3/4" Premier Blackout Vertical Cellulars

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Block out excess light from the sun and bright streetlights with the power of these vertical blackout honeycombs. They come in a range of colors to go with any decor. More

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Mount Type
Inside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung on the inside of the window frame, or the ceiling. Not recommended for shallow windowsills. Outside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung outside of the window frame, making it ideal for shallow windowsills or for more complete light blockage by reducing the halo effect.
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Stacking Location
Choose either a right, left, or center stacking configuration. The panels will stack on whichever side you choose. A center means the panels will stack in the middle instead of on just one side.
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Spacer Blocks
Spacer blocks add clearance for the blinds if window trim is in the way.
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Extension Brackets
Extension brackets give extra clearance for outside mount applications where molding is present around the window.
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
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Product Information


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? All the windows in the room are dressed to the nines. Then there’s … the sliding patio door. (Cue dramatic music. Dun dun duuuun!)

You need something large to cover it. (Something better looking than a bed sheet.) That doesn’t interfere with how you use it and holds up well with heavy foot traffic going in and out. Something that opens and closes easily, without cords the cat can easily get caught up in. That won’t get in the way of your view, so you can still keep an eye on the kids in the backyard. What to do about such a pachyderm-sized problem?

Get things on the right track and turn your door into a 10 with these boujee blackout vertical blinds. Available in widths and lengths up to 120” (that’s 10 full feet!), they’re the pitch-perfect solution for patio doors and larger windows. Nothing like grandma’s verticals with those long, individual vanes, these elegant custom window coverings are made from a solid sheet of cellular fabric in eye-pleasing ¾” pleats. The room-darkening fabric is attached to sturdy, color-coordinated end rails to block up to 98% of incoming light and to help keep their shape. The energy-efficient honeycomb design adds an instant layer of insulation, so rooms stay cooler, cozier and quieter, too.

And they’re so easy to use! Completely cordless, there’s nothing to twist or pull. In one fluid motion, effortlessly glide them open and closed across a sleek track with the easy-grasp handle. The pleated cells fold tightly together into a small stack for your maximum viewing pleasure when fully opened. Choose from a right, left, or center stack position depending on how your sliding glass door or window opens. 

The best part of these ¾” Premier Blackout Vertical Cellular shades? They go beautifully with ¾” Premier Light Filtering Vertical Cellulars and Premier Single Cell Blackout cellulars. So you can have the same clean, custom look on all your windows – and doors. See for yourself. View a variety of these vertical samples here.


  • Save $$ on energy bills
  • Get better, sounder sleep
  • In trendy, neutral colors that go with any decor


“These look like large cellular shades, but turned on their side. They provide complete privacy, are easy to slide, and give an updated look to the room -- not those vertical blinds from the 80's. I added some inexpensive panel curtains on the sides of the door to soften the look. Everyone loves them. We ordered the matching cellular shades for the window in the same room. The vertical version is very easy and smooth to use.” Rachel W., Austin, Texas

Recommendations and Limitations

  • Handle draw is 40"-50" from bottom of product.
  • Outside mount - Height includes fabric height plus headrail. Valance will be 1" wider. Headrail will have 1/8" deduction. (Adjustments made at factory.)
  • Inside mount - Height will be 1/2" shorter. Headrail will have 1/8" deduction. Valance width will be 1/8" narrower. (Adjustments made at factory.)
  • Stack approximately 6 1/2", regardless of width.
  • For each Spacer Block, 1/2" will be added to the length of the valance returns on outside mount.
  • For Extension Brackets, 2" will be added to the length of the valance returns on outside mount unless otherwise specified.
Specifications and Installation
  • 12" - 120" All Stack Locations
  • 24" - 120" All Stack Locations
Min Inside-Mount Depth
  • 1" All Stack Locations
Min Outside-Mount Space
  • 5/8" All Stack Locations
Min Flush Inside-Mount Depth
  • 3 5/8" All Stack Locations
Headrail Dimensions
  • 2 3/4" H  X 3 1/8" D All Stack Locations


Product Reviews
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Love this product! by 02-18-2020

My room has a giant window and in the summer time it becomes extremely warm and no matter how low I set my AC at. So I ordered these shades and as soon as I got them up, I could feel a difference in the temperature. I love how they look!

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