Panel Tracks

Get your window design on track with trendsetting custom panel track shades. Simply choose the number of wide vertical panels you need to make a stunning statement for sliding doors, as well as for large windows.
Versatile, easy glide, wide coverage.
Versatile, easy glide, wide coverage.
Panel Track Customer Review
Oh my goodness, there aren't enough words! Great value for the price and SO easy to put up! No more neighbors looking in my window! At night it even looks like we aren't home!
"Great value for the price and SO easy to put up!"
– Katrina D.
  • Refined Blackout Panel Track
  • Refined Blackout Panel Track
  • Creme Brulee
  • Laguna Blue
  • Smooth Stone
  • Light Drizzle
  • Compass Blue
  • Mesa Gray
  • Snowdrop
  • Petunia White
  • Mystic Light
  • Vanilla Paste
  • Balsa
  • Grizzly Gray
  • Seal Gray
  • Intercoastal Gray
  • Space Blue
  • Delicate White
  • Feather White
  • Iron Mountain
  • Grease
  • Barista
  • Cliff Rock
  • Light Truffle
New Refined Blackout Panel Track
  • Nomad Solar Panel Track
  • Nomad Solar Panel Track
  • Metallic Ash
  • Paper White
  • Artemisia
  • Misty Lace
  • English Ivy
  • Copper Leaf
  • Pine Cone
  • Black Petunia
  • Metallic Ivory
  • Metallic Opal
  • Metallic Beige
  • Metallic Gray
  • Metallic Onyx
  • Frost Stitch
  • Khaki Stitch
  • Dove Stitch
  • Iron Stitch
  • Obsidian Stitch
Nomad Solar Panel Track 3.5 (2 Reviews)
  • White Embossed Panel Tracks
  • White Embossed Panel Tracks
  • White Dots
  • White Halos
  • White Crackle
  • White Chevron
  • White Posy
  • White Aztec
  • White Branches
  • White Vintage
  • White Victorian
White Embossed Panel Tracks


Inspired by Japanese shoji screens, panel tracks give your home a soft, finished look, similar to curtains, but with the functionality of a full window shade. Panel tracks also an excellent alternative to vertical blinds, available in various materials and fabrics, and are very easy to maintain. The versatile smooth stacking panels are perfect for sliding doors, large patio doors, and wide windows. Panels are kid-friendly, too. Another advantage: panel tracks can also serve as the perfect way to conserve space, as room dividers. They can also deftly keep shelving/storage from you, add privacy to smaller sections of open spaces, and even serve as stylish sliding closet doors. Panel tracks are an ingenious solution to many design and space problems you might encounter.

When it comes to extra wide windows and sliding glass doors, there is no better treatment than panel track blinds to effectively provide adequate coverage for large square footage. Panels are also wonderful for providing all the privacy you need, and they’re easy to operate.


Draw Types – As smoothly as you can imagine, you can take advantage of the track system the panels are mounted on, and easily open and close the panels in the direction and style that meets your needs. Your panel tracks stack nicely and neatly behind one another to offer you the ability to stack them to the right, left, or in a more fluid “free flow” stack.

Materials – You’ll find there are several designer colors, textures, and subtle patterns of fabric to choose from to help you get just the right look and feel for your windows. That’s one of the things that makes panel tracks such a fun and unique way to cover your large windows and patio/sliding glass doors. You can select whatever type of opacity you care for to filter light in, block more light out, and protect your privacy while at home. 

Room Dividing – Panel tracks don’t just do an amazing job providing coverage for your windows and doors. They also give you the capability to creatively divide up a space. One way to divide up a room is to install a ceiling mount track system so you can hang your panel track permanently or whenever you might need it. Panel tracks are also a clever way to provide a sliding door or doors for a closet.

Light Control – Sliding doors and wide windows can let a lot of light in. Consider using a light-filtering, room darkening, or blackout panel track product on them to help protect furnishings from fading and to give you more privacy. More light control can also help reduce energy costs.

Custom Sizing – Select your panel track product and enter the width of the window or door you’d like to cover, then customize the amount of panels you prefer (individual panels have size restrictions - you’ll see options for the number of panels available based on the overall window or door width on the respective product page). Since every window or door is different, we offer panel tracks in standard sizes to extra wide widths up to 216”. This is the widest window coverage provided by any of our products.  

Ready to update your patio doors and large windows with more modern, custom panel tracks? Check out our buying guide for large windows and these helpful measuring instructions to see how easy they are to order here on!

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