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Instructions for replacing slat(s) of horizontal blinds:

  1. Lift and tilt cords on horizontal blindsRemove the plugs located on the bottom side of the bottom rail to reveal the knotted lift cord.
  2. Undo the knot and pull the lift cord out from the front of the blind. Only pull out the lift cord through the routed holes in as many of the slats as necessary to release the slats you are removing.
  3. Replace desired slat(s).
  4. Restring the lift cord through each slat in the blind. Alternate the lift cord from left to right on each ladder rung as you work your way down the blind.
  5. Insert the lift cord through the bottom rail hole and tie a knot. Make sure that the lift cords are even and that the bottom rail hangs straight.
  6. Bottom rail plugs on horizontal blindsReplace the bottom rail plugs back into the holes on the bottom of the bottom rail. Use a rubber mallet or hammer to keep from marking the plugs.
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