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22 Colors Available
2" Select Wood Blinds
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Dust resistant gloss finish
Imported exotic hardwood
16 Colors Available
2" Designer Basswood Wood Blinds
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100% Grade A Basswood
Made in 1 day or Free!
14 Colors Available
2" American Hardwood Wood Blinds
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Scratch resistant finish
Upgraded magnetic valance clip
15 Colors Available
2" Veneto Wood Blinds
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Tight close cord tilt standard
Upgraded magnetic valance clip
4 Colors Available
2" Priority Wood Blinds
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Best wood blind value
Super easy installation
10 Colors Available
2" Deep Wood Blinds
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Highest quality wood blind
Made in the USA in 1 day!
17 Colors Available
2 1/2" Select Wood Blinds
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Maximizes light blockage
Most distinctive wood grain
8 Colors Available
2 1/2" Deep Wood Blinds
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Luxury wood and shutter look
Made in 1 the USA!
15 Colors Available
Good Housekeeping 2" Wood Blinds
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Classic style, trusted name
Optional rounded corners
10 Colors Available
1" Veneto Wood Blinds
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Perfect for french doors
Upgraded magnetic valance clip
13 Colors Available
2 1/2" Veneto Wood Blinds
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Rich stained colors
Upgraded magnetic valance clip
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Wood Blinds

Real Wood enriches the look of any room
Lightweight top quality basswood
1", 2", and 2 1/2" slats available
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Transform any room with new blinds and window shades

Wood Blinds

When most people picture window blinds for almost any room in their home, they think of the classic wood blind. Horizontal wood blinds are an extra touch of comfort and character for any room. With this in mind Select Blinds has worked hard to ensure we offer the widest selection of wood blinds to match any room's décor.

Wood blinds are made of natural hard woods like basswood and American hard woods. This makes them very durable, and perfect for most any window. If you want the look of wood blinds but want to hang them in a location that just doesn't work for natural wood blinds, faux wood blinds are a very attractive choice. They offer their own unique set of benefits and can often times be made to look very much like natural wood blinds that you may already have in your house.

The Colors

The first step in achieving the overall desired look of a room, is the color. The right color choice can either make your blinds match and complement the décor of the room, or it can cause it to clash and look out of place. In terms of color, most blinds can be put in one of two categories, whites or stains. White window blinds are not just pure white, they can range from super bright white to more subdued almond or ivory hues. When it comes to stains, your color options truly blossom. You can choose the more traditional look for your blinds, with stains like the cherry, mahogany, and ash, or you can pick something a little different, with the distressed and weathered looking wood slats.

With a full house of windows you are bound to need blinds of different sizes. Select Blinds has thought of this and has tried to make sure we have matching colors in the various sizes. This lets you keep a more consistent look in your décor, and still have your desired blinds in every window. We offer matching colors in the designer basswood horizontal wood blinds in 1", 2", and 2 1/2" slats. This is really a great way to color coordinate your room, in the event that you have windows and doors that you want to cover with same horizontal blinds. We also provide, in many collections, matching looks in vertical blinds, to keep a consistent feel in your home décor.

The Options

All horizontal window blinds are raised and lowered with some type of lift system. The standard type of lift for blinds consists of a small cord being run from top to bottom of the blind going through a small hole in each slat. There is also the option to have what is called the "no holes privacy" option. The "no holes privacy" uses hidden ladders attached behind the slats. This keeps the slats a solid piece of wood, helping with insulation and light filtering.

If you're specifically looking for Light filtering options, and don't want to go with the "no holes privacy" option, you might like the look of adding cloth tape to your blinds. With the cloth tape, the blinds are made with the standard ladders, but then the ladders are covered with decorative cloth tape. This is also a great way to add extra color coordination to your blinds. Select Blinds offers many of the same coordinating tape options in our mini blinds, to make sure you don't have to worry about one room not matching another.

If you have a window that is far out of reach, or just inconvenient to get to, you will definitely want to check out the motorized tilt option. This is a simple motor that gets attached to the blinds, allowing you to control them with a small remote control.

The customization options extend to every part of our wood blinds, including the pieces that are not actually blinds. Select Blinds has many options of upgraded valances to attach to your window blinds, giving them that extra touch of class. The upgraded valances can vary with the type and size of the blinds, ranging from a 3" valance on most of our two inch blinds, to an elegant 5" crown valance on our 2 1/2" signature wood blinds.

Please enjoy yourself as you browse through the Select Blinds line of custom wood window blinds. We are confident that you will find the solution to your window treatment needs. The options that have been made available on modern wood blinds are nothing short of amazing.

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