Eco Friendly, and 'Green,' are More Than Just Buzz Words at Select Blinds Menu takes the green and eco friendly matter seriously. And we take energy efficiency, which will save you money, just as seriously. Summer is almost over, and even though the A/C bill will be shrinking, the heating bill will take over almost immediately. Window blinds and window shades are, generally speaking, eco friendly, as any window blind or window shade will provide some measure of energy efficiency. And by being energy efficient, you join the green team, and contribute to the eco friendly community by reducing your use of gas or electricity.

A few examples of products that will do this for you are:

  • SelectFusion shades are among our newest eco friendly shades. These elegant, unique window shades are a combination of a beautiful drapery style material that cascades over an energy saving cellular shade. The fabric panels face the room, and the cellular shade faces the outside. They are raised and lowered as one, with the cellular shade collapsing up, and the fabric panels folding up, in perfect unison. The SelectFusion shades are available in 3 styles.
  • Sheer Weave roller shades, whether in the 3000 series or the 5000 series, block UV rays, with the 5000 series of roller shades blocking an impressive 95% of these harmful UV rays. These sun control shades also do a very good job of reducing the heat that seeps through your windows. Reducing your energy bill is good for the environment, with the obvious added benefit of reducing your utility bills.
  • Save a tree, buy a faux wood blind. Real wood blinds are popular because they really add a touch of class to any room. Real wood blinds come from trees, but if you are a tree hugger, and I use that term with the utmost respect, you are not likely to buy a real wood blind. You can still have a horizontal window blind with the look and feel of real wood, by putting a faux wood blind in your home. Faux wood blinds are eco friendly because they, like all window blinds, add an element of energy efficiency to your home, and they are eco friendly because they do not require real wood to make them.
  • Earth Art shades are more energy efficient than a horizontal blind, and are constructed of natural grasses and tender reeds. These shades, which are available as either a traditional roller shade, or a woven wood shade that folds up like a Roman shade, filter harmful UV rays, greatly improving the energy efficiency of your home. The woven wood shade version can also be ordered with an optional liner, adding an even greater level of protection from the elements.

Going green with sun control window shades and window blinds is good for the environment, it's good for your wallet, and it's good for the preservation of your home décor. Window blinds and window shades block harmful UV rays, which improve energy efficiency, plus there is the added benefit of keeping those harmful rays from fading and discoloring the material of your furniture, carpets, and rugs. SelectBlinds, where our window covering solutions can actually pay for themselves by saving you money!


Headquartered in Gilbert, AZ, is focused on providing a tremendous variety of blinds, shades and other windows treatments to its customers. Select Blinds offers competitive pricing, security and convenience online shopping, live assistance, customer satisfaction guarantees and strong warranty programs on all of its products.

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