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Classic style with modern features & options
Product Shown: Designer Wood Shutters
100% Cordless

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Signature Faux Wood Shutters
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  • Maintenance free and warp resistant
  • Panel locks eliminate magnets
4.7 (46 Reviews)
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Premium Faux Wood Shutters
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  • Durable poly-exterior material
  • Solid wood core for added insulation
4.7 (15 Reviews)
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Designer Wood Shutters
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  • Made in the USA
  • Traditional handcrafted wood
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Express Faux Wood Shutters
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  • Free upgraded hidden rear tilt rod
  • Energy efficient Polyresin materials
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Instantly transform the look and feel of your home with high quality, durable, sophisticated shutters. No matter if you know them as plantation shutters, traditional shutters, or California shutters, here at Select Blinds, we have something for every style and budget. Our interior shutter panels are hinged to either side of the window. This allows you to swing open the panels to access the window.

Louver Sizes

All our shutters have operable, moveable louvers, so you can control the amount of light coming through and your privacy. Choose from 5 louver sizes for your perfect fit. The sizes range from 2 ½” to 4 ½”. The smaller louver sizes are commonly used for doors and smaller windows. The mid-range size, the 3 ½” louver, is the most popular. The larger sizes provide the best view outside when the louvers are open. If you have a great view, choose the 4 ½” size.

Classic and Modern Style Options

Traditional shutters have an exposed vertical tilt bar in the middle of the panel. When people think of shutters, this is generally how they picture them. This classic style is beautiful and historic. If you prefer the classic style with the exposed vertical tilt bar, try our Premium Faux Wood Shutters.

But if you’re looking for a more modern, streamlined look with your shutters, we have those, too. Instead of a visible tilt bar in the middle, the tilt bar is hidden in the back. So you still get full functionality, but with a more contemporary, clean style.

Hinge Options

You have three basic options when it comes to hinges. You can choose brass, steel, or hinges painted to match the color of the shutters. These options let you customize the look of your shutters so they complement your style perfectly. If you’re looking to make a design statement, opt for brass or steel hinges. But if you want a cleaner look, your best bet is to choose hinges painted to match the color of the shutters.

Ready to order your shutters? Start with these measuring instructions. Once you have your measurements ready, you can start customizing your dream shutters. Trust us; your windows will never look better!
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