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Blinds & Shades, Tips & Troubleshooting Guide:

Measure & install two separate blinds in the same window
Installing Cord Cleats for Corded Window Coverings
Installing Cord Tensioner for Continuous Cord Loop Window Coverings
French Door Window Coverings
Troubleshoot Window Blinds or Shades Lift Problems.
How to Measure Windows for Blinds or Shades - Inside Mount or Outside Mount Measuring
Trobleshooting for Honeycombs Shades
Blinds and shades parts.
Inside mount or outside mount for your window blinds?
Replace blinds lift cord.
How to replace the blind or shade cord locks
How to Adjust String Ladders on Window Blinds
How To Shorten Window Blinds
How To Tilt or Lift Your Window Blinds
Vertical Blinds Buying Guide - Buying and Caring for Vertical Blinds
Repair Guide for Vertical Blind Tracks
Afraid to Order Blinds and Shades Online? Order Free Product Samples First.
Carriann's Kids Collection of Window Blinds and Shades
How to Install Vane Savers on Your Vertical Blinds
How to replace blind slats
How to troubleshoot blind tilter problems
How to replace the blind tilter
Child Safety and Blinds
Cleaning blinds and shades
Cutting down blinds that are too wide.
Mounting blinds that are too narrow
Fix Blinds Stuck in Raised Position - Lowering blinds after shipment
Fixing spring roller shades. Adjusting spring tension.
Align Vertical Blind Louvers.
How to guide for buying window coverings, blinds and shades.
Blinds Control Options - Wand Control Versus Cord Tilt Control
Vertical Blind Slats Stacking Chart
Troubleshooting for Sheer Window Shades - Shade Adjustment and Repair
Measuring route holes for replacement slats
Fixing Roller Shade that does not roll up evenly (Telescoping).
How to guide for cleaning SheerWeave Roller Shades.
Operating Instructions for Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades
Roman Shade Stacking Chart

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