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Premier Blackout Skylights

Cover hard to reach skylights with ease with these light-blocking honeycombs. With so many beautiful colors and optional motorization, there's a fit for every window! More

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3/4" Single Cell Construction | Priced at $242.99
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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

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Inside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung on the inside of the window frame, or the ceiling. Not recommended for shallow windowsills.
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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
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Why You'll Love Them

Privacy from Above
Privacy from Above
Easily cover skylights of different sizes and shapes
Save on Energy Costs
Save on Energy Costs
Cellular configuration traps heat and cold between the window and your home
Premier Single Cell Blackout Skylights

How They'll Help You

The sky’s the limit when it comes to style and functionality with our Premier Blackout Skylights. No longer do those ceiling-high windows have to be the only “bright” spot in the room. Easily cover them in brilliant color to black out up to 99% of unwanted light. The energy-efficient 3/4" single-cell and 1/2" double-cell pleats also block harmful UV rays and insulate windows to help reduce power bills, buffer noise, and protect furnishings, wall and floor coverings. Match them with our Premier Blackout Cellulars to create your own private sanctuary with a streamlined, top-to-bottom custom look.

These retractable skylight shades can be operated manually, or with an optional remote control. Easily installed on vertical, sloped and horizontal skylight windows up to 72” wide, and opened from the top or bottom. All moving rails are enclosed in smooth white tracks to hold the cellular fabric in place in style. Can’t reach the easy-grip pull handle to open and close them? Instead of a wobbly chair or cumbersome ladder, add an additional 5’ to 10’ to your reach with an optional telescoping extension pole to easily grasp the handle with the attached hook.

Our Premier Light Filtering Skylight shades are also available with an easy-to-use motorized upgrade. Cover skylights up to 48” wide and operate up to five treatments at once with a single 5-channel remote control. Bottom-stacking motorized skylight window coverings can be used with inside mounts on sloped and vertical openings. Click here for more information on How to Buy Window Coverings for Skylights.


Premier Single Cell Blackout Skylights

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Happy Customers

"What a great product. Hands-down the best blinds I have ever bought for a reasonable price. Not to be left out is the fact that I have never experienced easier to install blinds. So easy that I thought I did something wrong. The quality is outstanding and they are very easy to use. I would recommend to family and friends. Thanks"
- Michael C., Baltimore, MD

"Very impressed with quality of shade. All hardware delivered and received within a week. Easy installation. Made our bedroom very dark in the morning which is what we wanted."
- Karl S., Arvada, CO

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  • All side tracks, headrail, bottom rail, and hardware will be off white.
  • Inside mount: Additional 3/16" (+/- 1/8") headrail deduction taken at factory.
  • Inside mount: Additional 3/4" (+/- 1/8") fabric deduction taken at factory.
  • Deductions may vary +/- 1/8.
  • Max area square footage is 25.
  • Shades over 36" wide will come with support cords.
  • Shades over 42" wide will come with a rail stiffener.


Skylights Angle
Skylights Straight
  • 18" - 60" Manual Lift
  • 12" - 72" Manual Lift
  • 1 1/4" Manual Lift
  • 2 1/2" Manual Lift 
  • 1 1/2"" x 1 7/8" Manual Lift
Product Reviews
45 Reviews 3.5 Average Write a Review
Good Packaging poor Instructions by 04-30-2019

I wanted to review the skylight blinds mainly, the standard window shades are easy but angles skylights are more difficult when you want blackout. Packaging was wrong, delicate plastic parts were all taped together using non-see-through foam tape. Under the foam tape were the cords you could easily cut with scissors because you could not see through the foam tape much less the stretch tape on top of the foam tape. The foam was so tight it broke the plastic guides that slide the blinds. You will not understand until you get something like this but the packaging is used to protect the parts in shipping only to have the buyer damage trying to get all the tape removed....TAPE, everything as TAPE with glue and dark gray. Instructions are typical of a company that's too close to the product. This often happens but if they would simply pull someone at random and let them assembly they could solve the instruction problems. Mistake one is all in one instructions....trying to cram too many instructions into one instruction package rather than one for each type. I guess Select Blinds is saying they can't make sure the right instructions are in each package, too difficult for the people working where they are made. The result is poor instructions, complicated by trying to have all instructions for all installations in one document. The skylight instruction are badly written, they should have someone never before hanging try to install using their instructions. Skylight instructions are poorly outlined and too many variations in all they types I didn't want to read about. Save paper, only send instructions for my order, sent via email because that's how they are ordered. Great product, you are selling to home users so write instructions for home users not installers that simply throw them in the trash. The product is not done until the paperwork is finished! I expected better because of the fantastic website, I said fantastic website but very bad instructions!

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Do not recommend by 09-18-2019

This product is not worth your time. The installation instructions are horrible. It took me 90 minutes to do a 30 minute job because I had to figure it out on my own. For example, they tell you not to detach the shade and headrail from the anchor rail (held by rubber bands) until the side braces are in place. However, you can't mount the headrail into its brackets because the runners that hold the shade into the side rail extend deeper than the brackets. So you have to loosen it and that makes later steps very difficult. I'm pretty handy and have done a lot of work around the house and assembled many things. I like home improvement projects. This was not a fun project. The product does a good job of blocking out sun. But it looks chintzy. The brackets are all visible as separate components and it looks piecemeal. Considering I spent half as much on much larger beautiful wood blinds from Select Blinds I expected a nicer finished product. The anchor rail came with metal slats to cover the springs and ropes, but the slats are too big to fit into the anchor without bending then a little, which causes them to crease permanently and look really sloppy. Per the instructions they were supposed to be fabric, but I got metal. There was an additional one for the control rail but I ended up using it in the anchor since I ruined the first one trying to get it into place. These blinds block light pretty well but they are not particularly well made, look cheap, and installation was unnecessarily difficult. I also had to wait two months for them to be delivered.

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Nice blinds, HORRIBLE to install by 10-21-2019

These blinds look great now that they are installed. We have two skylights in our kitchen. It took my husband and father-in-law OVER 6 HOURS to install them. My husband installed the 15 regular blinds in the rest of the house in way less time than that. The blinds came with no instructions, and the instructions my husband was able to find online were super confusing.

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We're delighted by 01-15-2019
We're delighted by our well designed, well fabricated skylight shade. Operation is smooth and fit is perfect. Installation is simple, but the graphics in the instruction manual may be a bit confusing (i.e. what constitutes "up" in skylight orientation?). Install thoughtfully and you'll be fine. Great, high quality product and insulates well and darkens perfectly.

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