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Creating a dazzling custom window design can seem like a high-stakes game sometimes. So when you’re going for the big window win, you need a fail-safe game plan. And these zeb... More

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Mount Type
Inside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung on the inside of the window frame. Not recommended for shallow windowsills. Outside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung outside of the window frame or on the ceiling, making it ideal for shallow windowsills or for more complete light blockage by reducing the halo effect.
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Remote controls for motorized products are an additional cost. Min. 1 remote required per order. Select 1 remote for first shade. Select No Remote when adding additional shades to your cart. Single (1)-channel remote recommended when ordering just one shade. Multi-channel remote recommended to operate multiple shades with one device.
Remote Control
Shade USB Charger
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Cassette comes standard. Upgrade to have a matching fabric insert added to the cassette for a streamlined look from top to bottom.
Cassette with Fabric Insert
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Extension Brackets
Use extension brackets if you have an outside mount and your window frame protrudes too far and is in the way. Extension brackets will give you extra depth so you can mount them properly. Extension Brackets are unavailable with Inside Mount.

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Motion App/Hub is only available with Wireless Pull Chain Motorization
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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
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Product Information


Creating a dazzling custom window design can seem like a high-stakes game sometimes. So when you’re going for the big window win, you need a fail-safe game plan. And these zebra-style window coverings are it. They’re like getting two custom treatments in one. Winning!

Double down on style and functionality. This dual roller product features a double layer of alternating bands of sheer and semi-solid fabric so it also looks and functions like a horizontal blind. Overlapping and aligning the 2” sheer and 2-3/4” bands with a standard continuous cord loop lift gives you superior light control for both day and night. When opened, enjoy a wide view to the outside as you let dazzling, diffused light shine through. When fully closed, relax and enjoy in style.

For even smoother motorized operation, upgrade to a simple pull motor to adjust them with a gentle tug on a chain. You can also order these sassy zebras with an optional remote control or an attractive wireless hub when you upgrade to a wireless pull motor. Fully automate them with an app on your smartphone or IFTTT applet. Better yet, just ask Alexa or your Google Assistant to do it.
Your eyes won’t want to wander from these elegant Nomad Dual Shades. In neutral designer tones, the combo woven matte and translucent textured fabric creates a stunning, bamboo-like look well suited for contemporary styled living spaces. Durable and beautiful, they’re topped with a smooth metal, color-coordinated cassette you can easily customize with an optional matching fabric insert. 

Go for the win with free samples first. Order some today to see what a difference the bold, clean stripes of these double roller shades will make on your windows.


  • Filter out harmful UV rays in high-impact style
  • Dramatic designer look from inside and out
  • Cordless motorized options compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant


"They add a soft, casual elegance to my home. The look is more refined than my usual 2-1/2” horizontal slats. The options for light and privacy are very similar; all the way up, all the way down, part way up, sunlight and view filtering, or completely closed. They give my dining room a relaxing tropical feel, as if it were located in one of the finer homes of Key West. I love them and plan to order more. Oh, and make sure you order sample swatches. Shipment is very fast and well worth the time." Robbin in Avon Lake, OH

Recommendations and Limitations

  • DO NOT remove band around shade until fully installed to avoid fraying on sides of shade
  • Shade must be installed evenly to avoid fraying on sides
  • Shade comes standard with semi open cassette and plastic end caps 
  • Cassette with fabric insert is available for an upcharge
  • Continuous Cord Loop has color coordinating chain and hardware
  • Fabric width on inside mount will be approximately 1 1/2" smaller than ordered width. Deductions taken at factory
  • Fabric width on outside mount will be approximately 1 3/8" smaller than ordered width
  • Outside mount headrail does not receive deductions
  • Do not attempt to compensate for the fabric deductions taken during manufacturing for inside mount applications. Adjusting the measurement could result in the shade not fitting inside the window opening
  • Motorized options for this product are not covered under our FIT Guarantee.
Specifications and Installation
  • 20" - 96" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 20" - 72" Pull Chain Motorization
  • 24" - 96" Pull Chain/ Wireless Motorization
  • 20" - 108" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 20" - 108" Pull Chain Motorization
  • 20" - 108" Pull Chain/ Wireless Motorization
Min Inside-Mount Depth
  • 2" All Lift Styles
Min Flush Inside-Mount Depth
  • 4 1/4" All Lift Styles
Min Outside-Mount Space
  • 2 3/4" All Lift Styles
Headrail Dimensions
  • 4 1/8" H x 3 7/8" D  All Lift Styles


Motorization Details
  • Pull motor chain is always metal and 25% of the shade's length
  • Pull motor chain is always located on the right side of the shade
  • Motorization remote and hub will always be black 
  • One hub is needed per dwelling residence to link your Wireless Pull Chain Motorization shades with the app for your smartphone or pair with home automation systems such as Alexa and Google
  • Shade USB charger does not come with an outlet adapter port
  • Integrated Li-ion battery that is rechargeable with any micro USB cable 
  • A full battery charge will last up to 12 months based on an average-sized shade raised and lowered once a day
  • Battery life span is approximately 365 cycles on average
  • Shades comes fully charged with upper and lower limits preset
  • Motorized shades ship in "transportation" mode to prevent shade from accidentally operating. After installation the motor needs to be activated. See instructions to activate shade
  • It takes approximately 6 hours to recharge the motor when fully depleted
  • Motorization offers three remote options featuring a CR2430 battery
  • Remote comes programmed to the shade. If multiple shades are ordered they will all come programmed to the remote. One remote per room is recommended for convenience
  • Remote range will function up to 50 ft
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