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Safe Kids

We are Committed to Keeping Kids Safe

SelectBlinds supports Safe Kids Day and Window Covering Safety Month because as parents of small children, child safety is our top priority. Every product we sell is compliant with CPSC safety standards. We offer a variety of cordless solutions, which are the safest window coverings. However, if corded window coverings are purchased, safety cord cleats are included to protect children from dangling cords. Unfortunately, because the cord cleat is not essential to the operation of the product, it is often overlooked during installation.

In early 2014, we’ve seen the tragic deaths of four children due to preventable window covering cord accidents. The loss of a single child is too many, so we are taking our commitment to safety one step further. Effective immediately, we are offering free cord cleats to everyone, whether they are a SelectBlinds' customer or not, for their current corded window coverings. In the future, cord cleats already sent with corded blinds will be distinctly packaged with improved safety information, making them impossible to ignore. We’re taking a stand, and we invite you to stand with us to help prevent injuries and save lives.

Want to find out more about our child safety efforts? Here’s how we’re making a difference:

Safe Kids DaySafe Kids Day 2014

SelectBlinds is proud to be a sponsor of Safe Kids Day. Safe Kids and Select Blinds share a commitment to helping families stay healthy and thrive. Safe Kids Worldwide is a nonprofit organization working to keep kids safe from preventable injuries. Working in 600 communities in the United States and with partners in 27 countries, Safe Kids’ goal is to prevent childhood injuries and deaths from car crashes, drownings, fires, and window covering cords. Since 1988, Safe Kids has helped reduce the U.S. childhood death rate from preventable injury by 55%. We’re proud to team up with Safe Kids Day so we can spread the word, educate families, and better protect children everywhere. Safer homes start with more informed adults. Let it start with you.

Cord CleatsFree Cord Cleats

For ultimate child safety, we recommend cordless window coverings. However, if you have corded blinds or shades, you can make them safer for children by simply using cord cleats. Cord cleats are installed right into your wall or window frame, and they enable you to consolidate the excess cord, keeping it out of the reach of children. Every consumer can make their homes safer. Simply complete this form for free cord cleats and we’ll ship them right to your front door. Child safety has never been easier!

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While cord cleats already come standard with our corded products, we want to make sure they are not forgotten. We’ve made sure the cord cleat installation instructions are as clear and concise as possible, both on the packaging itself and on our website, which also includes detailed instructions for installing cord tensioners for window shades with continuous cord loop life systems.

Corded Window Covering Safety Video

For more tips on how you can make your corded window coverings safe around children, check out the video below: