1. CONING/SKEWING: The shade is rolling up to one side or the other. At the factory this is adjusted and raised and lowered 3 times prior to shipment.
    The shade hits a window crank or other obstacle on the way up and causes the shade to tighten on that side.
    Solution: Raise and lower the shade completely to lowest position. Give slight tug on that side with hands and raise again. If problems persists move bottom weight system in the bottom rail by turning the bottom rail screws to adjust the weight to that size. In some cases Sheer Horizontal Shades have been stood on end causing roll up to one side. Shades should be laid flat.
  2. Solution:
    1. In time, fabric will relax and allow to open more freely.
    2. With the blind in the down position with vanes open. Roll fabric onto Bottom rail rolling towards you, roll all the way up gently apply tension on the back.
    3. The occasional application of a static spray may be needed. Static electricity can cause the vanes to become stuck in the closed position.

If the problem persists, it would be helpful to have pictures to show the defect. You can email them to [email protected]

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