CEO Defines Approach and Primary Objectives Early In New Role

CEO Defines Approach and Primary Objectives

Tempe, Arizona (August 4th, 2022) –, the online DIY window décor brand, saw a change in top leadership to start out 2022. After former SelectBlinds CEO Al Silverberg announced his retirement from his role as Chief Executive Officer, Satya Sivunigunta, formerly Chief Digital Officer of Conn’s Home Plus, took over the window treatment company’s leadership reins.

Prior to taking over at and his tenure at Conn’s, Sivunigunta had held senior leadership positions at JCPenney, Chico’s, Ogilvy, Microsoft, and Nike. Silverberg, along with Rick Steele, company founder and current Executive Chairman of SelectBlinds, have both endorsed Sivunigunta enthusiastically as the right individual to take over the leadership role.

Sivunigunta has defined what he sees as the company’s core strengths, and why he’s passionate and optimistic about his new role.

“I see three things as SelectBlinds’ biggest assets,” Sivunigunta said. “The passion for our customers is BIG in our company’s DNA, for one. Offering a great price and a great experience means added value for our customers. Then, we have a wide and diverse assortment of products to offer our customers. And probably our biggest strength is the solid and diverse e-Commerce team we’ve built and continue to grow.”

Sivunigunta also honed in on his own focus for the company’s next year to two years.

“We’ve been able to gain the clarity to chart a sound direction for at least the next 12 to 24 months,” Sivunigunta asserted. “We’ve determined to direct our focus on investing in technology and digital innovation, on innovative product and merchandising efforts, and on our brand visibility across all possible channels and all the areas we serve.”

As a bigger, longer term goal, Sivunigunta has his sights set on becoming the largest eCommerce window treatments company in North America.

“Yes, that is a massive aspiration, but through our superior product design, style, innovation, and quality materials, I absolutely believe it is achievable,” Sivunigunta concluded.

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About SelectBlinds: SelectBlinds is a leading online retailer of independently branded window fashions. Their vision is to empower people to create spaces they can be proud of by creating an exceptional customer experience that builds confidence with the most diverse selection and helpful resources. For more information on SelectBlinds, visit Follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn. 

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