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9 Colors Available
3 ½" Premium Smooth Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Most popular vertical blind
Smooth and curved vanes
10 Colors Available
3 1/2" Fabric Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Elegant and soft look
Most affordable fabric blind
9 Colors Available
3 1/2" Designer Faux Wood Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Match to horizontal blinds
Realistic wood grain
7 Colors Available
3 1/2" Embossed Faux Wood Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Valance is included
Wood looking embossed vanes
21 Colors Available
3 1/2" Premium Textured Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Elegant textured verticals
Matching valance
25 Colors Available
Good Housekeeping Cordless Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Perfect for wide windows
Wand control is standard
16 Colors Available
3 1/2" Select Textured Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Adds elegance to any room
Classic earth-tone colors
29 Colors Available
3 1/2" Soft Expressions Fabric Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Insert available for stability
Matching valance included
16 Colors Available
@Home Collection Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Distinctive textured patterns
Standard valance included
11 Colors Available
3 1/2" S-Curve Vertical Blind
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
3 stack options available
Stylish S-Curve louvres.
41 Colors Available
Good Housekeeping Light Filtering Panel Track
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Alternative to verticals
Designed for safety
25 Colors Available
3 1/2" Deluxe Vertical Blinds
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Luxurious blind for patio door
Round valance available
28 Colors Available
Good Housekeeping Room Darkening Panel Track
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
3" valance included
Light control and privacy
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Vertical Blinds

Ideal for patio/ sliding glass doors
Can open left, right, center, or opposite
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Transform any room with new blinds and window shades

Vertical Blinds

The most popular choice in window coverings for sliding glass doors are vertical blinds. This is because they are the only blinds that open in the same fashion as a sliding door. Select Blinds has put together an assortment of Vertical blinds that should satisfy your decorating needs. Whether you are planning to decorate an entire room with new window blinds, or just shopping for a vertical blind for one door, understanding a few of the basics will make your experience much more enjoyable.

Select Blinds has made sure to offer vertical blinds that can be ordered to match the décor on a room already containing wood blinds or faux wood blinds. Even though your vertical blinds can match the style and color of your other window blinds in a room, that is not necessary. Very often, professional decorators will use vertical blinds as a way to offer a complementing contrast to the other window blinds or shades in the room. As an example, our 3 1/2" Fabric vertical blinds are a great complement to honeycomb shades. When you are decorating an entire room, and you want your vertical blinds to match you horizontal blinds, we have a couple of great options for you to consider. Our Designer Faux Wood blinds are offered in a 3 1/2" Vertical blind, and as a 2" horizontal blind, and complement each other perfectly.

Something else to consider when choosing vertical blinds is the size of your door. All of our vertical blinds are available in sizes to fit the most common sized sliding doors. If you need a door blind for a very wide door, then you should look at the Premium Smooth, the Select Textured, and the Fabric vertical blinds. All of which can be ordered in widths up to 191".

Vertical door blinds can be tilted open just like a horizontal blind. By pulling the chain, the vanes, or slats, open and close to let light in, and allow you to see out. Beyond that, they actually provide more options than a horizontal blind. Vertical blinds have the ability to stack in various ways. There is the standard left or right stack, which means that when you open your vertical door blind, the slats, or vanes, all draw open to the left side or the right side. There are also a couple of other very cool ways to stack the blinds. There is center stack, which pulls the blinds in form the outer ends of the door blind, and stacks the slats in the center of the door or window. Then there is the split draw, and this does just the opposite. It opens the vertical door blinds from the center, and stacks an even number of slats to both the left and right sides.

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