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It happens. Cords break for any number of reasons. Constant pulling up and down of a blind will produce friction. Friction causes heat. Heat causes weakness of some materials. Weakness in small objects cause breakage. Accidents happen. Dogs happen. You name it, it happens. But all is not lost believe it or not, this type of repair is actually simple. Follow along...

The best part of this repair procedure is that the blind is not removed from the window. Pretty cool, huh? Okay.

But, first things first...
  1. Call Customer Service to order replacement cord. You will be asked for the workorder number of that particular blind. That number is inside of the headrail, if you don't have the original paperwork handy. Customer Service will reference this number to determine how much cord is needed.
  2. Don't start pulling the broken cord or tassels yet. Take hold of the broken end of the cord that travels up into the headrail. Clip any excess fray from the end of the cord.
  3. With the replacement cord in hand, take one end and attach it to the broken end of the cord. How do you do that, you ask? There are two different ways to do this. One is to butt each end together and use a tiny bit of masking tape to join the two. The other way is a little more tricky but ingenious especially when there isn't tape available. Butt the two ends together with one hand and use your free hand to strike a lighter. Carefully touch the flame to the two ends until you see a melting action begin. Douse the flame and quickly and carefully roll the two ends back and forth together thus melding the two ends. This trick may take you a few tries, but it does work.
  4. With the two ends joined, you can now pull on the corresponding cord that comes out of the headrail at the cord separator until you see the splice (tape or melt).
  5. Remove the bottomrail plug.
  6. Repeat step 3.
  7. Pull the knotted end of the cord that is under the bottomrail plug away from the bottomrail thus pulling the replacement cord through the ladder and through the bottomrail.
  8. Knot the end of the cord and tuck into the bottomrail along with the ladder ends. Replace bottomrail plug.
  9. At the headrail, pull replacement cord taut enough to pull any slack from the ladder area. Measure where the tassel will go (even with the other tassel – or even with the other cords if joined together at a joiner ball). Knot cord.

If it turns out to be more than just the lift cord, maybe it's time to shop for some brand new window blinds


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