Living Room Window Treatments Worth Gathering For


Holidays can be joyful times, and also emotional roller coasters, but there is one familiar commonality that can make each holiday rich, meaningful, and enjoyable: gathering with family and friends. Get-togethers are among the things that people look forward to the most with each approaching holiday. What better place to flop onto the couch for long, late-night conversations and to catch up than in the living room? 

If you are getting together with guests in your home, as host or hostess, you might want everything to be just perfect. With that in mind, think of what mood you want to instill — lighting and privacy are everything. 

You should be able to keep your get-togethers comfortably private, while being able to let in as much light as you need to set the tone just right. That means quality living room window treatments because nothing makes a room feel more empty and impersonal than bare windows. So, treat your living room windows with the right window treatments. Plus, you can add that last personal, finishing touch to complement and accent the unique way you design your interior.

Whatever your unique décor needs, you’ll find many living room blinds and shades that are not only functional, but also fashionable. Following are some benefits and considerations of adorning the windows of this key gathering place where you get comfortable, relax, listen to music, watch your favorite holiday movies and shows, and get together with the important people in your life.

Which Window Treatments Are Best for the Living Room?

Start by taking into account what your priorities are in regard to entertaining: Comfort? A warmer, more natural feel? Maximum light control? Modern interior style? 

Here are a few options for maximizing the holiday socializing experience for you and your guests:

The Classic, Natural Richness and Warmth of Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds are a popular choice for living room windows because of how well they work with just about any décor, whether traditional or modern. Whether constructed in softer or hard wood, wood blinds offer a warm, earthy, cozy dimension to any holiday gathering. In addition, there is a vast selection of finishes, embellishments, slat sizes, etc. to help you customize your living room’s style and complement other decorative elements within the space.

Louvered Shutters: Traditional, Yet Contemporary

For covering your living room windows for holiday gatherings, you might first think of blinds, shades, or curtains (or some layered combination of the above), but never underestimate the classic, warm elegance that louvered shutters can bring to your interior. As a bonus, all year long, interior window shutters can provide a significant degree of energy-efficiency. The louvers are built to insulate against heat and cold, whether winter, fall, summer, or spring. Stay cozy with your guests in your living room, no matter what the occasion!

Zebra (Dual) Shades: Unique and Modern

A Zebra, or dual shade is a popular window treatment choice for homeowners wanting a private and simple way of living. Zebra shades also offer a stylish, one-of-a-kind, modern appeal. These shades layer beautiful light-filtering sheer fabrics alternating horizontally with a solid opaque fabric to create a streamlined look, offer flexibility of use, and to complement your décor in just about any room. Imagine a functional pairing of reliable roller shades and traditional horizontal blinds.

Zebras provide maximum light blockage, and can be opened up to a shuttered view with the twist of a wand or touch of a button. They bring a modern flair to your living room, and make a stylish backdrop for any holiday gathering. Zebras are available in a wide selection of styles, textures, and colors.

What Kind of Look and Feel Do You Want in Your Gathering Space?


Impactful elegance and versatility are hallmark features of traditional wood blinds and louvered shutters. The classic design and reliability of wood also features a natural, earth-friendly warmth that makes getting together for holidays an event to never be forgotten. 

See some suggestions below, along with brief descriptions of our product classes, to help you know what you can expect.

Wood Blinds:

Signature Class (featuring thoughtful designs in trendy, affordable styles and durable materials)

Premium Class (featuring lasting designs in timeless styles and high-quality materials)


Premium Class

Luxury Class (featuring superior design in distinct styles, quality-crafted with unique materials)

Modern & Contemporary

For a more modern alternative to classic blinds, shutters, and shades, you want to go with Zebra shades to add dimension and texture to your windows with easy privacy and incoming light management in your living room for all your holiday get-togethers, daytime or night. We’ve got just the Zebra blinds for any budget.

Dual (Zebra) Shades:

Essential Class (featuring simple designs in familiar styles, constructed from materials known for strength and easy cleaning)

Premier Class

So, no matter how much you entertain or host holiday gatherings, you can find just the right window coverings for creating memorable moods and experiences, any time of the year.

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Two Great Ways To Shade: Exterior Window Shutters Vs. Solar Shades


When we think about controlling the level of sunlight in a room, the action of pulling a curtain or twisting a wand most likely comes to mind. But as experts in the field, we’re here to highlight the other side of window coverings: those that shade from the outside in.

Outside window treatments add form and function to the facade of your home. Two of the most prominent outdoor options are exterior window shutters and solar shades. Both shelter from the sun and rain, and block light, but each is distinctly different in design.

What Are Exterior Window Shutters?

These external window covers offer relief from the sun and shelter from the rain, while simultaneously accenting the architectural splendor of your home. They attach to the trim around the window casing and swing open courtesy of hinged brackets. When open, the shutters remain in place by a pivoting metal tieback, also called a “shutter dog,” a hook, or a catch. 

Are There Different Styles?

There are five types of exterior shutters: louvered, raised panel, flat panel, board & batten, and Bahama & Bermuda. As a sixth, Scandinavian shutters are rising in popularity.


These traditional shutters have angled horizontal slats that allow light and air to pass through, and are what most people probably think of when they picture “shutters”.

Raised Panel:

This style of shutters resembles the look of doors or kitchen cabinets. 

Board & Batten:

Featuring one to four boards held together by a cross panel (battens), either placed horizontally or at an angle, these shutters are favored for their Old World simplicity. 

Bahama & Bermuda: 

With a coastal-friendly design, these louvered shutters are fixed to the top of the window instead of the side.

Flat Panel: 

Also called shaker shutters, these have flat, solid panels, and are great for blocking out bad weather and bright lights.


These shutters are distinguished by cut-outs and bright colors, and when shut, they feature a solid, joined board-and-batten design.

However decorative they may be and whatever the value exterior window shutters may offer, they aren’t always equipped for energy efficiency and don’t offer varying light control and opacity options. On the other hand, solar shades can be installed in or outside the home and are available in various levels of opacity.

What Are Solar Shades?

But what if you want to create shade in spaces built without traditional window casings, like on an outdoor porch or partially covered patios? Opt for solar shades to cool down and block the rays just about anywhere with ease and elegance. 

Solar shades are very similar to roller shades, the only difference is the type of material they are made from. Solar shades are made with a PVC or HDPE mesh, while roller shades are typically constructed in vinyl or fabric. The perforations or holes allow you to see through a solar shade while also blocking light or sun. 

They reduce heat by blocking the amount of sunlight coming into any space, and can even be installed indoors and within traditional window casings for increased energy efficiency and utility cost reduction.

Why Would I Need Solar Shades?

Made to order in just about any variety of widths and lengths and so easy to hang, solar window coverings allow you to customize your outdoor living space without changing the design of your home. For an instant privacy fence, install multiple panels on your back deck. Roll the shades down during private family gatherings on the pool deck. 

Love spending the weekends relaxing on the back patio or porch? Install shades between your porch columns to extend your stay, night or day, and limit your sun exposure. And with optional remote motorization, you don’t have to get out of the pool or leave the lounge chair to adjust the height.

And finally, solar shades are like sunblock for your furniture. They’ll help prevent UV rays from fading your and outdoor cushion and couch covers.

Solar Shades & UV Protection Percentage

When shopping our selection of solar shades, you’ll notice some designs have different percentages of opacity. These solar shade percentages represent the openness factor, or how much UV rays and light are filtered through. The lower the percentage number, the greater solar shade opacity.

To block a significant amount of light and UV protection, choose 1 – 3% openness. 

For lighter control and protection, select 5% or more.

Solar Shades For Every Space

Whether you want something to accent your sun porch’s French doors, or are in need of an optional divider between your backyard and patio spaces, we have a solar shade for any home, for practically any budget.

Signature Class 

In sync with home décor trends, our Signature Class solar shades allow you to select from a range of light-diffusing effects, without emptying your pockets. Choose from easy see-through to 99 percent robust blockage.

Block 99% of the sun’s harmful rays with long-lasting waterproof shades available in seven transitional colors. Rust-proof components included.

For softly diffused light in your indoor or outdoor space, these waterproof shades offer a variety of colors and reduce glare and heat.

Our most popular Solar Shade will keep your space cool and shaded while blocking up to 95% of UV rays. Available matching cassette with fabric insert offered to extend your privacy.

With a 10% openness factor, these versatile shades reduce glare while providing an enhanced view of your outdoor living space, while still delivering the privacy your family needs.

Keep your yard in sight while reducing your UV exposure. These solar shades reveal the lighter side of window coverings.

Premium Class 

For a long-term investment and a classic design that transcends the trends, Premium Class solar shades are a great choice. Made of high-quality materials, this assortment features all-weather contemporary styles and specialized features to serve outdoor use.

Contemporary in style and all-weather durable in design, this shade is ideal for grand living spaces. The flame-retardant PVC shade is available in 5% or 8% openness. An optional tie-down system helps secure the covering’s position on breezy days.

Also available in 5% or 8% openness, this contemporary style, water-resistant shade is made to provide privacy and protection, night or day. Its premium rechargeable motor design allows you to operate up to five coverings from a single remote.

Have we piqued your interest and inspired you to see potential in your patio? Indulge your creative side and explore how a little shade can go a long way to transforming your outdoor living space today.

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4 Indoor Alternatives to Exterior Window Treatments


Unless you’re going for the minimalist look or enjoy increased energy bills by allowing too much UV light and heat to penetrate your home, there’s nothing colder or more impersonal than an undressed window.  

Installing shutters and shades is an easy way to extend a warm welcome while adding practical benefits to your windows. For example, colored exterior shutters and slide panel window coverings can completely transform the design and color scheme of your facade for a fraction of a paint job’s cost — and will last longer. Closeable exterior shutters also help keep the house cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter in addition to shielding windows from the elements. 

But you also can achieve all these benefits, and even increased energy efficiency, by dressing your windows from the inside. After all, indoors is where you spend most of your time. And why should the neighbors and passersby enjoy the visual beauty of your window coverings when you did all the work?

A well-layered window adds textural interest, warmth, and can help tell the story of your home’s definitive design point of view. In other words, mix and match cellular shades, rich textiles and shutters to make your home look all your own. Just envision how the combination of rich, basin-stained wood louvered shutters and sumptuous burgundy velvet curtains would look against a frosted winter windowpane. What’s “cozier than being cozy”? But don’t take our word for it. Explore all our key coverings in the world of window treatments and create the combination that’s right for you.

1. Interior Window Shutters

Providing all the light, cold-blocking benefits, and stately elegance exterior shutters provide indoors, interior louvered shutters are a statement in interior window dressing. Two options we love are our Luxurious Architect Stained Shutter and our Premium Lifestyle Painted Shutter. Both offer the same effects in different ways.

Luxury Class: Highest-quality materials for pure indulgence and design excellence.

Crafted from wood and great for complementing traditional and farmhouse style interiors, the one-of-a-kind woodgrain patterns offer that rustic texture that only the real thing can deliver. 

Premium Class: Timeless style and made-to-last design.

With painted slats, these shutters deliver a more contemporary look to your windows. 

2. Cellular Shades

Known for their clean, contained look, cellular shades complement a variety of interiors. A major benefit of cellular shades is the excellent insulation they provide. Their honeycomb construction traps the air inside, guarding against both heat and cold. Cellular shades also feature light-diffusing capabilities. Light-filtering cellular shades can let you set the mood in any room with a soft, warm glow.

Essential Class: Budget-friendly, durably made and simple in design.

Crafted with single-cell honeycomb pleats, these wrinkle-free polyester shades come in ten classic colors and feature a clutterless, cordless lift. 

Signature Class: Equal-parts trend-conscious, affordable, and durably made.

Featuring the patented Lift & Lock™ system for touch-button control and a variety of hues, this is our best cellular shade for those looking to add an unexpected pop of color.

3. Roman and Bamboo Shades

Like cellular shades, Roman and bamboo shades serve as the perfect layer between your window pane and interior louvered shutters to add drama and elegance to your décor. Known for their soft, modern polish, Roman shades are simply fabric window coverings that can be raised or lowered with the help of a cord system and ring sewn on the back of the fabric. When raised, the fabric stacks evenly in horizontal folds. Similar in design, bamboo shades are made of natural woven wood, delivering a more earthy look and organic texture.

Signature Class: Equal-parts trend-conscious, affordable, and durably made.

In over 51 color, stripe, and pattern options, this design is a home decorator’s dream come true. It features linen-like to matte velvet polyester or polyester blends, with optional remote control operation.

Premium Class: Timeless style and made-to-last design.

Featuring natural, eco-friendly materials and a variety of textures and hues, these bamboo shades are a long-lasting design for any room.

Luxury Class: Highest-quality materials for pure indulgence and design excellence.

Chic, contemporary and available in a plethora of patterns and optional motorization, these shades also include a standard light-filtering liner.

These custom bamboo-based, woven wood Roman window treatments come in a collection of one-of-a-kind colors to complement coastal to boho chic décor.

Tip: If you’re pairing louvered shutters with Roman or bamboo shades, you’ll need to measure and mount the shutters on the outside of your window casings.

4. Curtains

Whether you decide on layering cellular, Roman or bamboo window shades — or even blinds, with shutters, curtains offer draped elegance and fine texture to your wall. Our selection allows you to customize the opacity with optional semi- or total blackout-level liners. For wide windows, remember you can double up and pair colors for a striped or multi-colored look.

Essential Class: Budget-friendly, durably made, and simple in design.

Whether shade-covered or bare, any window will benefit from the added layer of these essential curtains. Customizable with three levels of liners and in a variety of colors, they’re made to make them all your own.

Signature Class: Equal-parts trend-conscious, affordable, and durably made.

Equal parts casual and classic, these easy-care fabric curtains are available in Chenille- and Chambray-inspired fabrics for classic, country Americana-inspired texture in your window’s look.

Designed to bring a formal flair to your windows, these curtains offer a rich fabric selection, with a subtle, glam-filled shimmer.

Combined with the right product knowledge (easily found on our site) and your personal taste and color preferences, custom-creating the right window dressings for your home is a breeze. Select Blinds offers countless ways to make your house a home with easy-to-install interior shutters and shades at just about everyone’s budget. 

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All About The Plantation Shutter: Cost & Cultural Shift

by Select Blinds

As unpredictable as our world can be, isn’t it comforting to know we can rely on sunlight and nightfall to dictate our day? Of course, determining how much or how little of each we welcome into our homes is entirely up to us, so it helps to install adjustable window coverings to adapt to every shade of the day.

Shutters offer complete light control as blinds and blackout coverings, but depending on louver width, they can offer more variety in angle intensity, and interior design aesthetic. Need to maximize sunlight for your finicky fiddle-leaf figs and indoor potted succulents? Just tilt the louvers and position the hinged panels to your every need.

Shouldn’t The Term “Plantation” Be Cancelled?

In a word, yes. The term refers to the large farms that were the economic basis of many of the 17th- through the 19th-Century American colonies that relied on forced African slave labor. In the 1950s, the term was reappropriated by Southern resorts and housing developments to romanticize the plantation as a place of grandeur, affluence, and sprawling landscapes, disassociating it from centuries of brutal forced labor and cruelty.

In early 2021, the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations dropped the latter half of its official name on state documents and websites. And before that, Pinterest and The Knot ceased in promoting plantation venues or any kind of plantation-related wedding inspiration.

However, though “plantation shutter” still lingers in the zeitgeist of interior design and home decorating, and we support the shifting of the term toward “Louvered Shutter,” in the hope it catches on quickly. 

We believe this name aptly pays homage to the original ancient Greek design and wood-louvered window coverings that came to our continent by way of Spanish settlers. Before glass was made affordable, shutters’ hinged panels and strong wooden slats not only provided privacy and kept critters out, but also protected homes from ocean storms and heavy coastal winds.

How Much do Louvered Shutters or Plantation Shutters Cost?

Prices for custom-made window shutters are dependent on the materials, size, the number of rooms being outfitted, and any additional special features you might like. For example, our patented recyclable, non-toxic, and flame-retardant poly shutters start  at $218 for a 26” w x 36” h window. But when you consider their beauty, the energy efficiency, and the illusion of more interior space they bring into a room, their value is almost immeasurable.

With varying degrees of insulation to choose from to protect the home from outdoor heat and cold, shutters lower utility bills, and decrease long-term home maintenance costs.

And as low maintenance is always a high selling point, window shutters bolster the appraisal value of your home. And knowing our custom interior window shutters are made to the measurement of your unique windows’ dimensions, they’ll stay with the home and make an enticing impression on prospective buyers.

According to Sotheby’s real estate professional Renay Andrews, “Interior window shutters are a huge asset to have when selling a home. They absolutely increase market value by a substantial amount. Buyers see them as an amenity.”

Whether made of wood or faux, whether stained or painted, we make it simple, by categorizing our window shutters into four easy-to-shop classes:

1. Essential Class

These shutters are a great starting point for first-time homeowners that are looking for budget-friendly solutions. Custom-crafted from materials known for strength and easy cleaning, they’re ideal for areas of high wear and tear, like kids’ rooms.

Classic Faux Wood Shutters

These louvers are constructed with scratch-resistant polyresin that looks just like traditional wood shutters, but won’t warp or fade in areas of high moisture.

2. Signature Class

This class of window shutters features thoughtful designs in trendy styles. Custom-built with durable materials and affordable, the Signature Class is the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond-basic solution to complement statement decor.

Classic Hybrid Window Shutters

Available in eight neutral hues, this transitional style complements any interior design motif, from farmhouse to urban modern. It also combines the beauty of real wood frames with the affordability and durability of high-quality poly louvers.

3. Premium Class

This design territory features lasting designs in timeless styles. Styled in high-quality materials, the Premium Class is the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last.

Lifestyle Painted Shutter

If you’re looking to extend, not just blend, with your interior décor, these painted shutters come in a variety of colors. Featuring painted real wood frames and antimicrobial, moisture-resistant poly panels, they’ll endure decades of wear and tear.

4. Luxury Class

Created for grand living, and the style-minded homeowner looking to indulge in sophisticated customization, the Luxury Class features superior designs in bespoke compositions. Made with unique materials and quality craftsmanship.

Architect Stained Shutter

For those unique, woodgrain patterns and traditional elegance only real wood can offer, these shutters come in a variety of stains and configurations. Rich, classic, and built-to-last, they’re an impressive display, whether from the couch or curb.

An Easy DIY Investment

Whether you know them as window shutters, louvered coverings, or plantation shutters, consider our louvered designs yet another element in our busy, ever-changing world you can rely on for privacy, high value, and high style. Our easy-to-install, customs designs arrive ready-to-install, so along with energy savings, installation cost is another factor you’ll save on.

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Everything You Need to Know About Interior Window Shutters

by Select Blinds

When it comes to updating windows, curtains or blinds may first come to mind, but shutters are an elegant way to transform any space into a warm and cozy retreat. Whether stained or solid, swung open or completely closed, their hinged panels add charm to your home’s décor. And year-round, interior window shutters are energy-efficient. The louver construction traps air to insulate against heat and cold, whether winter or spring. 

While helping to reduce energy costs, custom shutters can boost your home’s value and add tremendous curb appeal. They’ll leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers with their ability to distinguish the subtleties between contemporary and traditional, or coastal and colonial décor.

The secret is in your own unique combination of colors, tilt rod placement, number of panels, and frame style. 

Interested in unlocking those secrets? Here’s all you need to know to select the right custom shutters for your living space.

First, A Brief History

The first window shutters originated in Ancient Greece. Designed first in marble, static shutters helped defend the home against the breezy, and sometimes stormy, Mediterranean climate. 

As the use of window shutters spread across the continent during the Middle Ages, changes were made in their designs. The switch from marble to wood allowed builders to make louvers that could be opened and closed, allowing more control over light, ventilation, and privacy, while keeping out rain.

In the 18th- and 19th-Century American South, the name “shutter” was first officially coined, and louvered shutters extended the grandeur and elegance in Southern mansions.

How to Select The Right Window Shutters

Today, shutters can be installed in homes of all shapes and sizes, on doors and windows, big or small. They’re available in countless colors, natural wood stains, materials, hinges, and frames. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right shutters for your home.

What To Consider When Selecting Color

When choosing a paint color or stain, consider your home’s exterior as well as the interior décor. You’ll want a color that works well with both the design aesthetic and palette of your exterior. 

Choosing The Right Panel Configuration

Shutters look best when they follow the layout of your windows, whereby the vertical members of the shutters align with the vertical framework of your windows. Single panel shutters are the most popular, as they maximize light and the view outside. Specific windows might prefer a more traditional bi-fold panel look. For the best light, look for fewer obstructions by fitting the widest possible panel size.

Hidden Tilt Bar Vs. Visible Tilt Bar

A visible center tilt rod is the most traditional style featured on classic plantation shutters, and is perfect for accenting cottage or colonial-style homes. A hidden tilt rod adds a more modern look to a room and provides the most light, and visibility on shutters with multiple panels.

Frames Are The Finishing Touch

The visual transition between wall and shutter is an important detail not to be overlooked. Whether thick or thin, contrasting in color or matching, the shutter molding can dress up the opening. Choose from L-shaped, T-frame, casing frames, and more.

What Shutter Materials Are Available?

Wood Shutters

There’s something so warm and cozy real wood shutters bring to a space. They’re much lighter than faux wood, poly, and hybrid shutters. However, wood can warp in high humidity areas whereas faux wood proves to be much better in damp environments.

Faux Wood Shutters

Made of polyresin and offering the looks of traditional wood, faux wood shutters look just like the real thing and offer moisture resistance in high humidity, like bathrooms. Faux wood shutters are also scratch-proof and extra durable. 

Poly Shutters

Offering all the durability and feel of real wood shutters, our poly shutters are made with patented recyclable, non-toxic, and flame-retardant construction. Featuring a crisp, patented finish, these shutters are easy to clean and care for. No painting, no repairing, no replacing necessary.

Hybrid Shutters

Hybrid shutters combine the timeless elegance of real hardwood frames with the resilience of solid poly panels. The result is a custom window treatment that does much more than just look good. The panels help insulate windows and doors 65% better than all-wood shutters to help keep energy bills low and rooms more comfortable. The laser-baked, glass-like painted finish on the panels also resists harmful UV rays. No yellowing, cracking, chipping, splitting, or warping.

Made-To-Measure Shutters

Regardless of what design elements and materials you choose, you can bet that your best option is always our easy-to-install, custom-made interior window shutters that fit your windows’ unique dimensions. 

How To Measure For Inside Mount Window Shutters:

First, make sure your window is deep enough to hang shutters on the inside of the frame and measure the depth from the glass to the outer edge of your window casing. If your window casing depth is less than 2 ¾ inches you’ll need to choose an outside mount. 

Next, measure the width left to right in three places: the top, middle, and bottom. Then, measure the height at the top left, center, and top right down to the window sill.  

Watch our quick video demonstration:

How To Measure For Outside Mount Window Shutters:

Simply repeat the steps for measuring the inside window mount measuring.

For standard L-frame shutters, add 4 inches to the width measurement and add 2 inches to the height if you have a window sill. Add 4 inches to the height if you do not have a sill.

For designer-frame shutters, add 5 inches to the width measurement and add 2 ½ inches to the height measurement if you have a window sill. Add 5 inches to the height if you do not have a sill.

Watch our quick video demonstration:

So whether your home’s aesthetic is mid-century modern, farmhouse chic, or an eclectic mix of the two, we have an easy-to-install shutter for you. In countless combinations of louver widths, panel configurations, frames and colors, interior window shutters make any house a joy to live in.

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Calling All Little Adventurers and Little Dreamers: Meet Select Blinds’ New Kids’ Curtain Collections


Yes, there is still magic in the world! Introducing two new custom kids’ curtain collections from Select Blinds designed to inspire creativity and imagination wherever your little ones love to romp and play.

Little Adventurer and Little Dreamer Kids’ Curtain collections are well-constructed eyelet curtains, built to transform the best of daring adventure escapes and dreamy worlds into sturdy, colorful custom window treatments for your child’s bedroom or playroom. The perfect way to customize and enhance any child’s play space with a sense of lightheartedness.

For Little Adventurers

Little Adventurer Kids' Curtains by Select Blinds
Little Adventurer Kids’ Curtains: Perfect for your energetic little one’s all-day adventures

High adventure is on the horizon. Whether your little adventurer is more inclined to roam the woodlands, jungles, or high seas, we have the perfect curtains for his or her room, to include a wide variety of whimsical patterns and colors, where mischievous dinosaurs, bears, or jungle animals roam wild. Just right for those “play all day” moods.

Watch this video on Little Adventurer Kids’ Curtains to learn more

We’ve broken down the Little Adventurer collection into three subcategories: Wild Adventure, Ocean Adventure, and Outdoor Adventure.

Wild Adventure: Featuring dinosaurs and jungle animals roaming through creative color variations 

Wild Adventure
Pictured: Green Jungle Explorer and Green Dinosaur Adventurer. Click here for more colors

Ocean Adventure: Adventure looms just off the starboard bow, with sea-ready ships and friendly whales available in a variety of colors

Ocean Adventure
Pictured: Mint Sea Life Seeker and Blue Multi Sailor. Click here for more colors

Outdoor Adventure: Uncharted starry skies, deserts, and wild forests await your little adventurer

Outdoor Adventure
Pictured: Bright Wild Wanderer, Russet Woodland Traveler, and Midnight Galaxy Voyager. Click here for more colors

For Little Dreamers

Little Dreamer Kids' Curtains by Select Blinds
Dream big with this creative collection of curtains, perfect for your little dreamer

Are daydreaming and “wild imaginations” more your little one’s thing? Then it’s time to dream big. Bouncy rainbows, puffy cloud-filled skies, along with playful solids, stripes, jaunty shapes, and darling polka dots. Your little dreamer will become immersed in an otherworldly realm where the imagination makes all the rules. Perfect for his or her most playful, creative moods, and featuring evergreen designs they can grow into teenagers with.

Watch this video on Little Dreamer Kids’ Curtains to learn more

The Little Dreamer collection is subdivided into: Colorful Dreams, Whimsical Dreams, and Geometric Dreams.

Colorful Dreams: A vast selection of free-spirited solids to add the right splash of color

Colorful Dreams
Pictured: Avery Sage, Avery Lemon, and Avery Salmon. Click here for more colors

Whimsical Dreams: Playful rainbows and wispy cloud-filled skies in an assortment of color-themed options

Whimsical Dreams
Pictured: Blue Cloud Climber and Neon Rainbow Dreamer. Click here for more colors

Geometric Dreams: Let your little dreamer get lost in a selection of enchanting colorful shapes and patterns

Geometric Dreams
Pictured: Bright Multi Painted Stripes, Mustard Tilted Triangles, and Bright Multi Darling Dots. Click here for more colors

Little Adventurer and Little Dreamer Kids’ Curtains offer privacy liners in white or ivory color, along with blackout liners in ivory to help with managing privacy and incoming light. Matching tiebacks are also available.

Sturdy eyelet curtains with mitered corners and corner weights
Thoughtfully designed and sturdy eyelet curtains, with mitered corners and corner weights

The 100% polyester build will make this drapery last and will be easy to care for, even with all the scuffing, stains, and fingerprints over the years. Mitered corners and corner weights round out the solid build. 

Shoot for standout, kid-friendly customized décor to help create an exciting little adventurer’s or little dreamer’s environment that is also parent-approved.

All of our products are available with Kid-friendly lift options to choose from, to keep your little adventurers and little dreamers safe and worry-free.

Kitchen Window Treatment Design Ideas


What to do about your kitchen windows? Different rooms in your home have different needs when it comes to window treatments, but think about all the time you spend in your kitchen, in particular.

Treat Your Kitchen Windows

The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of your home,” where you spend so much time with your family and friends talking, eating meals, telling stories, joking around, celebrating holidays, etc. You rely on your kitchen’s window treatments to not only serve certain functions, but also to look good while doing so. You’ll spend a lot of time seeing your kitchen window coverings, so you want to take extra care that you “treat” those windows just right.

Kitchen Window Treatments: Some Considerations

For starters, you need your kitchen window treatments to be durable and easy to clean – but remember, you also want your kitchen blinds, shutters, or shades to look good and make your kitchen feel welcoming. You can control the amount of light coming into your kitchen, as well as your privacy as needed, all to fit your personal lifestyle.

Faux Wood Kitchen Blinds and Shutters

Faux wood blinds and shutters are definitely durable and built to last, but even better, they are perfect for areas of high moisture and dampness, because they won’t warp, split, or crack over time. Plus they offer the elegant look of real wood blinds. They are also super easy to keep clean. Simply wipe down with a soapy, damp cloth or rag, and then with a dry cloth.

Roller Shades

No matter what your sense of style, there’s a custom roller shade that you’ll love. Highly functional, great at keeping the light out, and with a familiar, classic look. Get creative in the way you express your own individual aesthetic.They are also easy to care for and to clean, especially those rollers made of synthetic materials.

Solar Shades

If blocking out the harsh incoming glare is of concern to you to keep the sun out of your eyes and also to help preserve your interior furniture, you may consider solar shades as an option for your kitchen.

You can select from sheer to opaque and anywhere in-between. Solar shades are usually made from PVC, which means they’re super easy to clean and maintain, and also that they’ll last for several years.

Bamboo / Woven Wood

Another viable option for kitchen window treatments comes in the form of shades made with bamboo or woven woods. Just be careful which window you use them for (keep them away from behind the sink or near the stove), because if they get wet, they will start to gradually come apart. The materials used to make them, like bamboo, grasses, reeds and jutes, help soften the look of your kitchen appliances. Also, they’re known to hold their shape over time, even if you get a lot of sun in your kitchen. Cleaning bamboo is easy, as you can regularly just wipe off dust with a damp rag.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades (sometimes referred to as honeycomb shades) are designed to insulate against outdoor heat and cold by trapping heat inside their single- or double-layer honeycomb “pockets.” This helps conserve energy and reduce your energy bills throughout the year. Cellular shades can also insulate against and soften outdoor noise when your children are playing outside, or you’re entertaining guests.

As far as “cleanability” goes, cellulars are relatively easy to keep clean. Simply dust or vacuum them off regularly. From time to time, you may want to have your shades professionally cleaned, as they are prone to gather various scents and smells over time. Along with Roman shades, cellulars are also not the best choice as a treatment for the window over the kitchen sink, as they do not do well in moist/damp environments.

Need Some Inspiration?

To help you, here are some of Select Blinds’ most popular options for kitchen window treatments:

2” Premier Faux Woods 

Classic Sheer Weave Solars  

Classic Roman Shades  

Classic Fabric Light Filtering Roller Shades 

Lifestyle Light Filtering Cellulars 

Classic Cordless Woven Woods 

Trust your design instincts. Your kitchen windows are going to look AMAZING.

Easy Arched Window Treatment Ideas


Arched windows over doors or windows add unique dimension to an interior. They can even make your room look “taller,” and more spacious. Originally introduced by the Romans, arched windows were also popular in ancient Greece and throughout the ancient world. They represent a classic architectural finishing touch.

Forget about stories you may have heard about how difficult it is to find arched window treatments, or how difficult it is to install those window coverings, since they’re often so high up and out-of-the-way. At SelectBlinds, we’re ALL ABOUT making your life easier, so read on to learn how window treatments can be a simple project for your arches, with many options to choose from.

Arched windows are a classic architectural finish that add dimension to your windows and interior.

Arched Window Treatments Should be Designed as a Focal Point

Arched windows are naturally a prominent focal point in a room due to their size and height.  It can be tricky to find “off-the-shelf” window treatments to cover them. Window treatments for arched windows are a better option and are easier than ever before. You could hire someone to cover your arches professionally, but you can just as easily “DIY it” by purchasing arched window treatments online.

Window treatments for arched windows should enhance those uniquely shaped windows as a design focal point.

Arched Window Shapes & Styles

There are several different styles of arch-shaped windows, including traditional half-moon (the half circle people typically think of in regard to arched windows) and “sunburst styles.” There are also the more “elongated eyebrow-shaped” windows and “quarter arches.” Depending on the size, shape, and location of your window, there are plenty of stationary or movable options to meet your needs.

Cellular Shade Treatments for Arched Windows

One of the most popular treatments you’ll find for arches are Cellular/Honeycomb shades. “Cellulars,” as they’re often called, come in a variety of colors, textures, and are commonly constructed in durable polyester. This makes it easy to coordinate with other window coverings in your room, along with the rest of your interior décor. Some arched window treatments can be opened and closed, while many are “fixed” window treatments, meant to stay closed all the time.

Light filtering or blackout options for your arched windows can add just what you need for privacy and light control. Plus, you can achieve that personalized, well-designed look all throughout your home.

Other Cell Shade Advantages:

  • Cellular shades are considered energy-efficient. Their unique “honeycomb construction” traps heat inside their pockets to insulate from heat in the summer, and to keep heat IN during the cold winter months. 
  • Installation is easy, once you have your arched window shades in the right size.
  • Cellulars also help insulate against outdoor noise. Need some quiet to work while the kids are outside playing? Get cellular shades for your home office windows.
  • Many arched window shades come with white street-facing backing, for HOA compliance.
arched window treatments over the front door
Control the light coming in through your arches with light filtering or blackout cellular arch shades.

Curtains and Drapery for Arched Windows

Another easy way to cover your arched windows is with curtains or drapery.

Curtains and/or drapery can be designed to cover your arched windows entirely, or partially. Sheer fabrics work well to not block out the light completely. Along with the classic look of arched windows, drapery has its own timeless appeal and flowing look, so that might be the pairing you decide upon. They also come in many patterns and colors and are a great choice if you want to display your personal style in a more prominent way.

drapery as an effective arched window treatment
There are a wide variety of ways to use curtains / drapery as arched window coverings.

Curtains and drapery fabric finishes range from cotton canvas to trending metallic and glossy sateens, sheens, and embossed satins. The choices are endless. It’s easy to enhance and personalize your drapes even more with standard and optional features like color coordinated tiebacks, privacy and blackout liners, and curtain rods and rings in a variety of finishes to enhance their look. We offer matching fabric by the yard, to tie the whole room together by using it to create your own fabric accents, like decorative pillows or a duvet, for example.

Here’s some guidance on how to measure for curtains or drapery.

Measuring Your Arched Windows

You may need a step stool or ladder to get up high enough to measure your arched windows. Proceed cautiously! It might be helpful to get someone to assist you.

Arched window treatments are almost always mounted on the inside of a window frame, so that’s where you’ll be measuring. 

To measure width for half-moon and quarter arches: Get a steel measuring tape and measure the width of the window base at the bottom of your window,, from left to right. Round down to the nearest 1/8” if you measure a 1/16” or 1/32” increment. This is the width you’ll use for ordering for your arched windows from

To measure the height, for a half-moon arched window and for quarter arches: take your measuring tape, and, measure inside the frame from the base up to the highest center point of the arch. Round down to the nearest 1/8” if you measure a 1/16” or a 1/32” increment. This is the height you’ll use to order.

Nice and easy.

measuring arched windows
Wait until you see how easy it is to get arched window treatments.

Most Loved Window Treatments for Arched Windows :

Premier Light Filtering Arch

Premier Blackout Arch

Luxe Modern Light Filtering Arch

Luxe Modern Blackout Arch

Luxe Custom Drapes/Curtains

Lifestyle Custom Drapes/Curtains

Designer Fabric By The Yard

The perfect arched window treatments are waiting for you at

Minimalist Home Décor Ideas – Custom Window Treatments


The idea of minimalism encompasses a return to simplicity. Reducing the number of objects in your living space, to leave only the most necessary of items. Less clutter to make the most of your available space. 

Crisp lines, maybe some quieter color tones, and the silent allure that define minimalism have been shown to nurture a healthier sense of stillness and well-being.

Maybe Zen isn’t exactly your thing, but consider the relaxing benefits of keeping objects and clutter to a minimum in your home. Everything in its place, without anything you don’t need. Imagine minimalist window treatments to keep things simple, practical, and aesthetically beautiful. Here are three tips to help you bring that kind of minimalist feel into your home.

1. Minimalist Window Treatments Should Be Functional

Minimalist design emphasizes the importance of every included element in a space having a tangible, practical function.

Think about the simplistic elegance of roller shades. Cordless (especially motorized) roller shades crisply pull down to where you need them with just a gentle tug. No cords, no clutter. Top Down Bottom Up cellular/honeycomb shades work in a similar manner, but with some additional applications. You can get your TDBU cellulars to open from the top down also, offering you plenty of outdoor light, and privacy at the same time. They also provide a soundproofing effect for a quieter interior, and they are energy-efficient at the same time.

Shutters offer a nice minimalist look and feel as well. Throughout the day, you can tilt the louvers exactly where you need them to be for the right amount of lighting that you want. Whenever you need to, just shut the louvers completely for full privacy. Let the full light in with a wide open view when you swing open the panels entirely.

Shutters as minimalist window treatments.
Shutters offer quick control of incoming light as well as privacy when you need it.

Solar shades not only offer a crisp, minimalist look (like roller shades), but they also help protect your floors, furniture, and framed items from the harsh incoming UV rays. And they help preserve your view. 

Fabrics vary in openness factor (typically 1% to 14%) to increase UV protection and reduce glare or to allow a better outward view when they’re closed. For rooms where you want some natural light coming in, but you want to maintain privacy at the same time, they’re perfect.

And don’t forget bamboo/woven woods. What could be more Zen/minimalist looking than natural bamboo minimalist window treatments?

2. Minimalist Window Treatments Should Be Set in Close to Your Window

One thing minimalist designers make a point to do is to use as little space as possible. They might implement a desk or table, but without bulky lamps, large plants, or “clutter-ey” items to throw the clean, tight design off-kilter. In a similar manner, minimalist window treatments should be set in snugly to the window, without fussy cords, frills, or fabric spilling outward and onto the floor. 

Roller shades, cellular shades, shutters, bamboos, and solar shades all lend themselves well to this idea of physical closeness to their windows. Remember that “minimalism” implies being direct in your design, and that “less is more.”

Speaking of set close to your window: Similar to the textures offered by cellular shades, panel tracks can offer a warm, personal touch with various options in textured upholstery and fabrics, in a variety of colors, including neutrals.

Since a tight fit is important for your minimalist vibe, note that custom panels can very elegantly frame your windows, while offering ample cover. Just remember not to let saggy fabric or uneven floor gaps between panels throw off the precision of your minimalist look.

Panel tracks as minimalist window treatments
Panel tracks meet all the criteria you could want for minimalist window coverings, and they beautifully provide cover for
large/wide windows and glass doors.

3. Minimalist Window Treatments Don’t Have To Be Neutral

Minimalist designs have been traditionally known to utilize neutral whites, blacks, and grays. But this isn’t a requirement. Consider eye-catching splashes of color, including on your minimalist window treatments. Color can really add some nice accents especially if the furniture in your room features a neutral palette. Without color, your space can look and feel cold and impersonal. If you already have some color accents (e.g., rugs, furniture, pillows), neutral window treatments might be the way to go.

Select Blinds Staff Recommendations

Here are some minimalist window treatments our staff loves and offers as recommendations.

Classic Fabric Room Darkening Roller Shades

Lifestyle Light Filtering Cellulars

Architect Stained Shutter

Lifestyle Motorized Solar

Premier Woven Wood Shades

Modern Architect Panel Track

With the wide variety of fabrics, textures, styles, and colors available to you, finding the perfect custom minimalist window treatments should be a breeze.

Summer Tips for a Cooler Home: Use Insulated Shades for Your Windows


During the heat of summer, that A/C feels heavenly, doesn’t it? But those summertime electric bills! Hoo boy!

How about some energy efficiency? Sure, you can turn on the fans, use a dehumidifier, hang out in the basement more frequently, and even “dress down” a bit for the weather, but did you ever think about the heat coming in from your windows?

Consider those lovely sunny rays shining into your room. According to the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, “about 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat.” Less incoming light = less heat from your windows.

So how DO you keep your house cool in the summertime?

Cellular shades keep rooms cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.
Cellular shades keep rooms cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.

How Do Cellular Shades Work?

Welcome to the world of cellular (“honeycomb”) shades. Cellular shades (often known as “cellulars,” for short) can block up to 99% of incoming light. Remember, less incoming light means less incoming heat through your windows.

The unique honeycomb design of these stylish window treatments also offers effective insulation against the incoming heat by trapping hot air in the pockets within the shade’s pleats, providing a layer (or two layers with the double-cell construction option) of protection between heat outdoors and your interior. This can significantly keep your rooms cooler and reduce your energy bills.

Guess what else cellular window treatments insulate against? Outdoor noise. Think of quieter rooms, insulated from the outdoor heat throughout your house, while relying less upon you’re A/C unit.

Cellular shades trap heat in their interior pockets for excellent insulation capabilities.
Cellular shades trap heat in their interior pockets for excellent insulation capabilities.

Should You Go with Single- or Double-cell Construction?

You’ll find that cellulars are available in single- and double-cell construction. Which is better?

Double-cell cellular do at least double up on the insulating and room darkening capability of your shades; the cost of upgrading to double-cell shades is well worth it. Take, for example, double-cell blackout shades. They offer the peak of insulation performance.

But don’t discount single-cell shades too quickly. Even less expensive single-cell shades can make a significant difference in your energy bill.  

Cellular shades are stylish and insulate from heat and noise.
Cellular shades are stylish and insulate from heat and noise.

Cellular Pleat Size

Another consideration for cellular shades is the pleat size options. Note that smaller pleats will look more natural in vertically shorter windows, while wider pleats will complement taller windows. Your sense of style, your choice!

Select Blinds’ Staff Recommends:

Check out some of our most popular styles of cellular shades below:

Select Blinds Classic Cordless Blackout Shades
Select Blinds 2" Premier Blackout Cellulars
Select Blinds Classic Light Filtering Cordless Cellular Shades

And remember to stay cool this summer!