Lynn D. Is a Happy Customer!

“I’m very pleased with the support in the ordering process and the follow-up questions I had. Easy to install, and I just added a little molding across the lower sill. Thanks for your help, Amber.”

Love how our Perfect Sunset Faux Wood Arch makes a crowning touch in lieu of a headboard here, Lynn. Thanks for the photos!

Inspiring Decorator Summer Heath

Summer Heath
No matter what the season, Summer is definitely one of our favorite new decorators! It takes a certain joie de vie to transform a vanilla new build into a home full of character, warmth and personality. If you follow her on IG @heathsinmaine , you can see how this French-inspired mother of two toddlers is absolutely rockin’ it. Vive la palette blanche avec des accents de bois! 

1.  What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

My soul. My eyes. My brain. They are just made happy and at ease when fixed on beauty. Whether it’s a mountain view, a beach sunset, an art gallery filled with creativity, or a beautifully designed kitchen. My journey, as far as interior design goes, began in my preteens, free of outside influence, days when my mom gave me the green light to make my bedroom “my own”. I’d crank up the top 10 hits station and organize and redecorate monthly.

Every home I’ve been in since, I’m unable to contain the drive to enhance the aesthetics and function. Even now, without thinking, I study the carpentry, design and workmanship in every building I enter. Whether I’m taking ideas I love or revamping the space in my head, it’s my happy place and something that just happens naturally.

Summer Heath choose joy

2.  How would you describe your design aesthetic?

You mean my design aesthetic this year? Haha. I have had to learn discipline when styling a space. I’m a lover of ALL things design and literally ALL different design styles. So in the beginning, I would mix and match styles making everything eclectic. I’ve enjoyed learning how to pin down a specific style and create boundaries when designing a space.

I would definitely describe my current favorite design aesthetic as French modern. The tufting. The classic wall treatments. The shine of a white tile and the straight clean lines along with a minimal pattern that makes subtle statements. At this time in my life (with a two and three year old) the “clean” feeling of modern design brings a sense of serenity and control to balance out the beautiful mess that the season of energetic toddlers bring.

3.  What was your favorite project(s)? Why?

My favorite project as of late is absolutely our stairwell wall. Our new build came very standard and basic as a blank canvas, so my husband (and DIY partner in crime) and I have been having a lot of fun adding character. I chose to do picture frame molding from stair to ceiling and a semi gloss white paint to match the rest of the trim and casing in our home. It gave the space such a modern French/Victorian feel that just brings me joy and the house, so much character and comfort. Absolutely a top bang-for-your-buck idea that any home improvement budget can handle. We loved it so much, we decided to do a bedroom accent wall and chair rail with the same treatment.

Summer Heath stairwell wall

We’re thrilled Summer chose our Designer Series Woven Woods in Antigua Natural for a natural wood accent to her stunning stairwell wall.

4.  What’s your favorite trend right now?

I don’t tend to follow trends. They move too quickly. I will say, I’ve noticed the “white” theme seems to be very popular, and I hope it’s here to stay. During my 20’s I always leaned toward white-everything. Decor, vehicles, you name it. I fought it for awhile, telling myself it wasn’t practical and even boring, but the popularity of the white design “trend” now has allowed me to embrace those tendencies to choose white and freed me to just do what I love. So regardless of the life of the trend, white will always be a part of my style. Long live the white pallet with wood accents!

Summer Heath kitchen

5.  Apart from designing/decorating, what is one hobby or interest that you can’t live without?

This is a great question, because I believe the answer comes back full circle. I wouldn’t make it in a world without bicycles, oars, hiking trails and beach days. As I mentioned in the first question, nature inspires me. Sight-seeing on a bike ride, rowing on any body of water in any form, hiking steep trails and burying little baby feet in the sand on a warm summer day gives me life. Creation in all of its glory.

too legit to quit sign

Happy Customer Photo Winner

solarium with wood shutters

Friday the 13th is Ed B.’s lucky day! Congratulations, Ed! Thanks for the photos of your gorgeous Designer Wood Shutters. You’ll be receiving your $250 gift card soon!

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Wirecutter Picks Best of the Blackout Shades

Select Blinds Signature Cordless Blackout Shade from

In the dark about picking the best blackout shade? Wirecutter sheds some serious light on that question in a new guide published earlier this week.

Curators and creators of “best of” lists for everyday items people shop for, Wirecutter journalists spent 25 hours on research, interviewed five industry experts and tested 12 models to find the best blackout blind for you. Their conclusion? (Drum roll, please.) Our very own Select Blinds Signature Cordless Blackout Shade!

Select Blinds Signature Cordless Blackout Shade from

“We like cellular shades because they look good, effectively block light, and are easy to install. Our panel unanimously agreed that the Select Blinds Signature Cordless Blackout Shade is the one they’d most like in their homes,” writes Wirecutter’s Jack Smith. “The polyester shade looks and feels noticeably better in quality than other shades we considered. Among the shades we tested, it has one of the widest selections of sizes and colors, and it’s covered by a three-year warranty, the longest of any model we considered.

“If you’re interested in a version of our pick that offers additional insulation and durability, you might consider getting the Select Double Cell Blackout Shade. And if you’re looking for a shade that combines traditional and blackout shade functionality, consider the top-down bottom-up Premium Light Filtering/Blackout Cordless Shade.”

Read Wirecutter’s complete guide here. If you need any more help in choosing a room darkening or blackout shade, check out our own Buying Guides for bedroom and home theater window coverings.

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Cameron M. Is a Happy Customer!

“Hello! My name is Cameron M., and I ordered a couple different blinds. I ordered the  Signature 2″ Faux Wood blinds [in Porcelain] along with some Signature 1″ Essential Aluminum blinds [in Pure White] and we couldn’t be happier with how they look in our new house! If we won a $250 gift card, we would be ecstatic and put it towards our wedding coming up in September! Thank you guys for the amazing blinds!”

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Joan N. Is a Happy Customer!

“Hi! Here are before and after photos of the cellular shades installed in my dining room windows. What a wonderful difference!  Lovely diffused light in the room and much better for the finish on my old oak table. Please enter me in your contest (so I can buy MORE shades!) Thanks so much!”

dining room window


Signature Express Light Filtering Cellular Shades


Wow! We sure do love great “before & after” pics (and that gorgeous table!!!) like these, Joan; thanks! You’re definitely in the drawing! Join Joan in our Happy Customers Program for your chance to win a $250 gift card so you can buy beautiful light filtering cordless cellular shades like these, too.  Just send your photos, along with your full name, order number and the product(s) you ordered, to

Stress-free Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where that dust rag is?

To many, the rites of spring mean spring cleaning. Time to refresh, renew, clean up and clear out unwanted clutter. Before you spring into action and start tackling more traditional jobs like de-greasing the oven hood and cleaning your windows and window treatments, check out some of these Zen-sational tips you won’t need rubber gloves for.

Get rid of negative energy. Cleanse your home with the power of positivity. Burn some incense (Nag champa is best used in a clean home to create a calm and serene atmosphere for meditation), smudge some sage, hang a new mirror, give rooms  a spritz of orange essential oil, put salt in corners and paint a wall yellow. These are just a few tips on how to banish negative energy and start spring with a clean slate.


According to interior designer Ana Zuravliova, yellow neutralizes bad energy. “From an interior design viewpoint, this color will also make your space appear bigger and add a warm tone to a room,” she says. For tips on cleaning blinds like our 1″ Premium Aluminum minis (shown here), check out our Tech Tips page.

Air it out. In addition to green products to clean every surface in your home, go green to clean the air in it with live plants. This season’s popular Peace Lily, for instance,

Peace Lily plant

naturally filters toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, tri-chloroethylene (TCE), xylene, toluene and ammonia — which can cause headaches, respiratory problems and an increased risk of cancer — from indoor air. Place a few in the bathroom to reduce mold growth and remove airborne mold, the filthy harbingers of allergies and asthma symptoms. We found five other air-cleaning plants that basically do your spring cleaning for you in the upcoming Houseplants for a Healthy Home by Jon VanZile (available from Simon and Schuster).  Here’s an excerpt from Elle Decor.

Declutter for fun & profit. The spring cleaning ritual is a great time to purge and line your pockets with a little extra cash. Cleaning out closets, drawers, attics and  garages can uncover untold treasures you can sell using a variety of apps (forget that yard sale!). Unused clothing, jewelry, childrens items, sporting equipment, even outdated electronics, CDs and DVDs, can be salvaged and sold so you have less stuff in the house and more coin in the cookie jar. Check out this article on How to make money off the treasures you find during spring cleaning to see what yours might be worth.

Sara Jessica Parker in closet

Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City 2.” Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection

Do you have any favorite spring cleaning tips to share? Leave them in the Comments here on The Blind Spot.