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Lifestyle Painted Shutter

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Choose from beautifully designed, durable hardwoods and a wide variety of soft, neutral paints to create the perfect shutters that complement your windows and your style. More

This product is considered child safe when cordless or motorized lift options are selected. We strongly recommend one of these kid friendly lift options for homes with children or pets.
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For a true color comparison, please order a free sample
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

2 Start Customizing
W "
H "

Mount Type ?
Mount Type
Inside mount means the shutters will be attached to the inside of the window frame. Not recommended for shallow windows. See tip below on windows that tilt out. Outside mount means the shutters will be attached to the wall outside of the window frame. See tip below for windows that have molding around them.
Enter Measurements Measure & Install Help
Always reference product specifications below before measuring.
Measure width

Measure height

Room Name

You may enter a room name to help you specify where each blind goes. Each blind will be labeled accordingly when they arrive from shipping.

3 Select Your Features

Does Your Window Tilt Open? ?
Does Your Window Tilt Open?
Windows that tilt in will not work with inside mount shutters. Please select Outside Mount under Mount Type.
No Tilt
Depth of Window (To The Nearest Obstruction) ?
Depth of Window (To The Nearest Obstruction)
Providing the depth will allow us to ensure you are ordering a frame and louver size that will fit in your window and allow the shutter to work properly.
Depth of Window
Louver Size ?
Louver Size
The size of the louver will determine the amount of light that shines through. The 3 1/2” louver is the traditional choice. The 2 1/2” louver is commonly used for shallower window frames while the 4 1/2” is used for deeper window frames and when more visibility to the outside is desired.
2 1/2 inch
3 1/2 inch
4 1/2 inch
Frame Type ?
Frame Type
When choosing a frame, we recommend an outside mount frame to ensure the perfect fit as not all windows are perfectly square. An outside mount frame will cover up any flaws in the shape of the window as well as prevent light gaps. Plus you'll have more options with the louvers if you have a shallow window.
Number of Frame Sides ?
Number of Frame Sides
4 Sided Frame is for traditional rectangular windows and can be inside or outside mounted. 4 Sided w/ Sill Frame is for windows with a bottom sill that protrudes or extends out from the wall. If you have a window sill, you must choose the 4 sided w/ Sill Frame option or your shutters may not be able to be installed.
4 Sided Frame
4 Sided w/ Sill Frame
Panel Configuration ?
Panel Configuration
Choose how you want your shutter panels configured, including the number of panels and which sides are hinged. The hinged side is where the shutters panel will attach to the frame. Left or Right identifies the side the hinges are located and the side in which that panel opens out toward. Single panels are ideal for smaller widths, while multiple panels are recommended for wider windows. Multiple panels separated with a T-post center support is also recommended for extra wide windows.
1 Left
1 Right
2 Left
2 Right
1 Left, 1 Right
2 Left, 2 Right
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
Min. Width: 32".
1 Left, 1 Right, T-post, 1 Left, 1 Right
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
Min. Width: 34".
1 Left, T-post, 1 Left, 1 Right, T-post, 1 Right
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
Min. Width: 36".
Hinge Color ?
Hinge Color
Choose the color of your hinges to match or accent your shutter color.
Tilt Type ?
Tilt Type
Front tilt is the traditional tilt type for shutters. A hidden rear tilt will move the bar to the back and side. This will provide a clean, streamlined look. To tilt the shutters, simply move one louver and the rest will follow.
Hidden Rear Tilt
Front Tilt
Dividing Rail ?
Dividing Rail
Dividing rails allow you to operate the top and bottom portions of your shutter independently allowing you more flexibility with light control and privacy. If ordering dividing rails on shutters in the same room with different height windows, we recommend having the dividing rail at the same height from the bottom of the shutter for uniformity.
No Dividing Rail
1 Dividing Rail
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
Min. Height: 38".
Next to Other Shutter ?
Next to Other Shutter
Please let us know if this shutter will be next to or in the same room as another shutter in your order. We will make every effort to match the number of louvers per panel and the height of the dividing rail (if necessary) as near as possible.
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
Warranty Options Details
Your Price: $218.59
Select Quantity
Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering..
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Product Information

Why You'll Love Them

Crafted with Care
Crafted with Care
Solid wood frames for long-lasting beauty
Smooth Functionality
Seamlessly manage light, privacy, and your view outside with smooth operation
Lifestyle Painted Shutter

How They'll Help You

There’s nothing quite as sophisticated and classic as the texture of real wooden shutters. The clean lines and soft, but sturdy framing of these LIfestyle Painted Shutters make them a perfect fit for almost any personal decorating style. They always impress from the curb, too. Plus, they come in so many gorgeous neutral colors that there’s no way they won't match!

Whether you favor a traditional, modern, or even a more eclectic interior scheme, there’s a Lifestyle Painted Shutter to fit your style. Choose from a plethora of options, to create your ideal custom, painted wood plantation shutter. Are you considering bronze, black or stainless-steel hinges? No problem! There are even eight different panel configurations to choose from so that you don’t have to settle for a less than a perfect fit for your home.

When selecting a frame for your new interior window shutters, there are two main styles: modern and traditional. Which one you choose will depend on the type of mount you need (inside or outside) and your own personal style. That being said, we recommend an outside mount with the 2” Deco frame. It’s the easiest to install and has a special insert that hides any screws from view. And you know that tilt bar that runs down the middle or is hidden on the back? That's to make sure your louvers are aligned and working together. To adjust your shutters, just push up or down on the slats themselves to set them exactly where you want. Wherever you may live, whether in humid Florida or dry Arizona, you don't have to worry about your wooden LIfestyle Painted Shutters shrinking, cracking, swelling, peeling, etc.

Lifestyle Painted Shutter

Sample First

Concerned about getting the correct color, pattern or material? Don't be. We'll send you up to 15 free samples of any product so you can order with confidence and know exactly what your custom color will look and feel like. And we'll ship them to you for free!
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Happy Customers

"The idea of customized window shutters scared me. I was afraid to spend that much money on something that didn’t work..... while updating our kitchen, we decided to go for it and I’m so glad that we did! Their instructions for measuring the blinds were so easy and they even called me a few days later to ensure it was exactly what we wanted. Every facet of the blinds were carefully chosen by me (a daunting responsibility lol).... When they came in, they fit like a glove! And they were sooooo easy to install! I can’t wait to order more blinds!!"
- Jessica G., Ponchatoula, LA

"Select blinds has the best quality and prices. I love the way the shutter look."
- L.R. from Utah

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  • When considering an inside mount frame, you should also measure on the diagonal (from corner to corner) each way. If the measurements are off more than 1/2", you should consider ordering an outside mount frame.
  • If your windows tilt in, you should consider an outside mount frame. An inside mount frame will prevent you from opening your windows.
  • Trim molding can affect the installation of your shutters. Ideally, not having trim molding works best. If your windows have trim molding, please click here to see another shutter option that would work best with your windows.
  • If your louvers are loose and don't want to stay in place, each shutter panel has a tension screw on each side. Simply use a screwdriver to turn each tension screw a 1/4 of a turn. Do this on both sides of the panel.
  • If you window has a sill then you need to choose the 4 Sided w/ Sill Frame option to ensure your shutters can be installed properly.
  • A replacement louver is included with each shutter. This should be stored in a safe place, wrapped up and laid flat (so there will not be any warping) so you'll be able to fix your louver immediately in case of an accident and it'll match perfectly since they are produced at the same time as your shutter.
  • 36" maximum width for single panel.
  • Pre-drilled installation holes are strategically placed on all frames for accurate, quick and clean installation. Some assembly is required.
  • Please note this product is not covered under our FIT Guarantee.

Measuring Considerations

  • To avoid light gaps around the frame, consider ordering an outside mount frame.
  • When ordering outside mount shutters, please ensure you read our Measure & Install tab to ensure you are entering the correct measurements for your shutters.
  • Shutters over 74" in height need to have a dividing rail.
  • To avoid excess louver overlap, a minimum of 18" is required between divider rail and the top/bottom rail of the shutter.
  • Shutters with a hidden tilt and height over 52" are required to have a dividing rail.
  • When ordering adjacent shutters in the same room, to achieve a uniform appearance you must specify that all adjacent shutters and their divider rails be the same height.
  • Measuring for shutters is very important. Please ensure you are selecting the correct measurements above. Don't hesitate to give one of our shutter experts a call at 888-257-1840 and we can help guide you through the process. Check out our Measure & Install tab for more information.
Frame Type 4 Sided 4 Sided with Sill
7/8" Modern & 7/8" Beaded Classic Add 4" to your window width & height Add 4" to your window width & 2" to your height
2" Deco with Insert Add 5 1/2" to your window width & height Add 5 1/2" to your window width & 2 3/4" to your height


Shutters Angle
Shutters Straight
  • 10" - 120"
  • 16" - 102"
  • 1 1/2" required for 2 1/2" louver
  • 1 7/8" required for 3 1/2" louver
  • 2 3/8" required for 4 1/2" louver
  • 1/8" required for 2 1/2" louver
  • 5/8" required for 3 1/2" louver
  • 1 1/8" required for 4 1/2" louver
  • 8" - 36"
Product Reviews
15 Reviews 4.4 Average Write a Review
Beautiful asset to room by 09-05-2020

The shutters were nice. I received 1 frame damaged. They were going to replace but I had waited so long for delivery and had already scheduled an installer. I would have to pay him add'l $150 to come back and install new frame part when it arrived, so I kept it since my nightstand would hide the damage part. I am waiting for an answer to give me a credit. I had 2 ordered on hold, pending credit but have not get response. The response will cause me to miss the special so I will wait until have another, hopefully I will get same special I had on this order.

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Shutters by 04-06-2021
We purchased our shutter in December during a sale with an estimated delivery date of mid January. The delivery date had been changed a minimum of 5 times and we are still waiting for our shutters on April 6.

Would you recommend this site to a friend? No

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WE love our Plantation Shutters by 07-12-2020

We ordered 9 wood Plantation shutters and we love them. Great quality, easy to install and less than half the price of bids from other companies. The only issue is there are several screw holes that I am trying to cover. I have alerted Select Blinds and they have quickly responded to seeing what can be done.

Would you recommend this site to a friend? Yes

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Great Quality - Very Easy Install by 04-19-2021

I am very happy with the value we received for such a high quality product. I was very pleasantly surprised on just how true the claim of easy installation was.

Would you recommend this site to a friend? Yes

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