Stripes Light Filtering Roman Shades and the Prints and Floral Light Filtering Roman Shades.

happy customer paula b 1

happy customer paula b 2

Are you a happy customer? It could win you a $250 gift card. It’s almost time to choose a winner for this round of submission, but it’s not too late. Submit your photos and your comments now! Learn more about the program here:

Inspiring Decorator – Mollie Openshaw – Design Loves Detail


Mollie and her blog, Design Loves Detail, are simply adorable! Her style is flawless, and she dreams in floor plans! How incredible is that? Here’s a little bit more about Mollie Openshaw.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?



When I was about 12 years old, I started really visualizing spaces. I was very into art and created a perspective drawing of my room. The style for the space was a vision that just kind of came to life in my mind, and I had to get it all down on paper so I could make it a reality. My mom even let me paint flowers on the walls! That’s when I first realized that interior design was in my DNA. I continued to develop art talents through high school, and my mom let me decorate our house. I went to college for interior design and after a year or two, my dad called me one day to say that he thought it wasn’t the most practical career choice if you’re not going to live in a metropolitan area. I realize now that my cute dad was hoping I wouldn’t move far away to a big city, haha. Heeding his advice, I actually switched my major but continued taking design and art courses on the side. After graduating college, I ended up starting a graphic design company and loved it, but still found myself being drawn to interiors. I always had some form of interior design project going on for myself and/or others and came to realize it was my calling and true passion in life. A few years ago, I made a commitment to run at my dream with everything I have, and I’ve been designing interiors for clients full-time ever since and love it. And I didn’t even have to move from my home state of Utah. :)

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?



Sometimes that’s hard to put into words! But overall, I’d say contemporary coastal eclectic. I am a lover of bright, airy spaces full of natural light. I love pure white and fresh color equally and play with both in my designs. I love blending styles together for a unique mix. I also love incorporating mid-century modern and vintage pieces just to add a “collected” feel to a space. I try to use at least one vintage or antique item in each space I design. I love the history, comfort, and “worn-in” look that it lends to a new room. I also love using elements from nature.

There’s just something about wood grain, stone, plants, etc. I think we as humans connect with those kind of raw elements from nature, and bringing them indoors feels natural and kind of zen.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?



Back in 2013 I had a dream of a floor plan. I woke up and drew it all out on paper. Within a year from that time, we had sold our first home, found a piece of land, and built the home that I had dreamed up. Definitely my favorite project because my husband and I worked together to create a completely unique vision all our own, and now we get to live in it! My brother-in-law was the general contractor for the project, my husband did finish work, like tile, finish carpentry, etc., and I designed everything.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?


I love global/vintage textiles right now. Great texture, patterns, and that vintage feel I was describing. That’s also why I’m loving the natural texture roman shades from Raw, natural elements are some of my favorite to work with!


Photo Credit – Jessie Alexis Photography and Travis J Photography