How to Install Vane Savers on Your Vertical Blinds Menu

Over time, unforeseen circumstances may damage the vanes, causing the tabs to break at the top and no longer attach to the headrail. Select Blinds offers a solution to this without having to order a new set of vanes. Vane savers function exactly as the name suggests, they save vanes on vertical blinds. These vane savers are available in the colors white, off-white and aluminum.

The application process is easy, simply attach the metal vane saver over the broken tab at the top of the vertical blind and rehang. A tip that we suggest is using something solid with a thin profile, like a credit card, to assist the vane back in the stem.

Draw and attach the vertical blind to ensure that it is attached securely. Now look at that, everything looks good as new again.

If you need a vertical blind saver, feel free to contact customer service with your select blinds account information, and we’ll be more than glad to get this part request arranged for you.

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