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If you need to replace a stem for your vertical blind track then you came to the right place. These instructions help you replace the stem that holds the louver (vertical slat) in place and also the worm gear which works between the tilt rod and stem.

NOTE: If the carrier body is cracked or broken in any way the new stem and worm gear wont work. If it is a new track that was damaged in shipping we will send you a new blinds track. If it's an existing order under warranty we will also send you a new track.

Rotate blind vanes exactly straight..

1. Use the metal beaded chain to rotate the vanes straight open. They must be exactly straight open.

Complete view of vertical blind track.

2. View of stems, carriers, and carrier body of our vertical blinds track.

Remove stem from body carrier.

3. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the stem by using a twisting action against the carrier body and base of the stem. The stem should pop out fairly easy.

Remove worm / broken gear.

4. Next, remove the worm gear from the carrier body. The track needs to be straight open for this gear to come out.

Complete view after removing worm / broken gear..

5. View of worm gear, stem and carrier body once removed.

To replace, remeber the track must be fully open.

6. If needed replace worm gear with new gear like shown. Remember, the track must be fully open. Grab it at very tip, with comb/teeth side facing up and slip into place.

Showing worm gear.

7. Worm gear is in place in this photo.

Apply presuure when replacing stem and listen for a snap.

8. Replace stem by pushing in at base. Place finger on both sides of carrier body so it doesn't move. You may need to apply a fair amount of pressure for it to click into place. Once snapped in you can hang the vane and call it a day.

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