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Custom made with luxury-quality fabrics
All Drapery Comes With 225% Fullness Added

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Grommet Drapes / Curtains Grommet Drapes / Curtains Zoom
Grommet Drapes / Curtains
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  • 3 metal finishes available
  • Rods available in same finishes
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Pleated Drapes / Curtains Pleated Drapes / Curtains Zoom
Pleated Drapes / Curtains
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  • 3-inch pleat gives classic look
  • Matching tiebacks available
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Back Tab Drapes / Curtains Back Tab Drapes / Curtains Zoom
Back Tab Drapes / Curtains
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  • Hidden back tab for perfect folds
  • 225% fullness added to width
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Rod Pocket Drapes / Curtains Rod Pocket Drapes / Curtains Zoom
Rod Pocket Drapes / Curtains
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  • Hem tape & corner weights
  • Perfect as stationary curtains
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Drapes no longer have to be stuffy and heavy. Modern drapery and curtains are luxurious, stylish, and affordable. Drapes and curtains these days come in a variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and textures. This makes them a perfect complement to any design style, no matter if you prefer a contemporary or cottage country style.

If you want a timeless, classic design in your home, drapes are the perfect choice. They’re elegant, but they also have a modern touch, depending on the style and patterns you choose. Drapes are some of the most versatile style options for your windows and doors.

Our drapes may be budget-friendly, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheaply made or made out of cheap, flimsy material. It’s quite the opposite, actually. All our custom drapes are made from quality, durable material, so you can be sure to get the most for your money.

With four main styles to choose from, you can be sure to find the look you want for a budget-friendly prices:

Grommet Drapes

With sturdy metal grommets, these Grommet Drapes will give a bold, modern look from the curtain rod down to the floor. With a choice of oil rubbed bronze, antique brass, or a satin nickel finish, any color of drapes you order will look beautiful and stylish. Choose from over 180 colors and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind look. You can even add a privacy or blackout liner for more light and privacy control.

Back Tab Drapes

Want a more streamlined look with hidden back tabs? Then the Back Tab Drapes are perfect. They’re modern, clean, and gorgeous. These drapes have perfectly spaced back tabs so they will hang beautifully with elegant folds. Add tiebacks to complete the look.

Pleated Drapes

Want the perfect 3-inch pleat? Our Pleated Drapes are exactly what you’re looking for. These drapes are opened and closed with a cord, much like vertical blinds. You can choose to have the curtains stack to the left, right, or one of each side, so you can make sure you get the look and functionality you need. And don’t forget to add a privacy or blackout liner and tiebacks.

Rod Pocket Drapes

All of our Rod Pocket Drapes match our roman shades, so you can make sure you home décor is cohesive and seamless. These drapes are best if you’re not planning on opening and closing them often. Choose between 1 ½” or 3” pockets and from 1 ½”, 3”, or no header. You can add privacy or blackout liner and tiebacks with these drapes, too.

Add youthful, yet classic, elegance to every room in your home with our vast selection of drapes and curtains. You won’t have to look long before you find multiple custom drapery options that you love.

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