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Sometimes vertical louvers can become out of alignment on your vertical blinds, a situation that causes the louvers to not close properly. When this happens, it is very simple to realign the louvers.

  1. Take hold of the chain and pull to turn louvers to a closed position. By being out of alignment, some louvers will not seem to close as tightly as others. That's okay, you are getting ready to remedy this.
  2. Pull louvers to a closed position until the chain stops. Give the chain a good steady tug. It will sound as if you are stripping the gears.
  3. Pull the chain to turn the louvers in the opposite direction and repeat the act of giving the chain a good steady tug. Again it will sound as the gears are being stripped.

The louvers are now aligned and the blinds will close properly.

If at any time the blind louvers become unaligned, you may repeat the process.

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