Accent with matching fabric by the yard.
Automate operation with NEO Connect Smart WiFi Connector


Completing the perfect look for your windows can be a lot of fun! Add accessories to enhance the appearance and functionality of your custom blinds and shades.
Made In Under 3 Days
Redi Shades Temporary Paper Shades (6-pack)
  • Natural Light Filtering
  • White Light Filtering
  • Black Blackout
  • Gray Room Darkening
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  • Quick installation
  • LF and BO colors available
4.7 (6 Reviews)
Made In Under 7 Days
Select Fabric By the Yard
  • Wind
  • Walnut Textured
  • Sapphire Chandelier
  • Vine Cotton
  • Victorian Floral Jade
  • Greek Key Navy White
  • River Stone Arrow
  • Sunset Scribble
  • Country Sunrise
  • Anthracite Chandelier
  • Breeze
  • Oriental Floral Red
  • Vine Snow White
  • Damask Floral Linen
  • White Textured
  • White Canvas
  • Snow Arrow
  • Cloud Canvas
  • Vine Mod Silver
  • Light Sateen
  • Bungalow Canvas
  • Bungalow
  • Mineral Canvas
  • Foggy Arrow
  • Peat Arrow
  • Graphite Canvas
  • Red Canvas
  • Navy Canvas
  • Black Canvas
  • Modern Lattice White
  • Modern Lattice French Grey
  • Modern Lattice Urban Grey
  • Modern Lattice Slate Grey
  • Modern Lattice Saffron
  • Sunrise Scribble
  • Midnight Scribble
  • Stone Chandelier
  • Fawn
  • Fern
  • Canyon
  • Midnight Sky
  • Shadow
  • Winston Stone
  • Drifter Birchbark
  • Bark
  • Sky
  • Night
  • Bohemian Red
  • Textured Cream
  • Parchment Textured
  • Tan Textured
  • Camel Textured
  • Indigo Textured
  • Stone Textured
  • Oriental Floral Ivory
  • Elegant Diamond
  • Cottage White
  • Linen Weave Vanilla Bean
  • Artisan Linen Metallic
  • Cottage Straw
  • Linen Weave Rich Ivory
  • Linen Weave Beige
  • Artisan Tan Metallic
  • Artisan Slate Metallic
  • Cottage Grain
  • Bluestone Mountain
  • Artisan Patina Metallic
  • Greek Key Ivory
  • Greek Key Gray
  • Venetian Floral Scroll
  • Sage Floral Scroll
  • Damask Floral Blue
  • Dewdrop Paris Braid
  • Morrocan Tan
  • Morrocan Grey
  • Morrocan Smoke
  • Morrocan Ash
  • Midnight Paris Braid
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  • 1-5 Yards Available
  • Unique Prints & Patterns
Product available with motorization
NEO Connect Smart WiFi Controller
  • White
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FREE Shipping
  • Smart solution for home automation
  • Control shades from anywhere by phone
  • Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant
5.0 (1 Reviews)
Made In Under 10 Days
Designer Fabric By the Yard
  • Kano Blue
  • Blue Frond
  • Canadian Goldenrod
  • Sugar White
  • Ice Cap Cream
  • Porto White
  • Porto Ivory
  • Winter Snow
  • Porto Cream
  • Cloudy Day
  • Porto Grey
  • Porto Mustard
  • Porto Charcoal
  • Porto Navy
  • Porto Crimson
  • Caen Grey
  • Caen Charcoal
  • Kano Black
  • Kano Rust
  • Geometric Fall
  • Geometric Spring
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Textured Natural
  • Ironwood Ivory
  • Ironwood Cream
  • Ironwood Gray
  • Ironwood Brown
  • Cobblestone Gray
  • Camelback Champagne
  • Canvas Smoke
  • Silver Meadow
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Villa Natural
  • Bungalow Blush
  • Chateau Shadow
  • Cottage Chambray
  • Cottage Navy
  • Bello Dust
  • Bello Copper
  • Bello Celeste
  • Ellipse White
  • Ellipse Silver
  • Ellipse Green
  • Riga Tan
  • Riga Sky
  • Riga Stone
  • Riga Sea
  • Textured Granite
  • Textured Evergreen
  • Sorrento Grey
  • Sorrento Navy
  • Sorrento Beige
  • White Hydrangea
  • Ivory Hydrangea
  • Gray Hydrangea
  • Velvet Cream
  • Velvet Grey
  • Velvet Moss
  • Velvet Navy
  • Velvet Black
  • Ornate Beige
  • Ornate Tan
  • Charcoal Frond
  • Florence Blue
  • Florence Grey
  • Florence Beige
  • Florence Rust
  • Modena Beige
  • Modena Grey
  • Modena Navy
  • Modena Gold
  • Naples Black
  • Naples Grey
  • Naples White
  • Pisa Beach
  • Pisa Sea
  • Palma River
  • Palma Sea
  • Murcia Beige
  • Murcia Rust
  • Palma Sun
  • Murcia Orange
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  • Elegant, extravagant fabrics
  • Create your own style


As in fashion where accessories make the outfit, window blind and window shade accessories can make the room! It’s those little touches and accents that can change a window or space from meh to marvelous by barely lifting a finger. Whether fun, functional, or just for looks, a new piece of window hardware, stylish trim, or modern feature can be easily added to enhance the appearance and/or operation of almost any treatment.

Like the addition of a NEO Connect Smart WiFi Controller to your motorized shades. With this smart-looking, handsome little hub and a free blinds app on your phone, your finger is literally all you need to control your custom window treatments from, well, virtually anywhere. You can even sync it up to work with Alexa or your Google Assistant to raise and lower them without raising your voice.

Because motorized window treatments are cordless, NEOs are neat little safety accessories, too. With wireless WiFi operation, you don’t have to worry about kids getting caught up in hanging lift cords. Cordless coverings also treat your windows to a clean, uncluttered look. There are lots of great shade styles that are compatible with the NEO Connect here online at Choose from shimmering light filtering sheers, energy efficient honeycomb/cellulars and classic roller style shades in textured woven fabrics.

And speaking of fabrics, accessorize as you please with fabric by the yard to match your custom window covering. Check out the wide variety of luxurious, affordable high-quality fabrics available in the Select and Designer Fabric by the Yard collections. Accent your drapery or roman window treatments with matching accent pillows or contrasting chair cushions to create Instagram-worthy envy.

Fit your ordinary windows with extraordinary accessories in any of the high quality, easy to install custom wood, faux wood, mini, fabric horizontal or vertical blinds and bamboo and solar on Check out all of the free samples here and start accessorizing today!


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