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Patio Door Window Treatments

Patio door window treatments normally mean that you need a vertical blind to cover a sliding glass door. Vertical blinds are so much more than those old fashioned fabric blinds that look like they belong in a house from the 1960’s.

Patio door blinds, or sliding glass door blinds can be fabric vertical blinds, and they will look like they belong with the décor of a home for the 2000’s. The SelectBlinds’ fabric vertical blinds can be ordered to open in different ways, depending on how your door is set up, and how you would like them configured. These fabric vertical blinds can open all to one side, or open so half the blind goes to the right and the other half go to the left. This is called opposite stack, or opposite draw. The vertical blinds can also be ordered with center stack, which means that the blinds open from the ends, and the entire vertical blind is pulled together in the center.

SelectBlinds also has vertical blinds that can be ordered to match our horizontal window blinds, so you can coordinate the same finish of your vertical blinds with that of your horizontal window blind.

• Designer faux wood vertical blinds are available in most of the same finishes as those on our 2” horizontal faux wood blinds. Like the fabric vertical blinds, these are also available with the different stack, or draw options.

• Vogue wood vertical blinds will match the 2” horizontal vogue wood blinds, and like most of our vertical blinds, these have the same stack options.

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