Mini Blinds
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Mini Blinds

Industrial strength for the toughest situations
Free Cloth Tape
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1" Premium Aluminum Blinds
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1" Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds
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Cordless Lift Included
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2" Premium Aluminum Blinds
2" Premium Aluminum Blinds
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Larger slats for best view
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1" Designer Mini Blinds
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Sleek upgraded contoured headrail included
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1/2" Micro Aluminum Mini Blinds
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Versatile slat size
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1" Select Levolor Aluminum Blinds
1" Select Levolor Aluminum Blinds
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Most durable aluminum slats available
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Mini Blinds

Mini blinds have been used for decades, but that doesn't mean mini blinds today are the same as mini blinds from the past. Here at Select Blinds, all of our mini blinds are made from aluminum instead of vinyl. This makes our blinds stronger and more durable than more traditional mini blinds.

Options and Upgrades

Mini blinds or aluminum blinds don’t have to be ordinary anymore, not with all these options and upgrades:

Cloth Tapes - Want to cover up route holes, block all those pinpoints of light, and add style to your blinds? Then cloth tapes are for you. Choose from a variety of colors so you can have the perfect mini blinds for your home. Your mini blinds will never look sleeker.

Cordless - Love the look of classic mini blinds? But want to add a modern touch? Go cordless. Cordless means streamlined style, but it also means child safety. Eliminating the cords will give you peace of mind and enhanced style.

Multiple Blinds on 1 Headrail - Multiple blinds on 1 headrail is the perfect solution for larger windows. Instead of using large blinds that will be heavy, difficult to raise and lower evenly, and may cause bowing, get multiples on the same headrail. Each blind will work independently, but it will still look cohesive because they share a headrail.

Made in 3 Days or Less – Want your mini blinds even faster? Choose the mini blinds that are made in 3 days or less. Pair that with our standard free shipping, and you’ll get them quickly without any extra costs.

Eco-Friendly Mini Blinds

Did you know that select mini blinds are actually eco-friendly? It’s true! Here at Select Blinds, we have mini blinds made from 90% recycled material, so you can be sure that you’re making a smart, responsible choice.

Perfect for Any Design

Mini blinds are the perfect addition to any space. Because they’re moisture-resistant, they’re ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. They’re durable and incredibly affordable, which makes them perfect for classrooms and those with tight budgets.

Ready to order your new mini aluminum blinds? Start with ordering free samples and then take a look at the measuring instructions for mini blinds. Our aluminum blinds are cheap in price, not in quality.