Measuring Instructions for Roman Shades

Elegant roman shades come in a variety of color, patterns, and fabrics. They give the feel of drapery, but they have modern functionality, giving you the best of both worlds.

Measuring Tips for your Roman Shades:

  1. A steel measuring tape works best and provides the most accurate measurements.
  2. Each measurement needs to be rounded to the nearest 1/8”.
  3. Always measure the width from left to right and the height from top to bottom.
  4. Only measure the window and not the current blinds or shades on your window. Starting fresh ensures better accuracy when measuring.

  • Inside Mount

    ViewInstructions for Inside Mount
    Inside mounted roman shades mount inside the window casing, and do not cover the window molding.

  • Outside Mount

    ViewInstructions for Outside Mount
    Outside mounted roman shades are mounted on the wall and cover the window molding.

Instructions for Inside Mounted Roman Shades

Depth Requirements

  • Is your window deep enough for an inside mount? Find out by referencing the mounting surface requirements by clicking on the “Product Info” tab on the product’s page.

Measure the widthMeasuring the Width

  • Begin by measuring the width of the window. Measure from left to right and measure at the top, middle, and then bottom of the window.
  • Take the smallest width measurement and round down to the nearest 1/8”. This is the measurement you’ll use when ordering.

Measure the heightMeasuring the height

  • Measure the height from top to bottom, starting at the top left, then moving to the center, and then measuring from the top right to the window sill
  • Find the largest measurement of those three and round up to the closest 1/8”. You’ll use this number as your height measurement when placing your order.
  • If you have several windows in a room that are all very similar in height, order all of them at the largest height to ensure similar pleat sizes.

Please don’t make your own deductions. We’ll take care of that for you. This helps us ensure your product will fit perfectly. If you feel you need to add width for better light coverage, order an outside mount instead. Please review the deduction chart below that we’ll use when making your order.

Roman ShadesDepth required for secure inside mountDepth needed for flush inside mountFlat surface for outside mountTotal Deduction
Basic Fabrics1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Deluxe1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Premium Prints1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Deluxe Stripes1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Designer Prints1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Deluxe Prints1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Premium Textured1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Basic Prints1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Premium Solid1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Designer Solid1 1/4"2"1"1/4"
Good Housekeeping1"3 1/8"3/4"1/4" headrail 3/8" fabric
Home Collection1"3 1/8"3/4"1/4" headrail 3/8" fabric

Instructions for Outside Mounted Roman Shades

An outside mount covers the entire window opening and frame. As a result, there are additions that you’ll need to make to order the correct size. We will make the roman shades you’ve ordered to the dimensions you specify and will make no additions for you.

Flat surface requirements

  • You’ll need approximately 2 ½” of flat space to have an outside mount. Find more flat surface mounting information in the “Product Info” tab under the product information page.

Measure the widthMeasuring the width

  • For the width, measure the window opening in three places (top, middle, and bottom), and use the widest of the three measurements.
  • Take that number and add a minimum of two inches to each side, for a total of four inches, for the best coverage.
  • Use this width when ordering.

Measure the heightMeasuring the height

  • Measure the top left, center, and top right of the window to find the height.
  • Take the biggest measurement and add at least two inches on the top and bottom, adding more depending on the amount of light coverage you’re looking for, and that will be the number you’ll use when ordering.
  • If you have several windows in a room that are all similar in height, order all of them at the largest height to ensure similar pleats.